December 12, 2014

Peroneal tendinitis

Yesterday was the third day of rest (due to an issue with my foot), and my foot was feeling a lot better. I was tempted to go for a run in the afternoon, but decided against it--I figured it'd be better to give it one more day, just to be safe. Due to the type and location of the pain, I really think it was peroneal tendinitis caused from doing too much on Sunday.

I've had peroneal tendinitis a few times before (usually when my shoes need to be replaced), and the first sign of it is pain on the side of my foot. If it's bad, I'll feel the pain up into the lateral side of my leg, which is what happened this time. Usually a few days' rest will take care of it, and it seems to have helped a lot this time, too.

Jerry was off work yesterday, so we decided to give the kids one of their Christmas presents early--the board game Clue--so that we could play it last night. I hadn't played that game in ages! Did you know the revolver is now the pistol? And the billiard room is now called the game room. Anyway, we ordered pizza and played a couple of games of Clue after dinner.

Later, my older brother, Brian, came over for a little bit to visit. I told him that my flight to Portland in March has a layover in Minneapolis, which is where he is based. I told him to try and pick up that flight, so that he'd be the one to fly me to Portland. He's been flying commercially since 2007, and I've never been on one of his flights, so I think it'd be awesome if it could work out that way! I would at least be much less nervous about flying.

After Brian left, Jerry and I watched an episode of Breaking Bad before bed. My food log was pretty bad yesterday, but some days are just like that:

This morning, my foot was still feeling good--not 100% normal yet, but probably 90%--so I wanted to try a run. When I walked Noah to the bus stop, I lightly jogged home, to see how it felt. Then when I got home, I decided to try a three-miler on the treadmill before taking Eli to the bus stop.

I started out nice and easy at 6.0 mph, and my foot was feeling pretty good. For the second mile, I bumped it up to 7.0 mph, and didn't have any problems at all. For mile three, I went back to 6.0 until I got to 2.5 miles, when I noticed that Eli was going to miss the bus if I didn't hurry. I bumped the speed back up for the last half mile.

I'm really glad that my foot is so much better! I am going to plan on going to the Santa Hustle on Sunday, but I'm going to really listen to my body. I'll take it very easy (no time or pace goals) and if my foot starts hurting again, I won't be too proud to call it quits.

I got a new puzzle yesterday. Working on that last puzzle really helped to keep me from snacking at night. The new one looks fun (and probably a little easier than the last):

Noah liked helping me work on the last puzzle, and this morning, he asked me to get him a couple of 300-piece puzzles for Christmas so that he and Eli could work on them together. I'm so glad that he's interested in it! Usually, unless the game or puzzle is in video form, it's "lame" ;)

I just realized that tomorrow is 12/13/14... pretty neat!


  1. I've had that before too. Mine happened on my last long run while training for my half. I must of really messed mine up because even with a week off it started hurting 7 mikes into my half. I ended up.having to take 2 weeks off after my race. But now I've read up on it a lot more and will know what to do if it happens again. Glad you felt better today!

  2. I wish I had thought to chime in before, since this won't do much before your race tomorrow. I am in no way a medical professional but I have anterior tibialis tendonitis (basically the same spot on the inside of the foot/ankle) and saw numerous doctors to correct severe pain. You have not mentioned icing your foot or taking anything for it--I just thought that icing your foot/leg and taking an anti-inflammatory may help your intermittent pain go away quicker. Have fun running tomorrow. I always enjoy reading your blog!

  3. have you ever used KT tape? they have great you tube videos showing how to use it for every specific issue. i was having top of foot pain (ended up being a laces issue, so annoying) but it helped me get through a half marathon without worsening the problem.

  4. I've never done that Santa Hustle race, but I've heard great things about it (I live in the metro D area too). I hope your foot feels better and that you had a great race today.


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