September 14, 2014

Jerry's birthday weekend

What a relaxing weekend! The last couple of weeks have been so busy, it was nice to have all weekend without any real plans. I actually spent most of the weekend like this:

When I saw that sweatshirt at the thrift store, I just had to buy it! I love how Estelle seems to be rolling her eyes at Jerry, who was taking the picture ;)

On Friday, Noah was invited to a sleepover birthday party; Eli felt left out, so my parents let him stay the night at their house. Jerry was off work all weekend, so on Friday night, we had a date night. We decided to go see a movie at the theater we used to go to when we were dating, because we hadn't been there in ages. When we were teenagers, we used to go to the movies all the time--probably twice a week!

First, we went to check out a bar that my friends Mike and Lance bought. Mike lived next door to me and Lance lived behind me when we were growing up, so I've known them for about 30 years. I love that we're still friends after this long, and I thought it was really cool that Mike and Lance bought the bar together. (For any local readers, it's called The Rockery in Wyandotte)

I wanted to go there early, before the show, so that it wouldn't be busy and I'd have a chance to chat with Mike (Lance wasn't there). It was a fun place! They'd put a lot of work into it over the past couple of weeks, and they still have a lot more work to do, but it was nice to see how excited Mike was about the place. I told the bartender to make me whatever drink she'd like, and she made me something with cherry vodka and lime juice, which was really good.

We stayed and chatted with Mike for a while until it was time to head to the movie. When we got to the theater, I nearly had a heart attack at the cost of a movie--$10--because the last time we were there, it was only $6.50. Hahaha, just shows how old we are! The people working there were about half our age (literally).

We had a very light dinner so that we would be hungry for popcorn at the movies. With intuitive eating, I'm starting to get the hang of planning ahead for stuff like that. We got a large popcorn, but dumped half in the garbage so that we could put butter on the rest and shake it up in the bag. Then we only ate about half of that during the movie. Back in the teenager days, I would eat a whole large popcorn by myself!

We saw the movie Into the Storm, and it was awful. We both really like those kinds of movies (natural disaster/end-of-the-world kinds of movies), but the acting was so bad for this one, which was about tornadoes. We had a good laugh about it, though. Despite the bad movie, we had a fun date, and I'm glad we went.

Yesterday, we spent some time cleaning up the yard (we've been building a garage all summer long, and there are building materials everywhere). As we moved scraps of lumber, we found so many frogs hiding underneath! We started catching them and taking them across the street to the woods. We probably caught and released at least 12-15 frogs and toads. There are five just in this photo (one is in the top right corner, and hard to see because of the grass right there).

Today is Jerry's birthday--he's 34!

It's crazy how fast the time goes by. Jerry and I met when I was 16 and he was 17, so we've been together for exactly HALF our lives! We still act like children (Jerry does way more than I do, but that's one of the things I love about him). We both were just saying that we don't feel as old as we are--in my mind, I feel like we're still 16 and 17.

We had a pretty relaxing morning, and then went out to run some errands in the afternoon. Jerry said that he wanted to walk to the local bar for dinner--they have the BEST boneless wings we've ever had. We ordered them on a whim one time when playing Keno, and we were both so shocked at just how good they were. So we went there for Jerry's birthday dinner tonight--nothing fancy, but definitely good!


  1. Happy Birthday Jerry! Glad you guys had a fun weekend.

  2. I am a huge fan of Jerry's. He seems like such a goof, yet so responsible and such a hard worker. He also seems so supportive of your goals and appears to be a great Dad. You are a lucky girl Katie, appreciate every moment with your wonderful guy. Happy Birthday Jerry, and many, many more!!!

  3. All the movie theaters we went to when we were younger are gone. The one we went to on our first day is a church now (actually the other one we used to go in town is also a church, weird). The ones in the city where I grew up all got torn down.

    So just wondering are you also counting points too or just the intuitive eating?

    1. I'm not counting points (or calories or anything else). I'm truly giving intuitive eating a chance, and trusting my body's cues. I love it so far!

  4. I used to go to the Rockery all the time! I had no idea it changed owners. I'll have to check it out again :)

    1. Awesome! If you see a guy working there with tattoos all over his arms, that's probably Mike :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Jerry! Rock on! :)

    You guys are so cute together! I love it!

  6. It bothered me that you wasted your money on the popcorn haha. Next time ask for a smaller popcorn and an empty bag for the large so you don't have to waste your money, chick!

    Glad the birthday was fun :)

  7. Totally late to this post, but I wanted to mention that my husband and I also started dating at 16 and 17. We're now 34 and 35 :) love your blog!


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