October 06, 2022

Three Things Thursday

It's already 8:00 PM and I haven't had a single moment to write a post today--it's been one of those days that just feels non-stop busy. I just got home from cross country practice and I wanted to write a post before I finally eat dinner. On the way home from practice, I was trying to come up with something to write that wouldn't take me forever, and for some reason, "Three Things Thursday" popped into my head. I don't know if that's even a thing, but I like alliteration and it sounded good to me, haha.

I'm just completely winging this post...

Three things that make me feel happy:

1. Hearing Noah and Eli laugh together about something. They have very different personalities and they don't hang out together often, so when they do, it warms my heart. And when they laugh together? Well, I could die happy knowing they are having fun together. (As I write this, they are working out together at the rec center)

This picture was actually a year ago. I need some new ones of the two of them!

2. When I wake up and realize I just slept for more than a few hours. It's rare!

3. Reading a good book that sucks me right in from the beginning.

Three things that make me feel calm:

1. A clean and quiet house. I don't know why it is, but I cannot fully relax unless my house is clean. Maybe that's why I have so much anxiety all the time, haha. I should clean more ;)

2. Having a whole day with nothing on the calendar.

3. A long, easy run. When I was trying to come up with a third response, I surprised myself with this one! When I think about it, running at a very easy pace while listening to a podcast is calming to me. As long as I don't have an agenda as far as heart rate, distance, or time--just an easy run. (Remind me of this next week when I say that I haven't run, despite my intentions!)

Three things that make me feel annoyed:

1. Being interrupted when I'm writing. Just ask my family!

2. When people look at their phone notifications or other stuff on their phone while trying to have a conversation.

3. When the kids explode their food in the microwave and don't clean it up. 

Three things that make me feel confident:

1. When I get dressed in "real" clothes and do my hair and make-up.

2. Talking about running.

3. Solving logic problems.

Three things that make me feel stressed:

1. Trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

2. Trying to figure out what to write about on my blog.

3. Thinking about catching up on email.

Three things that make me feel nostalgic:

1. Looking at pictures of my kids from when they were little.

2. The smell of Curve (Jerry wore this cologne when we first started dating, and even though he's tried switching it up through the years, I will always want him to wear Curve.)

3. Talking with friends about the days before social media. I miss the late 90s and early 2000s!

Three things that make me feel old:

1. When my kids tell Jerry and I that we are "five-years-ago-cool". HAHAHA.

2. Candid photos of me. There is something that always makes me think, "Is that really me?!"

3. When I see the signs for the legal drinking age saying "You must be born after 20XX" to buy alcohol. I was born in 1982!

Okay, I could keep going on forever... this turned out to be a fun post to write! There are a million "emotion" words to choose from, so maybe I'll do this on the regular. A good writing prompt, if nothing else!

Well, I have a pizza crust and vegan mozzarella in the fridge calling my name, so I'm going to make some dinner and maybe get to finish my book before bed :)

(And naturally, after choosing a few photos for this post and getting them ready to upload, Blogger appears to be broken or something...? It won't let me post photos! I'm going to try again after I eat. If not, hopefully it'll be fixed tomorrow--because I have no idea how to fix it. Edit: Well, I was able to add a picture this morning, so it's working now.)


  1. Omg my husband wears Curve too! My very favorite men's cologne! Gosh Noah and Eli are so big. I can't believe it every time I see a new picture of them! I also feel you on the dinner thing. It's one of my biggest stressors. Like, whyyyy is it so complicated?! One of life's greatest mysteries ;)

    1. That picture is actually a year old! YIKES. But they don't hang out together much, so I don't have many pictures of the two of them. I'm going to make it a point to get photos of them together. The time has gone by way too fast since they were born.

  2. Here's a place you and I differ. Not having a clean house makes you anxious. Having TO clean the house makes me anxious. Ha!! Loved this post.

    1. I hate doing it, but once it's done, it feels SO nice... for a day. Then, of course, it needs to be cleaned again ;)

  3. I love these guided podcasts for doing my housework https://www.rockthehousework.co.uk/ It’s like having a personal trainer for cleaning 🙂

    1. I've never heard of that! I'm definitely going to check it out right now. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I miss the 90s and early 2000s as well! I was born in 84 so we are around the same age. Occasionally I go on those nostalgia sites and it kind of ends up making me sad cause I miss all that stuff so much! My coworker did get me a Tamagotchi for my birthday this year though!


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