October 26, 2020

A Few Weekend "Staycation" Photos

Jerry was up north in Petoskey, Michigan very early Friday through Sunday evening, so I had a long weekend without him. I had all these plans of being super productive--deep cleaning, making a couple of nightstands for our bedroom, etc--but I honestly didn't get anything done.

Other than walking Joey each morning, I'm a little ashamed to admit that I spent the weekend watching Lifetime movies, playing Best Fiends, getting take-out on Saturday night, and only doing the bare minimum of housework. I did a load of laundry and a load of dishes. I also finished up the shelves for Jerry's sister by putting contact paper on them.

I really wanted to work on nightstands, but the thought of going to Lowe's and picking out huge sheets of plywood was totally unappealing. It's hard to do that by myself (I'm picky about the wood, so I usually end up getting one that's 4-5 heavy sheets down; also, I have to have an employee cut it down so I can fit it in the car). Instead, I went out to the garage and stared at my current leftover materials, hoping to think of something to make out of scraps. I ended up just putting the contact paper on the shelves, and that was it!

Even though I feel a little guilty not having gotten anything "major" done, I guess I can consider it my own little staycation while Jerry was up north doing a "guys weekend" of off-roading and football.

When he got home yesterday, I nearly died when I saw what he brought home with him... he found this log up north. It looks like the perfect mannequin for a pair of boxer briefs! I posted it on Instagram, and a few people suggested that we put the underwear on it and then change them out for each season/holiday. I love that idea! It's perfect for the man cave in the garage.

Just a few other photos from the weekend...

I love walking past a particular house every morning, because occasionally they change their skeleton display for Halloween. Here are the three scenes I've seen so far (I wish the pictures were better--it's much easier to see in person!)

Skeleton raking up bones while skeleton-dog is chewing a bone, and "dad" skeleton is mowing the grass. I just make the assumption that they are a male-female couple in these scenes, but I could be wrong--kind of hard to tell with skeletons, unless you're a forensics expert ;) I picture the dog to be a hyper little Jack Russell Terrier-mutt. 

Skeleton couple and skeleton-dog sitting around the fire pit roasting marshmallows. 

Sitting next to the canal with fishing poles and their skeleton-dog. It's hard to make out in this photo, but notice the little skeleton-mermaids on the end of the fishing lines! Hahaha. 

I'm hoping they'll do at least one more scene before Halloween. The best part about walking this time of year is seeing all of the fun Halloween decorations!

This is just a photo of Joey while we walked along the shoreline of the Lake Erie. There is a small park here, so I let him off leash to walk along the shore for a few minutes. Other than when we see his dog-friends, this is his favorite part of our morning walks.

My brother-in-law, Shawn, sent me this photo and told me I should make one for my cats. It's so awesome! I love the idea and I just may actually do it. It looks very simple to make. Not much fun to have to clean under the bed (removing mattress to vacuum) but I can see the kittens loving it! (I don't know the origin of this photo, so if you know, I'd be happy to credit the person that made this awesome bed!)

Finally, I thought this was funny enough to take a screen shot today. I was replying to someone who'd posted about running in the rain for my Cookies Fall Mileage Challenge, and look at the suggested words on my iPhone. Sploot?! So random.

I had no idea what "sploot" was until recently when I posted a photo on Instagram of Duck lying on the floor and people told me it's a "thing" and it's called a sploot. It's hilarious to watch him lie down... while he's walking, he just stops moving his back legs while continuing to walk forward with his front legs, until he finally just plops down to this position. 

Joey likes to lie like that too, and I really hope I can get a photo of the two of them side-by-side one day ;)

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