July 05, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 110

Well, as you can see, I finally wore one of my sundresses! A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I wanted to try wearing a sundress each day for a full week. This is the first one I chose.

I got it from Goodwill; once I got home and tried it on again, I realized it needed a belt or something. Instead, I just sewed a small piece of elastic around the waistline (between the black and white portions)--not to really gather it in much, but at least to keep it from looking boxy. Of course, I don't like wearing anything that shows my arms, but I find that as I get older, I just don't care much anymore! It's liberating.

I wore a dress the following day, too. I found it awkward when I decided to stop on my way into the house and pull out a bunch of weeds in the landscaping. I knelt down like I always do and when I stood up, my knees looked like they always do--like ground raw meat, hahaha. Seriously, though, when I work on projects I tend to kneel on the floor a LOT--and my knees show it.

On the third day, I can't remember what the reason was, but I didn't wear a dress. And I haven't since! I actually really did like wearing them, though; I never wear shorts, but it's been SUPER hot here this week, and the dresses kept me cool. Several of them have little things I'd like to alter here or there--actually, I've been working on a lot of clothing alterations lately--but I'd like to start wearing them more often. Basically, if it's hot outside and I'm going to be out there, a sundress is a comfy option.

As far as my weight this week...

I was at 141.0, which is down 0.6 from last week--not much, but I'm happy with it! On most days, I continued to eat regular meals and I definitely found that helpful in not snacking at night. On the days that I ate here and there throughout the day, I ended up snacking on a LOT of calories at night. I did good about not eating sugar--I haven't been craving it, so I'm not going to tempt that by eating something sweet "just because".

I did really bad with running, though--I only ran once this week. So, I want to get in three more runs before next week (I completely forgot that we're going up north to Jeanie and Shawn's!). 

Anyway, Jerry is off work today and he wanted to cook out on the grill--veggie dogs (a brat for Eli), vegan potato salad, baked beans, and chips (what he describes as the best all-American meal). I'm hoping that the vegan potato salad will turn out good! Jerry *loves* potato salad and we haven't tried making it plant-based yet.

Fingers crossed that maybe I'll see the 130's next week.


  1. Have you considered doing any strength work to make you feel better about your arms? It might not make any difference that is noticeable to you, but you might feel better about them. Kind of like how running boosts mood and gives confidence strength work can do the same thing. It can be as easy as 10 minutes a day of push ups or tricep dips or some light dumbbells or kettlebells. Just to tone and build confidence. FWIW, if I saw you out in a sundress I wouldn't even notice your arms as an issue, but I understand that we all have parts of our body that we are uncomfortable with.even if it's not rational.

  2. Love that sundress! The tuck at the waist does it. Hope you've had a great week.

  3. You look absolutely stunning in this dress. All I noticed was that you looked radiantly happy, there’s nothing wrong with your arms.


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