December 18, 2014

14 Favorite Photos of 2014

I don't have much to write today, but I was organizing pictures on my computer, and decided to post my favorite 14 photos of 2014. I always do a "Top" post at the end of the year (like "Top 13 of 2013"); but that is more for my favorite events of the year. And I'll post that on New Year's Eve. So here, I'm just showcasing my favorite photos. I like these photos for all sorts of different reasons!

On one of Mark's better days--with a milkshake, of course!
I love that you can see on his face how happy he was.

Basically what we did for seven full days in Punta Cana

I LOVE this pic with my Sole Mates: Paige, Caitlin,
Hilary, Thomas, and me.

Impromptu family photo at my parents' house after Jeanie's first marathon. My dad
was goofing around, and it made for a good candid photo before the "real" pics.

Mid-race selfie with Jerry. We had so much fun that day

Noah's first 5K (Jerry got all of us making that face, haha)

I love this picture of Paolo! This was before his health went downhill.

This was such a strange thing to catch on camera! Here is where I wrote about it

These steel stacks in Bethlehem are AMAZING!

I had no idea just how BIG the head was going to be ;)

I liked this picture... until I realized my helmet was backwards! Hahaha

A rare photo of my entire family together: Me, Dad, Mom, Brian, Jeanie, Nathan
This was taken at Brian's wedding in September

I'd had too much wine to remember this photo being taken, but when I saw it,
I loved it! The orange hat I'm wearing reminds me of what a great time I had
that day with my Sole Mates in San Diego. (That, I DO remember, haha)

Jerry and I had a blast taking pictures underwater with the kids' cameras

I love this picture because I was laughing really hard at the very
end of a race--who does that?! 

This is so funny... just after I scheduled this post to go live at 9:00, I got an email. I saw the subject first, before it registered in my mind who it was from:

I saw "Not Another Best of 2014 List" as the subject, and I was so confused for a second--did my post go live before it was supposed to? How did they know? What? Ohhhh. It's a "Best of 2014" list from Hulu. Hahaha

Anyway, I happen to LOVE lists. So, lame or not, I'm still posting it ;)


  1. The pictures are all great! I never would've noticed your helmet was backwards if you didn't point it out! :)

  2. Those are really great pictures -- they all made me smile. You have some very cheerful people in your life :)

  3. I love lists too. And i love looking back on a whole year and setting goals for the following year!

  4. Not lame! Thanks for sharing the pics. Awesome!

  5. Great photos Katie! I LOVE the 'Jerry face' and love seeing the rest of your family do it too. It makes for great pictures and makes it look like everyone is having TONS OF FUN!

  6. I like your mum's dress...good lookin' fam

  7. omg your brothers look like twins! very cute twins at the ; )

  8. I love the photo in your bikini, not because I'm a creep or anything but because I know that was a big accomplishment for you!

  9. Fun to look at the photos...I love how you don't take things too seriously and are always ready to laugh, even if it's at something silly you did. Reminds me of my mom - in a good way!

  10. I've been following your blog for about a year now. And I love every one of those photos and they bring memories for me as your reader too. You always remind me to live life to its fullest through the ups and down. Thank you very much for that.

  11. Love all the photos! Thanks for sharing!


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