March 04, 2013

Motivational Monday #5

Even though I made a big mistake on my Motivational Monday Facebook post this morning, I caught it quickly, and Motivational Monday was still a success. Reading about your successes never fails to motivate me!

Stephanie challenged herself to a mud run called "Zombie Escape", which involved a lot of obstacles. She was particularly worried about climbing over the wall, because she'd had a lot of doubt about her upper body strength. But she did it--twice!

Brittney stepped out of her comfort zone and decided to run a small town 5K race--by herself. Not only did she finish, she was the second place female!

Jennifer didn't let any obstacle stop her from training for and completing her goal to walk a half-marathon. Her race report was SO inspiring--definitely check it out, especially if you're just starting out and feeling like you can't do it.

Erin checked a huge item off of her bucket list--completing a half-marathon! She ran/walked the Disney World Princess Half-Marathon, and here she is showing off her well-earned bling:

After a 120 pound weight loss, Steph challenged herself to the extreme--doing the Goofy Challenge at Disney! If you're not familiar, it's a half-marathon on Saturday and a full marathon the very next day. 

Despite the cold and the wind, Megan ran a 5K with a 9:52/mi pace!

After a 56-pound weight loss, Carie finished her first half-marathon in 2:10:12! She ran it as part of a virtual event for breast cancer awareness. 

Jessica was mid-way through half-marathon training when she learned that she had bone spurs on her knee, and she was forced to give up running. Rather than throwing a pity party, she biked 20 miles for the first time ever!

Julie completed a distance PR--7 miles for the first time ever! She's also lost an amazing 60 pounds (I'm going to save her before/after pics for another post--they're great!)

Jamie ran her first full marathon on Sunday! She completed the Phoenix Marathon despite the heat, at a torturous (to me, anyway) 77 degrees. 

 After an injury kept her from running for a month, Elisha ran five miles--and she felt so good that she just jumped right into her pool afterward!

Linda and her husband completed a 3-mile trail run, complete with rolling hills and forest debris!

Lorenda was able to fit into her size 10 skirt for the first time in years!

Joanna ran the Pancake Day 5K, taking more than 8 minutes off of last year's time! She's also down 42 pounds from counting calories and running. Her team was team "SuperFit" :)

Here is a small snippet from Facebook of what everyone has been up to this week:

If you have something you'd like to share, feel free to check out the Facebook post here.

I also want to say a huge congratulations to Meredith, my Ragnar teammate. She completed her first marathon on Saturday--the Phoenix Marathon! (She tried talking me into it months ago, and I said no way--Arizona is HOT. She proceeded to assure me that it would be really nice out this time of year. Ha! It was in the high 70's. It would have been fun to be a spectator, though!)

And finally, I want to congratulate my sister, Jeanie--she reached Lifetime status at Weight Watchers! She did that after going on a week-long cruise, too. Very impressive!

As I mentioned, I'm going to try to put together a special edition of Motivational Monday made up of before and after photos, so if you have before/after photos you'd like to share, feel free to e-mail them to me. My e-mail address is SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. And yes, that e-mail address is correct ;)  Sorry for screwing that up on Facebook earlier! Please send them with the subject "BA Photos". I'm not sure exactly when I'll do this post yet, so it may be a few weeks.


  1. God that picture was WAY too close! That's what happens when the picture taker has short arms and the one that has longer arms can't take a decent picture!! LOL

    I love reading what everyone is doing out there "in their neck of the woods." The Goofy Challenge... that's a MAJOR accomplishment...

  2. Wow! I feel really honored to be included with such AMAZING ladies! Congratulations to everyone for all your accomplishments!

  3. I'm dying to see Julie's before & after pics - she looks fab!

    Awesome work guys, everyone is kicking butt & inspiring so many other people I'm sure. Love it.

  4. I love seeing these! It is so inspirational to see all of the accomplishments. I sent in my photos. Sorry I forget to put BA in the subject line.

  5. Thanks for including my submission, Katie!! And congrats to everyone! Esp. Meredith and Jeanie. :)

  6. These are really inspiring posts. I love it that you highlight your reader's achievements alongside your own. It's very cool of you, and makes us all feel connected!

    I did buy the Garmin and I am so happy with it! Getting the hang of the controls is a little confusing, but my first run with it was awesome and I'm hooked for sure. Thanks for encouraging me to buy it! Seriously!

  7. Great successes everyone. Congrats!
    And congratulations to your sister! That is amazing!

  8. I love seeing the Motivational Monday post, Congratulations to everyone :)

  9. Love the motivation!!! All of these ladies are AMAZING!!!

  10. These are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for posting! Not only are you a huge inspiration but all of these stories!!!! Happy Tuesday XOXO

  11. Wow! I was shocked to see my picture!!
    Way to go to all of them!! I, too, am looking forward to seeing Julie's before/after pics!!
    Good for your sister!! I weighed in at goal weight at a WW meeting today so now I finally get to download the points calculator on my phone!! (I'm Lifetime but gained 20 the last year) I still have 5.5 lbs to the goal weight I want to be, my "happy weight" as they call it at the WW center I go to!

  12. Thank you for including me! :) Congratulations to everyone and their amazing accomplishments!

  13. Awesomeness all around :)

  14. Great job everyone!! I love Motivational Mondays!


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