September 07, 2015

Last day of summer vacation!

I don't have a Motivational Monday today, because I didn't get any submissions this week. Hopefully I'll have one for you next week!

Today was the last day of the kids' summer break. Tomorrow, Noah starts sixth grade, and Eli starts fourth grade. I have so many memories of when I was in sixth grade; it's hard to believe that my child is that age now! I remember spending most of sixth grade talking to boys on the phone for HOURS (I never had a boyfriend, but most of my friends were boys). Noah was excited at open house when he saw that the girl he has a crush on shares the same teachers as him ;)

Jerry was off work today, so we decided to do something fun with the kids for their last day of summer break. First, however, Jerry and I spent a few hours in the garage, cleaning stuff up and getting ready for a garage sale. I have a ton of stuff that I want to get rid of, so I spontaneously decided to have a garage sale this Friday. It had been sitting in the garage for a while, so I got out a bucket of soapy water and started cleaning things off for the sale. Jerry cleaned the garage itself, and it looked so good when we were done!

After lunch, we took the boys to Sportway, a place that has mini golf, go carts, and batting cages. It wasn't really the best day to go, because it was miserably hot! It was 92 and very humid, with a "real feel" of 101. We started with mini golf.

Jerry and I used to do mini golf at Sportway when we were dating, and I remembered taking a photo at a particular spot. So we tried to recreate the photo from memory, and then find the picture when we got home. We were so young then!

I think this was in 2000

Next, we did the batting cages. I had been planning to do at least three rounds of pitches, but it was so hot that I ended up just doing one. I used to play softball when I was growing up, and I was actually really good. My back hurt today when I was swinging, but I still managed to hit all the pitches.

The kids had a new bat that they were excited to use; but after just a couple of rounds of pitches, they were ready to be done because of the heat. We were all excited for the go carts by then, because the breeze would feel so good! We were the only four people using the go carts, so it was fun to have the track all to ourselves. Jerry snagged a few photos.

Noah was ahead of the rest of us for most of the way

Jerry's selfie

Eli, looking as cute as ever
And me, trying not to let Jerry pass me, but I was flooring the gas and it was hopeless ;)
Despite the heat, it was a lot of fun to spend the afternoon doing activities with the kids. On the way home, we stopped to get Slurpees from 7-11. I was surprised when I looked up the nutrition info that they are only 130 calories for 16 oz! I got the smallest cup that available, which looked smaller than 16 ounces (maybe 12 oz?), but I'm not sure exactly what size it was. I was really excited to see that they had Faygo Rock & Rye as a Slurpee flavor!

Faygo is a Michigan brand, and it makes me feel totally nostalgic. I can remember playing baseball or going swimming with the neighborhood boys and drinking Faygo (usually Redpop or Rock & Rye) during the summer as a kid. It seemed fitting to have it today after the hot afternoon we'd had.

After we got home, I made dinner and then the kids had baseball practice at 5:00. Jerry took them to practice, and I decided to get in a bike ride. I rode to the school where the kids had practice, taking a long roundabout way to add in some extra miles. It was hard, because of the heat and because my quads actually felt kind of sore from the 30 miles I did last week. But it was a nice ride--I like riding in the evenings (I hate to run in the evenings, but bike riding is nice).

I stopped to watch the kids practice for a few minutes, and I'm glad I did--they had already drunk their entire water bottles, and it was only 35 minutes into practice! So I grabbed their bottles and rode around the school to the rec center for a refill. Thankfully, the rec center was open, so I filled the bottles at the drinking fountain and rode back to the kids' practice to drop them off. Then I headed home.

When I left the house to go on the ride, I was thinking I'd get in 6-8 miles, but by taking the long way there and then going to refill the kids' bottles, I ended up logging 12! At this rate, I don't think I'll have any problem getting in 100 miles for September.

Well, I've got to get the kids' stuff ready for school tomorrow. It's going to be a crazy week, getting back into a school routine!


  1. Hope Eli was focusing and concentrating on the putting green!

  2. You seriously have the cutest family. <3

  3. What a fun day! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  4. That looks like so much fun! Way to go on all the miles!


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