March 06, 2013

Moment of truth weigh-in

This morning was the moment of truth! ;)  I ate quite a bit more than normal all week, because I was earning so many activity PointsPlus. I've always eaten ALL of my available PP--my daily allowance, plus my weekly PP, plus my activity. But I usually manually count my activity PP based on calories burned during my runs.

Anyway, all of that said, I was pretty happy when I got on the scale this morning:
I was 131 last week, so I actually lost a pound this week! Of course, that could just be a normal fluctuation to my normal weight, but regardless, I think it's safe to say that eating the extra food didn't make me gain anything.

Just how much extra did I eat? Here is the breakdown of how many PP I ate per day (for reference, my daily target is 32):

Wed- 48
Thu- 37
Fri- 59
Sat- 52
Sun- 44
Mon- 54
Tue- 40

I had my 32 daily PP + my 49 weekly + the 61 activity PP I'd earned.
The horizontal gray line shows my daily goal line for activity--I went way over on most days.
I was so shocked to see how many activity PP I'd earned during the week! Normally, I would have counted this week at about 27 PP, because I was only counting my runs--not any typical daily stuff that I do. The ActiveLink counts ALL activity.

Anyway, I'm very happy with how this week turned out, so I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, and hopefully continue to maintain my weight while eating this much!

Quite a few people have asked me lately whether I recommend eating all available PP. I really can't speak for anyone but myself, because everybody is different. But when Weight Watchers developed the program, they counted those extra PP in there for a reason--and I think they should be included!

From the beginning, I've always eaten ALL of my available PP--my daily, weekly, and activity PP. And I consistently lost the weight when I was in losing mode, and now I've been maintaining really well since I've added the maintenance PP to my daily target.

Of course, we all want to be able to eat as much as possible and still lose weight/maintain our weight--but we won't know what that number is until we experiment with it. I think we should start out by eating ALL of the available PP, and if we're gaining from that, then think about cutting back a little.

If I tried to cut them out, and eat just my daily target, there is no way I would have lasted this long on program. I use those extra PP to fit my favorite treats into my diet, which keep me happy!

I went to the Salvation Army today, because I was in desperate need of some long-sleeved shirts that weren't hoodies. I love hoodies, but I really wanted to get some pull-over tops for a change. I spent a long time in there--the place is HUGE and has so many rows of clothes, it's completely overwhelming. I wished they'd organize them by size instead of color, because that would have been much faster.

When I got home, I washed everything and then tried it on for Jerry to take some pics :)  I bought probably 15 tops, but here are a few of my favorites:

Hahaha, it looks like I used the exact same picture of me and just photoshopped the clothes in and out. Apparently, I always stand exactly the same for photos.

 Today is my friend Jessica's birthday, so I asked her if she'd want to go have lunch at La Pita tomorrow--she loves La Pita as much as I do. I'm SO looking forward to it!


  1. You really made out at the thrift shop!! I usually lose my patience going through all the stuff! Some people just seem to be able to spot the good stuff!

  2. know I'm silently cursing you with love for looking like you're perpetually 15 right? Lucky wench. ;) Cute tops and good job on the weigh in!

  3. I've been so curious to see how the extra food affected your weight! I'm so happy for you. You make me want to try Weight Watchers but I am admittedly skeptical about the cost/meetings/organization. You've really got it goin' on!!!

    Cute thrift store finds.

  4. You know, I've always known how much weight you have lost and all, but for some reason, seeing these pics today I am in awe. You are absolutely itty-bitty! It gives me so much motivation. I find your 1-lb loss amazing, as I have recently been questioning my calorie intake. I know you count points and not calories, but they say I don't take in enough calories causing me to hold on to weight. I couldn't imagine that, but now though seeing you lost a pound eating more makes me think maybe I really do need to eat more calories, healthy of course. Hmmm something for me to think about. Cute shirts by the way!

  5. Is the ActiveLink only available in the States? And, I assume La Pita isn't North o the border either but it sounds delish!

