April 10, 2023

On This Day (April 10)

I hate to do another rather-nonsense post today because of the pre-written travel posts I did while I was at Jeanie's last week, but I literally have 30 minutes to get this done. I thought baseball season was exhausting when Eli was on JV--but now that he's playing varsity, it feels non-stop! I spent a week at my sister's house, then came home and had three double-header baseball games and now a single game today--within a week. Tomorrow is another.

If I was used to this kind of schedule year-round, I'm sure I would be a pro at it--but right now, I am still trying to adjust my days to center around Eli's baseball games. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it in a couple of weeks, but right now I feel like time is non-existent, haha.

So, I'll just share some photos from April 10 over the years...

This is one of my favorite pictures EVER. Some of my Ragnar "Sole Mates" team--clearly very cold by the ocean!

This is at the Henry Ford Museum

Noah showing Eli how to play with the toys on his bouncer

My dad with all of the Bob Ross gifts he got for Christmas. He taught himself to paint by watching Bob Ross and he's gotten SO good! It's amazing to see his first ones versus the ones he's done recently. I'll have to do a post about it.

Phoebe, the day before I had an appointment to have her put down. I was SO sad saying goodbye to her while she laid on my electric blanket. Then the next morning, she started eating again... and now it's a year later! She's still doing good--it's very hard to get her to eat, but I think she may be around for a while longer.

I just love this picture of Jerry and Joey smiling together

I walked into the kitchen to find Noah and Eli positioning Eli to look like one of his Army guys (Eli was OBSESSED with those Army soldiers that come in a bucket. For years, they were his favorite toy.)

One of our squirrels, using the picnic table I'd built.

And finally, this was the day that I reached my 10K goal of running a personal record. I worked SO SO SO hard to hit my goal (under 49:23) and I did it in 49:03!

Okay, I've got to rush to Eli's game and hope that tomorrow I'll be able to write a "real" post before ANOTHER game. I really do love watching the games--and today's weather is much better than the last week's has been.


  1. Glad it's warming up for baseball in Michigan. I'm in Virginia so it's baseball 9 months of the year for us since both of mine play travel and varsity baseball. Then my senior decided to run indoor track so our 3 months of easy time turned into track meets this winter. It's crockpot or weekend prep dinners to reheat quickly after work while I'm on my way to some field. Most weeks I feel like I'm at home only to eat breakfast and go to bed at night between getting to the gym, work, and the kids' sports. But you are so right that it's worth it to watch them play.

  2. You're so good to us, posting even when your schedule is crazy!

  3. Fun post! It's great you take photos consistently what great memories. I'd love to read a post about your dad's painting!


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