September 02, 2022

Friday Night Photos

I could have sworn I took about 10,000 photos this week; however, when I went through my camera roll just now, I really don't have much. The photos I took were pretty much every angle of my bedroom and bathroom to use as "progress" photos later (if it ever gets finished). 

As if I didn't have enough on my plate right now, this morning my dad had to go to the emergency room because his blood pressure was ridiculously low and he was passing out. He has health issues as it is, so I was worried. Then he got to the hospital and tested positive for COVID! Right now, he's set up in a room but isn't allowed visitors. He hit his head one of the times he fainted, but the CT scans looked fine for that. I just hope it isn't anything serious (or more serious than it has been, anyway). 

We haven't made much progress at all with the bathroom. I'm really scared to frame a wall, even though it seems so easy. It's just a tiny little wall, too--like a practice one. Today, I started using drywall compound in the spots that needed it. I'm dreading having to hang the drywall and then tape and mud it, but we aren't even close to that part yet.

After removing the one wall that was next to the shower, I saw that the ceiling still had the texture (like popcorn ceiling) on it. I swear, I still have nightmares of removing all of that from the ceilings in this entire house! I scraped that off and then had to put drywall mud there and sand it. I totally forgot to put on my safety glasses and respiratory mask before sanding--I looked straight above my head and turned on the sander, got dust all in my eyes and I started sputtering dust from my mouth--while Jerry took pictures and laughed at me.

I have absolutely no idea what or even when this picture is from! Jerry must have taken it without my knowing. I don't know what I was doing sitting in there, but I definitely know that Duck must have followed me because he thought it was cool. He and Chick are obsessed with the bathroom right now.

When Jerry and I went to a thrift store a while ago, he picked up this creepy jacket with porcelain arms from a shelf and we both commented on how weird it was. (They were obviously from a doll or something.) Then Jerry had the idea to put it on the cats and take pictures! So we bought it and it was the perfect size to slip over the cats' heads. I had to glue the ribbon back on, so it's not on Estelle's picture.

Since Duck is my favorite (yes, I have a favorite), I hoped his picture would be the best. But I never expected Estelle's would turn out even better...

Estelle's really needs to be a meme, but I need a good caption for it.

I didn't even try to get a picture of Phoebe, and Chick just wouldn't hold still enough.

Last cat picture... Chick and Duck were cuddling on the bed and I just thought they were cute. They were even grooming each other.

Since I haven't been feeling great mentally lately, Jerry cooked dinner yesterday and it was delicious and comforting--creamy vegan gnocchi soup with spinach. This bowl may not look so good, but it was definitely comfort food and just what I needed.

When I was trying to take the picture, the light kept causing a reflection. As I was moving the bowl around, I naturally tipped it over and spilled it on me. 

I made another jar of sprouts! The first one, mung beans, weren't very good at all--they weren't soft like I was used to. These other sprouts are a mix of four salad-type sprouts. They looked so pretty! But I have no idea how to eat them. I've tried stirring them into things and I just don't like them. I don't eat salad, so that doesn't work either. I'm not sure if I'll make more, but it was fun trying it out.

This was on my porch when I came home a couple of days ago and I was stunned--they were all packages for my cross country team! We have plenty of stuff (I got more packages yesterday and a few today) so we don't need any more. Thank you thank you thank you to all of you that donated something! I'm so excited to show the kids at our next practice. I have a feeling they are going to be very motivated to run that day ;)

Yes, everything about this picture is filthy--my phone, the mirror, what's left of my nail polish, the entire background and floor--but in my defense, I was working on the bathroom and just had to stop to take a picture of this shirt when it was delivered. I saw it on Amazon when I was looking for cross country stuff and I just had to buy one for both Renee and myself.

Again, the stuff in the background. I hate posting pictures with clutter! But until my bedroom and bathroom are put back together, this is what my photos are going to look like. I found this game at a garage sale called Trivia for Dummies; Eli loves trivia games, and I'm terrible at them, so I thought it was fitting. It's actually a much easier version of something like Trivial Pursuit.

I don't remember why we took this selfie, but I thought it was cute. Well, except for the drywall mud behind Jerry's head, haha. 

And speaking of mud, I'll end with this adorable picture of Luke--totally in his element!

Have a great weekend! xo  (And please keep my dad in your thoughts.)


  1. Hope your dad gets better soon! Sending thoughts and prayers. Those pictures of the cats are adorable and so fun with the little arms!

  2. Sending all the healing vibes to your Dad. That's scary. Sure hope they figure out what caused the low blood pressure. When Ed has passed out (twice), it was dehydration. As we age, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances become more common. And I'm sending you hugs for all your stress. Please don't apologize for the clutter in your photos. We've all done home projects and knew how nuts it can be! You're doing your best. Your authenticity is so refreshing.

  3. Oops. Forgot to say I LOVE the cross-country coach t-shirt. Very cool. GO YOU! GO TEAM!

  4. I love sprouts. I use them mostly on open-face sandwiches to replace lettuce. I make those with baked tofu, bean spread ( just mash white beans & dijon mustard) or tofu scramble. I also add them to veggie burgers.

  5. I eat sprouts instead of lettuce on sandwiches or tostadas.

  6. My favourite comfort food sandwich is really fresh soft sandwich bread, a generous serving of hummus, sprouts and some crumbled chips of your choice. Yum!

  7. Katie, beansprouts are best when they are only sprouted about 1cm, in my opinion. Once they develop leaves, they can be quite bitter. We sprinkle a few on top of a meal as a garnish. I like them on my mashed banana/almond butter toast too. I hope your dad is recovering well.

  8. Sending all the positive thoughts towards your dad!! I hope he is recovering well <3

  9. I love sprouts on sandwiches. Alfalfa and radish sprouts, mixed together, are my favorite for this. Mung bean sprouts I think are best for things like adding to a stir fry rather than eating raw.


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