April 08, 2020

"Lockdown" DIY

I'm am totally at a loss of what to post today!

Right now, if not for the coronavirus, Jerry, the kids, and I would be in San Francisco. Tomorrow, we would go on a fishing charter in the Pacific, and Friday we had tickets to check out Alcatraz.

We were able cancel everything with refunds except for our Delta flights. They won't give us a refund, but they gave us credit for our tickets--and the credit won't expire until May of 2022.

So, the four of us will be taking a trip somewhere next year--we'll probably go to the Pacific Northwest, which was my original plan for 2021. I really want to take the kids to my favorite travel destination! We'll do Portland and Seattle, of course.

Even though we aren't on vacation right now, we've had somewhat of a "stay-cation" this past week. Jerry was put on official quarantine from work, due to a co-worker that he had contact with testing positive. Thankfully, it was paid time off of work. He hasn't had any symptoms, and tomorrow will be his first day back.

I'm really happy that he's been taking it seriously enough to wear a mask and gloves all day at work, as uncomfortable as that has to be. I went grocery shopping with a mask a few days ago and I couldn't wait to take it off--that was just a couple of hours. (It took SO long because I went to a different grocery store and I couldn't find anything--never again).  I can't imagine a 12-hour shift with a mask.

We haven't done much while he's been home, obviously, but it feels like a break from the "real world". I spent a ton of time sewing face masks, and I'm burnt out on it. I really want to think of something to make with wood--I'm dying to spend some time in the garage building something. Anything.

I've resorted to watching YouTube videos of people giving tours of their workshops--BAHAHA. I told Jerry that it's my version of porn ;)

I'm sure I've posted all these on my blog in various posts recently, so I apologize for being redundant, but these are things I've made so far during the "lockdown":

A crocheted cat hat for my friend Caitlin, who is having a baby very, very soon! She is a "crazy cat lady" and adores her kitties, so I thought this would make a fun photo prop for the baby.

A crocheted baby Yoda for Jerry. He's been obsessed with baby Yoda since November when some Star Wars TV show started.

A cross-cut sled for my table saw. This may mean nothing to most of you, but it was very exciting for me! It makes cross-cutting so much easier and more accurate.

A little table for my bathroom. I used to have a similar one there, but it was cheap and it broke, so I built a replacement. (I know you're all eyeballing that toilet paper!)

And my favorite... the picnic table for my squirrels. A couple of days ago, they finally took advantage of the umbrella! It was raining all day, and I was thrilled that I enticed a few of them to try it out. (I also posted a tutorial for how to make a squirrel picnic table.)

Face masks. So many face masks! (Here is a tutorial that I posted for how to make them)

My living room was a mess for several days while I made the masks. I watched two whole season of Nip/Tuck while I was cutting and sewing, too!

This post is incredibly boring and redundant (I even used that word twice, hahaha) but it's all I could come up with today. When staying at home in "quarantine", there isn't much to write about!

We did have a birthday "party" via Zoom yesterday--Nathan and Becky share a birthday, so my parents, Brian, Becky, their kids, Nathan and his super sweet girlfriend Alex, Jeanie, Shawn, Jerry, the boys, and I all got to interact together on Zoom. Fun :)

And speaking of Zoom, I have a date at 9:30 tonight with my SoleMates! Today marks six years since we were in San Diego after our Ragnar Relay. It'll be fun to "see" them all again!

My next crochet project? (I have to get the yarn for this, which is going to be expensive--lots of different colors--so it may be a while before I actually start)... But this will be a fun one! (Link to pattern is here: Tiger Joe)


  1. You are an amazingly talented woman. You can work with sewing, with wood, with construction, with cooking, and also being a great Mom to two boys. You truly are jack of all trades and a rarity to see these days. Jerry and your boys are lucky to have you. You make me want to attempt things that I feel I could never do. Thanks for your constant inspiration.

  2. Omg! That Joe Exotic crochet! You HAVE to post pics of it when you're done!! All your DIY stuff is so creative!! Love that you made "Baby Yoda" (aka, The Child lol) for Jerry! Does Jerry watch The Clone Wars TV series? How does he feel about the rumors of Ahsoka Tano making an appearance in the next season of The Mandalorian?? I'm excited but I just hope they do her justice!

  3. Oh my word...that Tiger Joe :-D!!!


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