April 20, 2020

A Ridiculous List of TV Shows I've Watched

Before this Covid quarantine, I very rarely scrolled through Facebook... maybe once every 2-3 days! But lately, I've been on Facebook daily. It's still not my favorite social media app (I am partial to Instagram) but I've definitely been on there more lately.

This post is brought to you by a random post I saw on Facebook. Someone listed 100(!) TV shows, and I'm supposed to reply with a checkmark whether I've seen more than 10 episodes of each show. So here goes...

You never realize how much/little TV you watch until you fill out a list. Put a checkmark by the shows of which you have watched more than 10 episodes.

1. Grey's Anatomy: ✅ I started watching this from the very first episode on the day it aired, and just can't stop watching. I don't like any of the characters, but I still watch. *eye roll*

2. Stranger Things: Tried it, but I hate supernatural anything

3. The Vampire Diaries:

4. The Walking Dead: ✅ (This show was fantastic until the last four seasons or so.)

5. Fear The Walking Dead:

6. Dexter: ✅ (LOVED Dexter! Deb was amazing. And of course, Dexter himself was the best.)

7. American Horror Story: ✅ (I don't know why I watched this. I hate anything supernatural, so I must have been REALLY bored to start this one. I watched about two seasons, I think.)

8. Orange Is the New Black: ✅ (I liked the first couple of seasons of this, but then I stopped watching when the "women took over the prison" for one season (or at least the first episode--that's when I called it quits)

9. A Million Little Things:

10. This is Us: ✅ (LOVED this show until recently... lately it hasn't been as good.)

11. The Simpsons: Fun fact--Never saw an episode of The Simpsons in my life. I wasn't allowed to watch it as a kid, and then when I was an older teen, I just didn't have interest in "cartoons".

12. New Amsterdam: ✅ I'm a sucker for medical dramas, what can I say?

13. Manifest:

14. How To Get Away With Murder: ✅ (I actually downloaded a song that I heard on this show--"All of Me" by Conrad Ricamora

15. Breaking Bad: ✅ This was a great show! I watched it when it was still on the air, but a couple of years ago, Jerry and I watched it with the kids. Now Eli is re-watching it himself.

16. Sons of Anarchy: ✅ LOVED this show!

17. Scandal: ✅ I didn't finish this, but I watched a few seasons. I am not sure why I kept watching, because I am usually very turned off by anything political!

18. Riverdale:

19. The Good Doctor: ✅ One of my very favorite shows I've ever seen!

20. House of Cards: Again, politics. Nope.

21. Once Upon a Time:

22. House: ✅ This show is SO underrated! I reference Dr. House all the time. Loved loved loved this show!

23. True Detective:

24. Dr. Pimple Popper: I've watched a couple of episodes, and I'm a fan! Not more than 10, though.

25. Power:

26. Empire:

27. One Tree Hill: ✅ I got sucked into this, along with Jerry and the kids! I ADORE Sophia Bush.

28. Supernatural:

29. Family Guy:

30. Santa Clarita Diet:

31. Shameless: ✅ My very favorite TV show EVER on television. No exaggeration. So jealous that Jerry got to meet "Ian" in Chicago!

32. Pretty Little Liars: ✅ Got sucked in one summer while I was doing some craft... I can't remember what I was working on. Maybe my race t-shirt quilt? I didn't finish the series, though. I got tired of wait to find out who "A" really was.

33. Chicago PD: ✅ Jerry and I watch all of the "Chicago" shows.

34. Bones:

35. Criminal Minds:

36. The 100: ✅ (I binged this really quickly... It got weird the last couple of seasons, but I still couldn't stop watching!

37. Chicago Fire: ✅ Again, the Chicago shows.

38. Chicago Med: ✅ See above.

39. The Resident: ✅ A sucker for medical dramas--really.

40. Game of Thrones: I tried a dozen times to get into this show, but just couldn't! The dragons turned me off. I don't like shows with things that couldn't *actually* happen.

41. The Big Bang Theory:

42. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Tried a few episodes

43. Lost: ✅ I loved the first couple of episodes, but when I realized it was supernatural, I was done.

44. The Sopranos:

45. NCIS:

46. NCIS Los Angeles:

47. NCIS New Orleans:

48. Law & Order SVU: ✅ On and off over the years. It's a good show, but slow moving.

49. Gossip Girl:

50. How I Met Your Mother:

51. Blue Bloods:

52. Two Broke Girls:

53. The Office: This is Noah's favorite show EVER. One day, he asked me for a hug and he was literally CRYING... when I asked him what was wrong, he told me that The Office was over, and he was so sad that it was done! Hahaha. I've never watched it--I am not a fan of sitcoms.

