October 08, 2015

Double digit walk

After reading the comments on my post yesterday, I'm feeling like I really should get the root canal soon. The thought of it makes me cringe so badly! But so many people said it was no big deal and painless, so I hope I can make it through. It's not so much the pain that I'm worried about (I've been through some very painful things), but the anticipation of pain that terrifies me. I'm going to be on edge the whole time, just waiting for the pain to shoot through my nerve. It's strange, I am SO much more nervous about this than I was about my skin removal surgery!

Today, I had plans to meet up with Jessica for a long walk--10 miles. The lazy person in me was kind of hoping she'd cancel, so I could just forget about it, but one thing I love about Jessica is that she only cancels out of absolute necessity. She never lets me back out of something unless it's absolutely necessary, either! So I knew I wasn't getting out of this walk today ;)

First thing this morning, I walked into the kitchen and saw Joey sniffing at something on the kitchen floor. I turned on the light and inspected what it was--it was a decapitated mouse. I have no idea how it got into the house, but my cats (probably Phoebe) had a good time with it during the night, apparently. :/

After getting the kids off to school, I went to meet Jessica. We drove to a park that connects a couple of the Metroparks, and started our walk there. When we were nearly there, I realized I forgot my Garmin. I was SO bummed! It was a 30 minute drive, so I couldn't go back home and get it. Jessica didn't bring hers, either, assuming that I would have brought mine.

I had just done this 10-mile route in the summer, so I knew the turn-around point. Remember that day I ran while the kids rode their bikes alongside me? I had a miserable run, but that was a 10-miler, so Jessica and I did that exact same route. I noted the time that we started walking, and then again at the halfway point and the finish.

It was such an odd feeling not knowing if we were two miles or four miles or eight miles into our walk! I had no idea what our pace was, either. The first half seemed like it went by really fast. I was surprised at how quickly it flew by. Once we turned around, my legs were starting to feel tired, and I was getting a couple of hot spots on my feet. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, though! Not a cloud in the sky, about 60 degrees, and lots of fall colors.

The last mile or so, my feet were really hurting from the hot spots (thankfully, none of them developed into blisters), so I was relieved to get back to the car. We were both pretty impressed with ourselves for walking so far!

We finished the walk in 2:37, so that worked out to a 15:42/mile pace. Not too bad! For the half-marathon, Jerry and I have to maintain an 18:18/mile pace (or faster), so as long as Jerry can do that, I think we're good to go.

Tomorrow is my boudoir photo shoot! I'm about 95% excited and 5% nervous. I met the photographer a couple of days ago, and she is super friendly. I feel very comfortable with her, and she assured me that it will be a lot of fun. Can't wait!


  1. Sounds like you did awesome on your walk! Don't sweat the root canal I was nervous to get my first one done too. But it was a lot less worse then I thought it would be.

  2. I have been out of the loop for awhile but I'm so glad you're doing a boudoir shoot! I've debated it but I'm no where near comfortable enough.

  3. Really you don't have to worry about pain with the root canal. That side of your mouth will be so numb you won't feel anything at all until hours later!! And I had no pain afterwards that I can recall, other than a sore jaw from holding my mouth open for so long.

  4. You should download map my run or nike app (both free) to your phone, so in case you forget your garmin, you'll still have a way to track. it's pretty accurate to the garmin and since I know you love data, you'll be able to capture all the info. :)

  5. Have fun on your photo shoot! I would love to do that someday too. Gotta lose this weight first though! It'll be my reward to myself when I actually lose it :)

  6. Good job on that walk! 10 miles in one go is quite the stroll!
    Have a wonderful time with the boudoir shoot. I don't know if I'd have the confidence to do that.

  7. Meant to comment yesterday. I've had a ton of root canals, and I used to be terrified of the dentist. So much so that I didn't even go for almost 10 years. And when I started going again I found a dentist that offered nitrous oxide. I asked for them to use the laughing gas religiously at first, but no longer need it at all. Now I go regularly for check ups, and of course due to those 10 years, and just basically BAD teeth, I've had lots of root canals. They don't hurt at all.
    They deaden you completely, and be sure to insist that they do so! It's always a relief when they're done of course, but nothing to dread at all. After enduring your broken jaw and skin removal surgery, root canals are a piece of cake in comparison, believe me! (I can only imagine what you have been through!)

    I am so jealous of your ability to get back on track and lose weight again. I've got to do something. Christmas Day (after dieting for 6 months), I was back down to my goal weight, well a pound over. I weighed 151.4. Today I finally got on the scale, 203.4. OUCH! My son and I are determined to get this weight off again (he is also a loser and regainer) He is getting married next October, and I swore that for my third son's wedding I wouldn't be a fat blob like I was for the first two son's weddings. I'm still over 100 lbs. from my highest weight (328), but I no longer feel good about myself, and I want that feeling back. Today I just feel ashamed, embarrassed and FAT! Plus none of my clothes fit anymore. Time to get serious! Thanks for your constant inspiration! Great job on the walk time!!! Enjoy your boudoir shoot. Hope you share some of the less sexy pictures here.

  8. The shirt you are wearing in your photo from your walk is seriously AWESOME!

  9. Way to go on the long way, I am slowly increasing my walks. I am barely up to 1.5 miles a day so ten seems incredible to me, but it shows me it can be done!


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