October 07, 2020

Wednesday Night Bullets

 Just a little of this and that today as I scroll through my camera roll...

**I saw that Sabra hummus was on sale at Kroger, and naturally, the "classic" flavor was sold out. I almost walked past, but then this caught my eye. I LOVE olive tapenade. I snatched this up! (Sadly, I haven't tried it yet to report on, but I will let you know the verdict when I open it. 

**While I was grocery shopping, I took pictures so I could show the kids just how much work it is to go grocery shopping, hahaha. This was what my self-checkout register looked like when I was ready to pay. I had four paper bags (the paper bags are a pain, but I forgot to bring in my reusable bags and I hate bringing home a trillion plastic bags). 

Carrying the groceries into the house, I had four paper bags, about 6-7 plastic bags... along with a bag of onions, a bag of potatoes, two bags of cat food, a huge bag of dog food, a 40-pound tub of cat litter, a gallon of milk, two boxes of Capri Suns, a gallon of white vinegar, and a huge container of Downy fabric softener--all things to carry in without bags.

Did I mention how much I hate grocery shopping?!

**Since I've been walking every day, I LOVE seeing the Halloween decorations going up! My favorite decor are scenes made up of skeletons. Here are a couple of examples (I had to sneak the pictures so the people didn't think I was a creeper stalking their house, so the pics aren't great)...

This one has a skeleton raking the (bones out of the) yard on the left, a skeleton dog chewing a bone, and then a skeleton mowing the lawn on the right.

This one obviously shows skeletons disposing of... you know, the rug they'd been meaning to get rid of for a while now. (In the background, you'll see a skeleton waving while sitting on a skull.)

**Noah went to my mom's house yesterday to make zucchini bread. He brought home a ton of it, and it is delicious!!! He added chocolate chips, which just makes it even better. I eat this after dinner for a yummy homemade dessert.

And Eli... Eli made the most delicious dinner yesterday! Check out this flank steak. He'd wanted to cook steak for a while, so I told him to look up recipes and find one that was "worth cooking". I spent a lot of money on a flank steak, so I wanted it to be worth it! And holy smokes, it definitely fit the bill! 

Flank steak cooked with butter, garlic, and fresh thyme; green beans sautéed in oil and garlic, mashed potatoes, and sautéed mushrooms. (I was the only one to eat the mushrooms, haha. My family doesn't know what they're missing!) Best dinner ever! We ate this last night, and I think I still feel full ;) 

**I bought some new leggings/running tights on Amazon for my early morning walks, and I wasn't really sure about the purchase. Normally, I like to try things on. And I most definitely like to buy from Salvation Army if I can! However, Salvation Army has NO CLOTHES right now (literally about 25% of the stock they had before COVID). 

I tried these leggings out, and I LOVE THEM. They are made of a thick, quality fabric, soft without being saggy (they "tuck" you in). They're high-waisted so your belly doesn't hang out. The fabric is thick enough so that it doesn't show cellulite, but still stretchy. And they have the best pockets!! You can see in the photo where my hand is sticking in the pocket... it's the perfect size for a phone (there is a pocket on each side). I have been tucking my phone in there when I walk, which works out great--unless I wear a jacket, I don't have pockets. And they are only $12! I ended up buying a second pair once I tried out the first.

Here is a link to the leggings (this is an Amazon affiliate link, just meaning that I may get a small commission if use the link to buy them). 

**Speaking of leggings, Jerry bought me some black cat leggings on Amazon (another affiliate link). I love them! Except there is one very odd thing about them... the pattern has a very randomly placed yawning cat here and there on the fabric. And on these particular pants, the one yawning cat is in an odd place ;) Also, it just looks weird without more yawning cats! But I just find it unique and I wear them anyways. I'll let people wonder, "What the heck does she have on her pants? Bubble gum?"

**An update on our new mattress: We love it! Jerry said he has never slept so good. He works midnights, so being able to sleep comfortably during the day is important for him. His back pain has gone away as well. For me, I really do love the mattress. However, I still sleep like an insomniac bipolar person, but at least lying in the dark and staring at the ceiling is more comfortable now, hahaha. 

Most of all, I LOVE the sheets! I am stunned at what a difference the percale makes when it comes to feeling hot at night. I hate feeling hot and sticky when I sleep, and the Brooklinen percale sheets have made a HUGE difference.

(Just an FYI: If you buy the percale sheets (the "classic" sheet set), they feel VERY stiff right out of the box. And even after washing, I was unsure of how I would like them. But after putting them on the bed, I was amazed at the difference. I am totally sold on them!)

Here is the Brooklinen link--if you use this link, you'll get $25 off and I'll get a $25 off coupon as well! I'm not affiliated with Brooklinen in any way, but I do LOVE their sheets!

For those of you who asked me how we liked the mattress, though, I will say that we love it. It's only been a week or so, but so far, we have zero regrets!

Okay, I'm going to get back to my book--my sister recommended that I read it and it's getting interesting! :)


  1. If you hate grocery shopping, you are due for Kroger Click List / curb side! Just buy everything from your computer or phone, show up during your 1 hour appointment, and let them put it in your trunk! They've been waiving the $5 fee lately, try it out. I'm with you, I find grocery shopping to be a hassle - I love skipping grocery shopping this way.

    1. A lot of people have recommended this, but I am so on the fence about trying it... I love the idea of it, but I am super stubborn about picking out my own groceries. Meat and produce, especially! How does that work? Have you ever had a problem with getting sub-par food items? Also, what do they do if they are out of stock of something? I usually change up ingredients on a whim with some sort of substitute while shopping. I guess I could have them do all of my packaged "easy" stuff, and then I could go in every few days to get whatever meat/produce I need. I'm just so nervous to try it!

  2. Does your Kroger have grocery pickup? It's usually $5, which is totally worth it for me, but they have waived it during the pandemic. You order online, choose your pickup window, and they load your groceries in the trunk.

    1. They do have it, but I'm so nervous to try it! I'm just very particular about picking out my own food. I may try having them pick out the packaged stuff, and I can get my own meat and produce. I hate the shopping days when we need pet food and cat litter! It takes up so much room and it's heavy.

    2. I can understand that! I felt weird about the produce part of it at first, but we really haven't had a problem. I buy meat at Costco so I don't have experience with the meat. As far as the question about about substitution, I get a text when something I've ordered is out of stock. They suggest a substitution and you can either accept or decline it. If you decline, they obviously take it off of your bill.

  3. You should totally start a book club! :)

    1. Haha! If I was consistent in my reading, I would love to do that. I'm all over the place, though. I'll go months without reading and then I'll read non-stop for weeks. However, since I started 75 Hard, I've been much more consistent with reading at least a small amount every day. A book club would be fun! YOU should start it and I'll join in ;)

  4. LOVE the olive tapenade hummus! My favorite kind!

  5. Hi Katie- I've been following you so long but rarely leave a comment. Lately when I've tried, I have all kinds of trouble. Who knows why - I'm sure 'operator error'. Haha! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for persevering in your blogging. I've followed a couple others for several years and they've just disappeared. Makes me sad because I feel like I know them and now they're just gone! I know times are tough now and it's hard for people to find the energy. So just a big 'thank you' to you - I love hearing what you have to say on all different topics. Gets me thinking....

  6. Try Amazon Subscribe and Save for the things like litter, pet food, and cleaning products--generally, you have an idea of how long those things last, so you can set up the deliveries accordingly. I have done this with vitamins and things like that which can be cheaper on Amazon.


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