May 11, 2016

Week 39 Weigh-in

I feel like I'm really getting back in the groove of my routine, which is nice. I had a great week, and my weigh in this morning was good:

I was at 128.4, which is up 0.2 from last week, but I don't even really consider that a "gain"--just another successful week on maintenance with a minor fluctuation. My average calories this week were right around 2,200 per day. I'm still gradually trying to find out how much I can eat without gaining weight, and my calories have been increasing ever so slowly over the past several months. When I first started counting calories, I never imagined that I'd be able to eat over 2,000 calories a day and not gain weight! 

I woke up feeling extremely lazy yesterday, so I decided to put off my run until today. I was tentatively planning on doing a tempo run. This morning when I woke up, though, I had a terrible headache. I felt guilty putting off the run even longer, and after dinner, I finally decided to just go ahead and do it. I very rarely run in the evenings, and today it was actually pretty warm for a run, but I knew it would bug me if I didn't do it.

My plan was to run about an 8:00/mile pace for three miles. About a quarter mile in, my pace was in the mid-7:00's, so I started re-evaluating as I ran. Eventually, I decided to try and aim for my fastest mile time. My fastest mile was 7:36, and that was in 2013 as part of a three-miler. I pushed the pace just a bit more today, aiming for 7:35 or better. It was tough, because my stomach was full from dinner, and the temp was hot. I told myself that if I ran 7:35 or better, then I could jog the last two miles instead of running at tempo pace--haha, a big incentive!

Once I hit a mile, I saw that I'd done it! I ran it in 7:30--a new personal best. After that I slowed to a jog and my stomach was cramping up from having eaten dinner just 30 minutes prior. But I was pretty psyched that I set a new best mile time.

I haven't posted recently about how I'm doing with my long-term goals, so here's a quick update:

7,000+ steps 6+ days per week--I hit my goal 5 days this week, and not 6. I've been having a hard time with this one ever since I ran my 10K and I'm not "training" for anything. It's been raining quite a bit lately, so I didn't walk much this week. I'm going to make sure to hit my step goal this coming week. 

Staying binge-free--Today is Day 281! If I go 84 more days, it will be my longest binge-free streak ever. 

Try a new recipe once per week-- I've done this every single week, and I actually really look forward to trying new recipes. This week, other than the cake I made for dessert at Brian's, I made a Southwestern Chopped Salad with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing for dinner on Monday. 

The whole family loved this! Dividing the recipe into four portions makes for a very large meal-sized salad (each portion was 545 calories). 

Something I finally decided to try this week was avocado toast. I admit, whenever I would see photos of "avocado toast" on social media, I kind of rolled my eyes to myself--it just seemed like one of those health food trends like "kale chips" or something. But I was really craving avocado early this week, and I decided to give the avocado toast a try. I bought some Ezekiel bread for it because it's pretty hearty and will stand up to a heavy spread.

Avocado toast and a large green apple

Oh, man--I was in love at first bite! I will never again knock anything until I've tried it. If you haven't heard of avocado toast, it's literally just avocado on toast (you can slice the avocado or smash it like I did). I thought it would make the toast soggy, but it didn't at all. It was delicious! And the texture of the creamy avocado on hearty dry toast was perfect. I'd like to try it with a fried egg on top as well.

I know I haven't been posting a whole lot lately, mainly because I just don't have a much to say without being redundant. But I'm actually going to take this entire week off of blogging, because my kids have a ton going on right now. They started baseball and Noah is doing track, so I'm getting adjusted to all the practices. Usually, the kids are on the same baseball team, but this year, we separated them. When I did that, I wasn't thinking about the fact that I'd be driving to twice as many practices! ;) I think it will be good for them to have their own teams, though. 

Anyway, while I get adjusted to a new routine with the kids, I'm going to take a little vacation from blogging and email. My next post will be for my Wednesday Weigh-in next week. Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. That toast looks so good! I'm going to have to try it-- it seems to be so popular right now.

  2. Add a little sea salt to the avocado toast. Makes it even better.

  3. Oh man! I love avocado toast. It is even better with a fried egg. Enjoy!

  4. I can't recall if you like tomatoes or not. But, if you do, avocado + tomatoes on toast is really good! Also, avocado, cottage cheese, & tomato. With heaps of cracked pepper. OMG yum.

    Well done on keeping up with your long-term goals. Hope you have a lovely no-blogging week :)

  5. I like avocado on toast and I like fried egg on toast but I cannot get behind avocado and egg together. And I like avocado on EVERYTHING. Not sure why, but for some reason egg + avocado just doesn't vibe for me.

  6. Aww I'll miss your posts but have a great week!!

  7. Top your toast with a drippy egg.

  8. I'm intrigued at your maintenance calories. . . this is why I tell people that try to eat 1200 cals a day that's insane. That is so old school. I think it's crazy low for a person and difficult and frustrating to actually accomplish. I think it ruins the metabolism. Congrats on maintaining! I often find that's more challenging than losing.

  9. Did you butter your toast first? I feel the same way about avocado toast, thought it was just a trendy hipster thing, lol!

    1. Hahaha! "Trendy hipster" thing is exactly what I thought, too--until I tried it. :) I didn't butter the toast... just toast and avocado.

  10. I'll miss you! Just so you know, I don't mind redundancy. Is that a word? Have a great week Katie!!!

  11. One of my favorite breakfast dishes is avocado toast with a fried egg and some shredded cheese. Messy, but delicious! Another one is an egg sandwich with strawberry jam and cheese--weird but sooo good!

  12. Wow, your daily calories are amazing! 2200! Wow! Good for you!

    I'll miss reading your posts this week.

  13. I'd never heard of avocado toast until you posted about it! Now I want to try it!

    AWESOME job on your new mile record!! Way to go!!

    Also, my mind is blown by your calorie level. :o

  14. So proud of you Katie for finding the magic formula of calories in and out that works for you--you're doing an awesome job on maintenance, congratulations! Enjoy your week off, I'm sure it will be a relief to not feel the pressure to write something every day! We'll be here when you get back! ~ Janet

  15. Thanks for sharing the salad recipe, Katie! I'm going to make a version of that this week with turkey breasts. I just finished my grocery shopping and realized that I have most of those ingredients now. Also, avocado toast! Yes, it's excellent with an egg. I also add Doterra's Lime essential oil (1 drop) to the avocado. Soooo good.

    Congrats on your fastest mile! And on maintenance! Both are great accomplishments. Catching up on some of your blog posts tonight... good reading. Have a great week!

  16. Definitely try avocado toast with egg, it is so good! Congrats on your fastest mile, that's way better than mine! Good motivation for me to keep pushing myself :) xo Kelly


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