September 28, 2014

Faster than a speeding bullet

We had another fun day with the family today. Last night, the kids ended up staying at my parents' house, so this morning, Jerry and I decided to go for a run together. I didn't have a run on the schedule, but ironically, was in the mood for a nice, relaxing "jog"-like run. Jerry said he wanted to pick our route, and we ended up going on a trail through the woods. 

The weather was really nice, but it was pretty tough running on the trail. So much for a nice Sunday morning jog! Then I heard a bunch of gunshots. From a shotgun. And I remembered that it's hunting season, right as we were running through the woods. There was shot after shot, and I kept expecting to feel a bullet hit me--it was so scary, because the guns sounded so close! I sprinted the last little part of the woods to get the heck out of there. I thought it was funny when I saw the graph of my pace. Can you tell where the gunshots started? ;)

Just before that part, I was telling Jerry how I may walk the rest of the way, because running on the rocks and grass was hard. Then we heard the shotguns, and they totally lit a fire under me. I need to use that strategy for my next race! haha

My brother, Brian, got in from Minnesota at around noon. Jerry and I cleaned up the house and invited my whole family over here to watch the Tigers and Lions games. I made a big pot of chili with toppings, and we had a pretty low-key afternoon. I don't watch sports, so I showed my mom that card game app to download on her iPod, and taught her how to play a few games.

I was just checking out the schedule for the Runner's World Half & Festival, and I'm so bummed that I have to leave that Saturday afternoon. There are some great seminars going on that weekend! I got the latest flight available, which was 5:30 pm (and the airport is an hour's drive), so I'll have to leave at around 2:00 to make it home on Saturday night. I know I made the right decision to be here on Sunday for Nathan's marathon, and I'm really looking forward to that, but I just wish there was some way to be in two places at once ;)

Looking through the list of seminars today for the RW Half weekend, there is one that really jumped out at me. I'm so glad that it's at noon on Saturday, so I'll be able to go. Here is the description:

Seminar · Inspiration: How Running Helped Save a Soldier from Depression, Substance Abuse, and PTSDJoin us to hear Sean MacMillen, chapter captain of Team RWB (Red, White, and Blue) Lock Haven-Williamsport, tell his story. After 12 years in the U.S. Army – including three deployments to Afghanistan – this respected battalion executive officer left the service – and not by choice. "My life was in shambles," he says, "and I was in a very dark place." Learn how running, and his involvement with Team RWB – an organization that enriches the lives of America's veterans by connecting them with their communities through social and physical activity – helped Sean take back control from alcohol abuse, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
This really hits close to home for me, because my brother, Nathan, has PTSD after two deployments to Iraq--and since he started running early this year, I've seen a big change in him (healthier and happier). I asked him if he'd write a guest post for my blog about it, and he may, but I really think that running has the ability to change people's lives (more than just physically). I can't wait to hear what Sean MacMillen has to say at his seminar. 

Anyway, here is a list of the weekend's schedule. If you're near Bethlehem, or are able to go that weekend, I really think it's worth it. I loved Bart Yasso's seminar, as well as Mark Remy's. There are all kinds of seminars to check out, and they are FREE--whether you run the races or not. 

Don't forget, if you do want to run the races, I have discount codes for 10% off:

5K: blogrunsforcookies5K
10K: blogrunsforcookies10K
Half-Marathon: blogrunsforcookiesHalf
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Hat Trick: blogrunsforcookiesHat

It's only three weeks away, and I'm getting really excited! I think the last race I did was a 5K in July. The weather won't be nearly as hot for the RW Half weekend!

Speaking of races, Nathan asked me today if I would want to run a half-marathon with him next weekend, called Heroes on Hines. He has a 20-mile training run on the schedule, and he's going to run the half as part of his training run. I think I'm going to do it! It will likely be my slowest-ever half-marathon time, but running a race with a bunch of other people is much more fun than doing a long run by myself. And it feels weird not to have a half-marathon planned until at least November. So if it works out, I'd like to do it!

Don't forget, tomorrow is Motivational Monday! If you have a photo of an accomplishment you'd like to share, you can email it to me at Katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com, subject "Motivational Monday", with a brief description, and I may post it on tomorrow's blog :)


  1. I would love to hear Nathan's story. Running or exercise is the best medicine for depression and anxiety. Please encourage him to share it. It can help a lot of us.

  2. My brother also has PTSD from being in the Army and is in bad place right now. He hates running (but lead several drills while in the Army!), but I may encourage him to give it another try.

  3. I know how much you "love" hills so you will be happy to learn that they apparently changed the courses from last year. They will still be hilly but they say not 'as hilly'. Bethlehem is GORGEOUS especially in October but it is CRAZY hills!!! I wish I wasn't going to be in Baltimore that weekend or I would have come out to run it again.

  4. Oh man that sounds so scary with the gun shots!!


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