October 14, 2022

Friday Night Photos #87

I was so excited to have today "off" of stuff to do--no appointments, no cross country practice or meets, nowhere to have to be. It's rare to have days like this! I was super bummed that I couldn't really enjoy it, though, because these stupid iron supplements have been making me feel like crap. Since I started taking them, I've had a non-stop headache (literally over a week now) and my stomach constantly feels like I have a hangover (even though I don't drink). I really hope these aren't permanent side effects!

I didn't take very many pictures this week, and I didn't even realize that until I started this post. We carved our pumpkins a few days ago, which was fun. We laid paper bags all over the island and used whatever knives and utensils we could find to carve them.

I decided to try doing a cat face and once I started on the eyes, I realized it wasn't going to look very much like a cat! Haha. I just used a paring knife. Jerry and the boys used steak knives and they said it was so much easier because they were serrated. So we agreed not to look at each other's pumpkins until we were completely finished and then we'd decide whose was best.

Noah's been growing out his hair and he's finally ready to get it cut the way he wants--his appointment can't come soon enough!

Naturally, Duck had to see what was going on. He knows he's not allowed on the island, and as soon as he jumped up there, he looked at me, waiting for me to tell him to get down. But he was drawn to my cat pumpkin, so I let him check it out, since he was my inspiration and all  ;) 

In the end, all the boys said my pumpkin was the best (I kind of agree!). Eli's is on the far left and he was finished before I even finished scooping out the seeds from mine. Jerry's is next to Eli's. And then Noah's is a Star Wars thing. 

Jerry had been wanting to go on a "date" for a while; and even though a date doesn't have to involve dinner, I knew he'd been wanting to go out to eat. I much prefer to eat at home, but I decided to look for a vegan restaurant in Detroit or Ann Arbor--it would definitely be more fun to try something new. My therapist (who is actually vegan as well) suggested a place called Chili Mustard Onions in Detroit.

They have a very small menu, but it looked like just the type of food Jerry would be into. It's kind of a coney island-type place (a few different burgers and wraps, chili cheese dogs, fries... you know, the good deep-fried junk food!) I'm not at all picky, and the food did look good, so that's where we chose to go.

As soon as we walked in, I really loved the atmosphere. It was small, with probably only about eight tables, very cozy looking and super laid back. There were only three people working--a hostess, a server, and a cook. They even have a little table with a basket of folded slips of paper and a sign suggesting to leave a nice note for somebody (and to take one as well). Such a cool idea!

Right away, the hostess said, "I love your shirt! Where did you get it?" I was wearing the Sober AF shirt that my sister bought me. Her name is Darla, and she looked very young (I later learned she's 24); she said she's been sober for two years and four months tomorrow (if I remember correctly). She knew right down to the day, which made me believe that her sobriety was very important to her and she'd probably worked very hard to get to this point.

Jerry and I sat down to eat, and I had a hard time deciding what to order. I wanted to try something that I would likely not make at home, so I picked the Spicy Pepper-Nell--spiced "chickun" strips, vegan pepper jack sauce, "bacun" bits, pico de gallo and green onions in a pita with loaded fries on the side. I had no idea it was going to be so much food! Jerry takes flattering photos of me, doesn't he? Haha. 

I had to get a Faygo soda (it's made in Detroit). I loved the grape flavor when I was a kid. It was nostalgic, but waaay too sweet for a whole bottle!

The fries were absolutely amazing. I would have really liked the pita sandwich, but the chickun strips but the cumin in the spice blend was completely overpowering. I love cumin, but it was definitely too much. I only ate a few bites, but I ate the whole plate of fries.

Jerry got the Big Moc (haha) with chili cheese fries. He loved both and said he wants to try to make the Big Moc at home.

When we finished eating, our server told us that Darla wanted to buy us dessert! I was so surprised. I asked our server what his favorite dessert was and he said he loves the oatmeal cream pie. So that's what we got (we brought it home because we were stuffed).

This was SO SO good. I haven't been craving sweets, but when I tried this, it was heavenly and I'm glad I got it. (I shared it with Jerry, I promise)

I went over to thank Darla for the dessert and she told me a little more about her sobriety. I would have loved to be able to sit down and have a real conversation with her, but the restaurant was getting busy, so I thanked her for the dessert and she commented again how much she liked my shirt.

I loved that it was a conversation starter, and she was so nice! When we got in the car, I immediately looked for the shirt online (it was on Etsy) and I bought one to have shipped to the restaurant for her. I hope she gets it! It was energizing to see how proud she was of her sobriety, especially being so young.

There was a Whole Foods right around the corner, and since we never go to Whole Foods (we don't have one near us) we decided to go in and look around. I liked this painted sign--Detroit is such a great city!

Anyway, that's all I've got for today. Definitely more writing than photos, but my interaction with Darla was probably the highlight of my week. I'm so glad we went!


  1. Katie, look into swapping your iron supplement for a "chelated iron" one which is much kinder on the stomach. I have to take iron supplements everyday as I've had bariatric surgery and I take a chelated one and have had no problems with it at all. I just buy it on Amazon (I'm in the UK), but it's made all the difference, no side effects at all from it. Hope you can figure it out.

  2. Bummer about your tummy issues since I'm still convinced the iron will help. Maybe Janine's chelated iron suggestion will work. And now I NEED a "Sober AF" t-shirt. I don't talk too openly about my sobriety. I'm not ashamed of it, but I was taught in early recovery to remain humble. I think there's a fine line between humility and secrecy and secrecy doesn't benefit anyone. Time for me to step a little bit out of the sobriety closet! So glad you connected with Darla. Hugs too.

  3. The reason why Darla knew her exact date that she got sober is because she's an alcoholic. My sobriety date is 10/10/06. To say that sobriety dates are important to alcoholics is an understatement. Just the fact that all this surprised you, seems a bit ridiculous that you have and wear that shirt. I wouldn't even wear that, nor would anyone in any of my AA groups. Sobriety is taken on a day by day basis, and milestones are celebrated with your home group and close family (the ones you almost lost because you were such a train wreck) But you do you.

    1. This comment seems pretty judgmental and unnecessary. People experience things in different ways. Not every person will go through the same journey. Who are you to tell someone that they don't qualify as sober, and can't wear a shirt that says so?

    2. "But, you do you" following such a judgmental comment of yours casts you in a much worse light than you were trying to cast Katie in. Just because you have a longstanding practice and culture surrounding your sobriety (which is amazing, by the way, and good for you!) doesn't mean everyone needs to follow the same set of practices. AA is a great resource for some and in recent years there have been many more avenues, groups, and spaces for people to explore and sustain their sobriety. Katie can wear whatever shirt she wants, and especially if it supports her sobriety. Being sanctimonious to ANYONE trying to get or be sober about the "right" way to do it is antithetical to recovery. Best wishes to you.

  4. Sorry for the unsolicited advice - I've been taking iron supplements for years now, and wanted to suggest that you take your iron with Vitamin C (your body will absorb the iron much better), and that you take it at night. Hopefully these help a bit, good luck!

  5. I love how Jerry's clasping his hands over that amazing looking burger! I do the same thing or just clap in joy over what's to come.

  6. Definitely switch up your iron and take it with Vitamin C. You should be able to find a kind that will be gentler on your stomach. You may have to take smaller amounts but more often if that makes sense too.


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