November 07, 2015

A run on coffee

Remind me to never, ever drink coffee again.

As you may know, if you've been reading my blog for a while, I used to drink coffee every day. During my entire 20's, I would have two cups every morning. In 2011, when I was contacted by The Dr. Oz Show to be a guest on an upcoming weight loss episode, I was extremely nervous that whole week. I knew that coffee has a tendency to raise anxiety, and because I was so anxious about the show already, I decided to stop drinking coffee for the week prior to the show.

I never thought I was "addicted" to coffee; I only had two cups a day, and I didn't feel like I "needed" it to function. But that week was awful! I had a constant headache that I knew was from caffeine withdrawal. I hadn't been planning to give up coffee permanently, but when I felt the awful withdrawal symptoms, I decided I never wanted to feel that terrible again. So I quit for good.

At first, it was really difficult--I used to love the smell of coffee, so when Jerry would make it in the mornings, I was really tempted to drink it. I did drink some decaf coffee once in a while to help with the mental part of quitting. The mental part is the most difficult part. There is something so romantic about the idea of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning while catching up on the news or email. Eventually, though, I quit craving it altogether. And over the last year or so, I got to the point where the smell of it was disgusting to me.

So, I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to drink some this morning! I was going to make some tea, and when I opened the cupboard, I decided on a whim to grab the coffee instead. I brewed two cups, which was enough for one of my mugs, and added a couple of tablespoons of half and half. Took a sip. It tasted terrible, but I sipped it for half an hour anyway.

The caffeine made me feel really jittery, and I hate that feeling, so I figured going for a run would at least get it out of my system faster. I changed into my running clothes and headed out (it was great running weather, 48 degrees). I started running, and felt really good. About halfway down the street, I looked at my watch and saw I was running a 7:45 pace! I knew that wouldn't last long, but I was still happy with how good I was feeling.

By the end of the street, I started to feel my stomach cramping up. At first, it was just a few twinges; but it got worse, and a mile into the run, and I started thinking I was going to vomit on the side of the road. I was SO nauseous. I had been hoping for three sub-9:00 miles, and I did the first in 8:57, but after that first mile, I decided to just slow to a jog. I was really tempted to turn around and go home, but I kept hoping that the cramping in my stomach would stop any minute.

Second mile was 10:11. I wanted to slow to a walk, but then it would take even longer to get home, so I kept going. Mile three was 9:53. I sat on the porch for a couple of minutes, doubled over with stomach cramps. I'll spare you all the gory details, but I spent most of the morning making trips to the bathroom, cursing that coffee the entire time.

It's interesting how my body has gotten so used to not drinking coffee that just 12 ounces or so made me so ill. I have no desire to ever try it again. I love my tea! ;) I don't necessarily think there is anything wrong with coffee, but clearly my body doesn't love it.

I had no pictures for this post, so this will have to do. Love David's Tea!

This afternoon, I took Noah, Eli, and one of Eli's friends swimming. My mom had a Groupon for a fitness center (not the recreation center one we normally go to), and it was going to expire soon. The pool looked like a lot of fun for the kids (waterslide, lazy river, and splash park). Thankfully, my stomach was recovered by the time we headed to the rec center ;)

I actually swam a bit with the kids. I did the waterslide (the only adult to go on it, which was a little awkward) and the lazy river, and then sat for a little while in the hot tub. The kids had a blast! I had a really lazy day at home yesterday (productive, but inactive... I was paying bills, working on a budget, etc.); so, it was good to have an active day today with the kids.

Jessica gave me a molasses cookie from the farmer's market to try (I'd never had a molasses cookie before), so I ate that for dessert tonight. Holy cow, it was so good!! I was totally missing out all these years, and I never knew it. Jerry is off work tomorrow, so we made homemade pizza for dinner and are going to have a movie night with the kids. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I've noticed the exact same thing when I have coffee. If I do drink it I always have it when I'm at home all day.

  2. I thought about you today when a package arrived for me from David's Tea! My first order ever!!! So far I'm impressed with the flavors that I've son and I steeped several of them immediately to sample! Lol! Have you tried the cardamom French toast? It's so yummy! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Coffee can have a laxative effect, especially if your body isn't used to it, which may explain the cramping. I love my coffee, I have a Nespresso machine, but I mainly drink the decaf capsules as I really love them.

  4. I've read other running bloggers who drink coffee before races for that very purpose - so they won't be worried about using the portapotty during the race. They generally advise giving yourself a good bit of time before the race, though. Sorry about your bad experience. My morning coffee is such a treat for me. I get Dunkin Donuts coffee and make it at home. It's the best!

  5. I get that weird coffee thing too sometimes....its kind of hit or miss depending on if hubby made the coffee (stronger) or I made it (weaker)...

    It really helps to keep me regular that's for sure!!! ha! (TMI?!) ;-)

  6. I only just noticed how much of an affect coffee has on my anxiety level - YIKES! Haha but great post, you've definitely got me wanting to expand my David's tea palate ;) Have a great weekend!!

  7. aside from lattes, i can only really have like a half a cup of coffee.. one time i had a whole cup and worked out and felt sick at first, and then like the hulk, and then extremely sore the next day hahaha. i saw that the mall of america is getting a david's tea store, so i'm super excited to be able to go check them out! since you've started posting about the tea, i've always been super interested in getting some but have been too lazy to order any.

  8. I have been considering giving up coffee too, as I feel myself start ti get shaky, even after one cup! Not a pretty sight, so I love that you are speaking gone this. I think I may embark on quitting too. I just don’t see the appeal to coffee. I guess I should give it a shot before I knock it though.


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