September 13, 2022

Transformation Tuesday: The Final Chapter

Well, Friends, I'm sad to say that this is going to be the final Transformation Tuesday. I have always loved these posts, but I haven't been getting submission for them and honestly, it stresses me out if I don't know whether I'll have a post to write. I always liked Tuesdays because I could prepare some of it in advance, making it easier to finish up later in the day. On Monday nights, if I don't have any submissions, then I feel stressed to get a post done. (I know, I'm the one that is putting the pressure on myself; I can't help it! It's who I am.)

It has been so fantastic seeing all of the fun transformations you've shared! I appreciate each and every one. I'd like to try to come up with a new theme for Tuesdays (having a theme is super helpful to me in planning ahead). I've always loved the idea of doing a "reader email" post, where people share anything at all--cool thrift finds, tips for anything all/life hacks, crafts or projects they've made, fun news to share--getting married, buying a house, a job promotion, adopting a baby, etc.. But that still relies on, well, reader email! ;) 

So, I'll try and come up with something to do on Tuesdays. But in the meantime, I have one final transformation to share with you from a reader named Jenny. And it's a jaw-dropping transformation!

A few months ago, my shower stopped draining, followed quickly by the toilet no longer flushing. After several plumbers and sewer made visits, everything was draining properly again. HOWEVER, the floor of the shower was torn out in order to access the pipes that were causing all of the issues. So…new bathroom! I’ve always wanted a white bathroom. It feels so light and clean compared to the formerly popular beige phase. 


Jenny, your bathroom is STUNNING--and so modern! I especially like the gray tiles in the shower. Seeing how great your bathroom looks now gives me a little hope that someday, my bathroom will be finished. Yours is a great inspiration to not give up hope yet, hahaha. I'm so glad you were able to get your white bathroom :)  -Katie

Well, this is a sad moment for me, but perhaps someday Transformation Tuesday will be a thing again. It's been fun! (And if you have other ideas for Tuesday posts, please share--I'm wide open to suggestions)


  1. Aww. I'm sorry to see Transformation Tuesdays go as well. I'm not sure why it felt so difficult to send one in. We've had many, but I just can't get it together to send any. I trust you'll find something just as fun (and less stressful for you!).

  2. Aww I'm sad but I get it! I also loved Transformation Tuesday! I wish I had more transformations to share with you but I've just been moving so slow on all the projects I do have going :( I know whatever you bring to Tuesdays will be awesome though!

  3. I've loved it as well, but have been lax about submitting my own! Maybe if you made it reader email and that way if we submit a transformation you could share it?

  4. I have projects in the works that I say, "I can't wait to send this in for a Transformation Tuesday post!" But that also requires that I finish one of them, haha!

  5. I have a transformation I've been meaning to send you. I'll send it now!


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