April 13, 2023

Three Things Thursday: Summer

Today is another gorgeous day and I spent all morning out in the garage with the all the doors open. I want to get the garage cleaned up for this nice weather, because we spend a lot of time out there during the summer. While I was out there, I started thinking about summer and what I'm looking forward to.

Summer has never been my favorite season. And I'm sure all the romantic ideas I have about summer right now will not feel the same when it's extremely hot and humid. (A lot of people think of Michigan's weather as tepid, but the humidity in the summer is killer.)

Anyway, right now I am very much looking forward to summer, so I thought I'd write three things that I'm looking forward to doing in just a couple of months...

1. Sitting on the deck in the evenings with Jerry.

In the colder weather, we get in the habit of watching TV in the evenings--not that there is anything wrong with that, but I like having conversations without distractions. When the weather is warm enough, we like to sit on the deck with a drink (non-alcoholic for me these days) and chat about nothing and everything.

I already wrote a whole post about bonfires, so I won't get into that again, but I'm definitely looking forward to those as well. When we have stuff to burn, we sit around the fire instead of on the deck. And the kids usually like to join in as well!

2. After-dinner walks.

The kids have kind of grown out of doing this with us now, but once in a while we can talk them into going for a family stroll after dinner (with Joey, of course). We don't walk far--about a mile--and it's just our neighborhood streets. But there is something about walking in the warm summer air at dusk with the fam that just makes my heart feel happy. Now, the kids are usually so busy and distracted at home that it's hard to get much out of them when I ask about their day, so I love it when they come with us.

I know I have better pictures (or at least more recent) somewhere but I can't figure out what to search for to find them on my computer!

3. Sitting outside and drinking my tea in the mornings while feeding the squirrels.

The squirrels that "know" me (that will eat from my hand) usually see me go outside and then they come looking for the "good stuff"--during the summer, I like to give them walnuts in the shell (or other nuts in the shell) because they can go bury it for later. And they LOVE them. In the winter, I give them shelled nuts that they can eat right away. It's so cute to watch their routine--I learned that they try to fake out the other squirrels by *pretending* to bury nuts somewhere and then actually taking them somewhere else.

It's usually in the early summer that we discover which squirrels are still around from last year and which ones are new. And I love to see the new babies! It takes them about a year before they'll take nuts from our hands, but they're so cute to watch. They chase each other all over the tree and I'm a nervous wreck watching them--I don't know how they manage not to fall--but it just makes me feel good to see them having so much fun. 

Anyway, these are my romantic ideas about summer--and I'm looking forward to it!


  1. Our weather has turned warmer here in central Ohio as well and my big joy is having the front door open so the pupperina can look out the storm door.

  2. A couple years ago my husband bought me a golf cart for my birthday. We live in a small airport community and all of our neighbors have golf carts. Everyone drives around in the evenings with their spouses and their dogs. I joked with my husband that was my end game, my goal. I did not expect him to do that! So now we do the same...my husband, son and I drive around most evenings in the golf cart. We drive down to the airport and watch the planes take off and land, or watch the sunset. It's made me a little lazy, driving instead of walking, lol, but we sure do enjoy our golf cart evenings :-)


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