October 19, 2015

Motivational Monday #125

Happy Motivational Monday, Friends! After a crazy-busy weekend, I feel like I need a weekend just to recover ;) I had a lot of fun showing Thomas around Detroit, run/walking the half-marathon with Jerry, and catching up with friends at our bonfire last night.

My main goal as far as my eating/exercising goes for the weekend was to count my calories (even if I ate way too many) and to complete the half-marathon. I completed both of those! We wanted Thomas to try some of our favorite foods, so it was difficult not to just throw my calorie goals out the window, but I was careful not to overdo it. I kept my portions small, and estimated the calories the best that I could. My calories for the day ended up being higher than normal, but I was okay with that.

Jerry and I had a lot of fun at the race yesterday, and for some reason, it felt so much shorter than a half-marathon typically feels. It went by really quickly! I was a little sore today (mostly just my hips), but I feel really good for completing it. Thomas went home today, so things should be back to normal (at least until Friday, when we are going to drive to my sister's house for the weekend!). Overall, I'm very happy with the way I handled the food situation all weekend. I don't know what the scale will show on Wednesday, but I wouldn't change anything.

Anyway, I forgot to post a reminder about Motivational Monday yesterday, so I just have two stories to share today. But they are good ones! Enjoy :)

Shelley shared this story about her daughter:
"My daughter Hollie started working out almost a year ago. She walked her first 5k in December and then ran/walked (we call it wogging) a Color Run in May. She decided her next milestone would be running a Tough Mudder---10 miles with 13 obstacles through mud. This past Sunday she accomplished her goal, crossing the finish line at Tough Mudder Missouri. I couldn't be more proud of her for setting scary goals and smashing them!!"

Jessica shared her proud moment as well:
"Having been a dancer my whole life, running was never in my vocabulary. After a foot and hip injury, dancing fell to the wayside and I gained nearly 50 lbs. I started taking running seriously in about June, and lost 12 pounds in that first month. After that, I let excuses get in my way, and went back to my lazy ways. 
 About three weeks ago, my mom told me her band would be playing in the Denver Rock n Roll marathon, and asked if I'd like to help. I decided, what the heck, I'll run the 5k instead. I'll admit that I didn't go very far, or very fast compared to the work I began this summer. However, I did beat my goal of 45 minutes, and ran it in 43:50. My sweet (runner) boyfriend ran the whole thing slow and steady with me. Can't wait to start working toward a better time, and maybe a 10k!"

A huge congratulations to Hollie and Jessica! Very inspiring :)


  1. I love these stories!! It just proves that if you put one foot in front of the other and believe in yourself, you can accomplish your goals. Way to go, Hollie and Jessica!

  2. Katie- way to go staying on track with visitors in town! That is always the hardest for me. I'm impressed; any time you can say, "I wouldn't change anything" in life is a good thing! Congrats to Hollie and Jessica too - hard work paying off. :) You are all great inspirations.

  3. You're all so inspiring! Great job!

  4. Nice job, ladies!! Motivational Monday's are so inspiring!! I can't wait to one day be a part of them!! :D


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