54. Blacklist: Watched about 7-8 episodes of this. It was good, but not enough to make me want to keep watching.

55. Full House: ✅ Of course I watched this all the time when I was a kid!

56. Fuller House: Watched the premiere, but not past that.

57. Downton Abbey: Tried this one (so many times!), but couldn't get into it.

58. Hawaii Five-O:

59. Big Mouth:

60. Last Man Standing: ✅ A fun show for Jerry, me, and the kids to watch.

61. Six Feet Under:

62. Wentworth:

63. Friends: ✅ Yes... could it BE any more obvious?

64. That 70s Show:

65. Girlfriends Guide to Divorce:

66. Heartland:

67. All-American:

68. Greek:

69. Yellowstone:

70. Better Call Saul: I watched about 7-8 episodes of this, but I forgot about it and never went back to it
71. You: ✅ I watched this when it was on Lifetime and I had a temporary subscription for it.

72. Rescue Me: ✅ This was a great show! The first song on my running playlist is actually the intro from this show... "C'mon C'mon" by The Von Bondies...

73. Scrubs: ✅ Watched a little of this a long time ago

74. Community:

75. Letter Kenney :

76. Kitchen nightmares:

77. The Masked singer:

78. Robot Chicken:

79. Vikings:

80. Mindhunter: ✅ LOVED this show--I read the book first (a memoir) and the show was based on the memoir.

81. New Girl: ✅ I'm not usually one for comedies, but I really loved Zoey Deschanel in this.

82. The Good Place: ✅ I ADORED this show until the very last episode of the first season. My whole family was so disappointed at the twist that we didn't watch it again.

83. Black Mirror: ✅ I'm obsessed with this show! I can't wait for more episodes. This show is amazing for conversations topics and debates. It's so scary to see that these things could actually happen.

83. Lucifer:

84. Peaky Blinders:

85. iZombie:

86. Parks and Rec:

87. Brooklyn 99:

88. Handmaid's Tale: ✅ Love this show! Scary to think it could become reality one day.

89. Modern Family: ✅ It's been a long time, but I watched the first couple of seasons. Again, I'm not big on sitcoms.

90. Smallville:

91. Seinfeld: Never saw an episode!

92. Gilmore Girls: ✅ LOVE this show! Jerry and I are currently watching it. I watched it before a few years ago, but this is his first time, and he really likes it. The one-liners in this show crack me up!

93. Charmed:

94. Private Practice: ✅ No idea what possessed me to watch this, considering that I wasn't a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy, but I actually liked this show. Maybe a girl crush on Caterina Scarsone? (I know she's on Grey's now, but I like her on Private Practice before)

95. Lost Girl:

96. True Blood:

97. Roswell:

98. Haven:

99. Mad Men:

100. Arrow:

And there it is! I feel like I've watched way too much TV. But there are a lot of shows I've seen that aren't even listed here, hahahaha. One of these days, I'll write a list of my favorite shows!


  1. Haha we are the exact opposite! I've seen all the comedies and sitcoms listed here but barely any of the other stuff. I don't like the medical dramas or political stuff or crime shows and I'm not a fan of the family shows that still have a hint of drama (i.e. Gilmore Girls lol). This was a fun list! It's interesting to see how many shows are out there and what you've seen! I had fun playing along and checking off my own shows :)

    PS I agree with Noah, The Office is my fav and I was devastated when it was over!

  2. I can let you know who "A" is from Pretty Little Liars if you just need to know! LOL. Take care, Katie!


  3. Loved Sons of Anarchy! And of course Gilmore Girls. Surprised West Wing wasn't on there. Have you watched the Mentalist? Binge watching that now. Scrubs is also a fav. They have a podcast now "fake doctors, real friends" that I'm really enjoying.

  4. I just can't believe that you and Jerry haven't watched Big Bang Theory!!!!! And you would love Bones too!

  5. I bet your boys would love brooklyn 99 and parks and rec!

  6. With liking Breaking Bad so much, I would strongly recommend going back and continuing with Better Call Saul. Mike was one of my favorite characters from BB and he's a pretty main player in BCS. Plus it's really interesting to see the "other side" of things a few years before BB gets going.

  7. From the shows you really enjoyed, I'm surprised Bones wasn't on there. I also really like NCIS (though not so much the offshoots).


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