  6. Adorable! I love the green top the most :)

  7. Katie - you are killin git!!! I am soooo proud of you!!!! And I love those new tops you've got - especially the ones that are defining your waist - bc you have a tiny little waist.

    Thanks for the inspiration and keeping it positive (and real!)


  8. I clearly need to check my spelling before I hit send- my fingers were flying. LOL. Sorry about that!

  9. Wow thats awesome.Congrats on the loss.
    I have been stalled for months now and I alwyas eat within my calories and I do allow a treat.
    I just giving up you know.
    Sorry ranting away just nees some help from fellow dieters.

  10. When I did WW I also ate all of my pp and lost weight. I did get to my goal but the day I did, I walked out of the meeting and ate, and ate, and ate....Basically, I regained all of it!
    I love ww though but I have decided to do it on my own, using your lovely blog as motivation!

  11. Congrats on your success with Weight Watchers. I think Weight Watchers is one of the best, if not the best, diet programs out there. I am one of the people who eats all my Activity and Weekly points too. I love food! lol I wish I could be one of those people who could eat intuitively, but I'm not. I need the guidance of a program to follow, and Weight Watchers is it for me.

  12. Just feel I should chip in from the other side - my leader says NOT to eat your activity points, especially if you don't earn more than 14 a week. She said so many people bite, lick, taste things along the way and DON'T track them, so the activity is a safety net. I'm not sure what way I should fall quite yet, but I figured I'd share another perspective.

    Your thrift store owns the crap out of mine!

  13. I may have to find a La Pita when I am in your area in a couple weeks (Jewel concert at Motor City casino). Every post that includes something about it makes me want to eat there!

  14. I'm glad you posted about eating all the points even in losing mode. I think that's why I'm struggling. I eat my daily points and sometimes some of the work out points. But I always have never wanted eat the weekly ones. I think I need to add more things like nut butter or avocados to help take up more points.

  15. MMMM La Pita... focus.

    Congrats on the loss and love the SA finds! You've inspired me to go there at lunch and see if my local one has anything good.

    My leader says what your does - you have to experiment to find what works best for you - I like to eat most of mine.

  16. Which SA do you shop at?

  17. Haha. You do look the same in every picture. Nice shirts.

  18. Congrats on the extra food! I'm down 30ish lbs and have recently been seeing how much exercise affects my weight. It used to be more dependent on food. I'm hoping to get to eat more someday.

    I also love the green top! You look great!!!

  19. you look amazing! congrats!

  20. That's great!! I'm messing with my calorie counts trying to find the right balance. Maybe eventually I'll figure it out lol

  21. Congratulations on the new clothes. My fav thrift store is Savers. There are several in my area but one is better than the others and I visit it a few times a year. I'm currently working in a tourist town and have bought some items from their local thrift store too. I always have to wash what I buy before trying it on (ew, cooties) but have always been totally happy with hand-me-downs.

  22. Your shopping excursion reminded me of that song "Thrift Shop"- I love that song, and I love thrift shopping!

  23. Your shopping excursion reminded me of that song "Thrift Shop"- I love that song, and I love thrift shopping!

    1. LOL Taunya- "I wear your granddad's clothes...I look incredible...."

  24. Oops, didn't mean to post twice!

  25. Still haven't hit the thrift shop. Put it on the list...

  26. You look great! I am still playing catch up on your blog, I've made it to May of last year, and you're just about to run your last double digit run on the Marathon training schedule. I love reading all through your journey! Hehe, well now I sound like a stalker, so I'll slink off into the dark! :P

  27. your thrift shop finds are so great! it's hard to shop there when you're plus size and we all know how expensive plus size stores are. the more i read about your success on WW the more i keep reconsidering it. the last time i was on WW i was dating my husband and the points were driving me crazy. i was always running out or stressing about if i had enough points to eat if we were going out to eat. it made him upset to see me struggle and now the mention of it makes him cringe. It wasn't points plus back then in 2006, i think points had just started and they had the core program.

    i wonder how different the points structure is now vs. then?

  28. I lol'd when I noticed you posed almost exactly the same in each clothing photo.


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