July 12, 2013

Noah's birthday party

I was pretty excited to pick up the kids from camp today, but we had to leave at 7:45 in the morning. I knew I wouldn't have time to run later, so I got out of bed at 5:15, even though I was sleeping pretty well last night. I put on my running clothes, and as soon as I stepped outside, I knew that heading out for a run at 5:45 AM was totally worth it... it was only 57 degrees outside!

It felt amazing. The humidity was pretty high when I checked the weather, but it didn't feel like it at all. I ran my favorite out-and-back route, and the whole time, I was thinking how much better I feel when I run in cooler weather. My spirit was high, and when I hit mile two (my turn-around point), I decided to keep going a little further.

I turned it into a lollipop route, and then headed back home. My goal was to stay in heart rate Zone 1 today (135-148 bpm), and that was pretty easy to do. However, check out this huge spike about three miles in:

THAT would be when a black bird attacked my head! It kept diving down, and just brushing against me, which was terrifying, to say the least. I started waving my arms around above my head while running, and I'm sure I looked like a crazy person ;)

 I ended up running five miles instead of the planned four--purely because I was actually enjoying running outside in this weather. I love when I have runs like that!

With the exception of the first mile, my splits were almost dead even...

I'm still amazed when my splits are that even. It never happens that way when I TRY to run even splits; only when I'm not paying attention in the slightest!

After my run, I took a quick shower and got ready for my mom to pick me up. We made the two-hour drive to the camp where my kids were. The kids had a BLAST, and were already asking if they could go to the week-long session next year. They absolutely loved it; I just wish I'd known that earlier, so I could have stopped worrying about them the whole time they were gone.

When we got home, I focused on getting the house cleaned before Noah's friends came over for his birthday party. Noah was really excited about his cake--he loved it, as I knew he would. We got pizza for them for dinner, and as tempted as I was to have some, I need to be careful this week (which I will explain later...). Instead, Jerry and I made sandwiches that turned out to be amazing. We split open whole wheat sandwich rolls, topped them with ham, turkey pepperoni, pizza sauce, and pepper jack cheese, then toasted them in the oven. They were fantastic sandwiches (much better than a piece of pizza), and only 8 PP.

As I write this, Jerry is outside playing baseball with Noah and his friends. I've been overhearing some of their conversation, and it's kind of hilarious. The things that nine year old boys talk about! (Eli isn't here; my dad took him fishing so Noah could have his party without his little brother here). My mom sent me this adorable picture of Eli and my dad cleaning their fish.

So I have a confession to make, and it's a pretty funny story. Yesterday, I bought a container of cookie dough ice cream for Noah's party. It was 1.5 quart-size. It sat in the freezer all day, and last night, it was totally calling to me. Jerry was at work, the kids were at camp, and I kept thinking about that stupid ice cream! I thought, "Well, I'll just have one spoonful." So I ate a spoonful, and it was delicious, of course.

Then I would grab a spoon every time I walked by the freezer. I would just shave a little off the top of the container. Eventually, the whole top inch of the ice cream was gone, and it was really obvious I had been skimming it! So I finally just measured some out into a bowl, ate it, and then had to throw away the rest of the container. (My stomach is bottomless when it comes to ice cream--I could eat a gallon of it and not feel full!)

I can't be the only person that has done that, right?! Thankfully, yesterday was my long run day, so I used up those PointsPlus (plus some of my weekly PP) to cover the ice cream. But that left me without much for the party today, so I didn't have any of Noah's cake. Instead, Jerry and I had a 4 PP Smart Ones peanut butter cup sundae. It was pretty good, but I don't think I would buy it again.

Tomorrow is Noah's actual birthday, and he decided he wants to go to Chili's for dinner instead of Golden Corral, which he mentioned a few days ago--whew! ;)


  1. When I go on walks at lunch, there is a certain red-winged blackbird that attacks me too! He'll hover straight above my head and dive-bomb me. I also wave my hands around like a crazy person...haha!

    I'm proud of you for not eating the whole thing of ice cream! I'm the same way with icing. I want some so bad right now..ugh!

  2. I ate 3/4ths of a half gallon of Edy's Birthday cake ice cream over two days...I think I need to throw it away and rid myself of the temptations!!!

  3. Yes, that's me with the ice-cream. Ugh. It's my kryptonite.

  4. So totally not the only one who has done that. I have to drive a lot for my job (I am actually a Weight Watchers leader) and I have stopped by a grocery store, bought a container of ice cream, ate about half of it and then threw it away at a convenience store that is a half a mile from my house! Ice cream is my weakness. I do allow myself to go to Cold Stone Creamery ice cream once a month and I spend 26 PP on my treat! Why does it have to be so darn good? :-)

  5. i don't do that so much with ice cream, but i ALWAYS do that with nutella; once i eat a little, i have to keep going back for another spoonful. i don't keep it in the house anymore because i'm that bad with it.

  6. I work outdoors for a living... blackbirds will TOTALLY divebomb you if you get too close to their nests. Unlike most birds who fly away (or killdeer who feign a broken wing and hop away from the nest to distract you), blackbirds are on the Offense when it comes to guarding the nest!

  7. That little spoonful of sweet treats everytime you walk by can sure add up, can't it? I ate an entire piece of chocolate cake that way. You justify it by saying, "One spoonful won't hurt!" It's frustrating how fast that one bite can become an entire serving OR MORE!
    We went to Chili's for dinner Monday night. They have some lite menu items, but also had their Fajitas on special on Mondays, only $7.99! I love their chicken fajitas and almost always order them when we go. I don't eat the tortillas, nor the cheese or sour cream which are served on the side. I do have the little bit of guacamole and pico de gallo that come with them. I think they're really low in calories/points because all it is, is grilled chicken, green peppers and onions (without the tortillas, cheese and sour cream). Hope your meal is great!

  8. I cant keep ice cream in the house for the same reason. I am a bottom-less pit when it comes to ice cream. FOr some reason, I have much more self control at the grocery store to not buy certain items but very little control if the items are in my house and no one is watching

  9. AnonymousJuly 13, 2013

    I can't keep junk foods in the house when I'm home alone. I tend to try a little, then a little more, and the cycle continues. I was proud of you when you threw away the extra cake frosting! A spoon of frosting is amazing...and not worth it. Glad he enjoyed his birthday! My cousin let her sons have a camp out last night and they had a blast! Such fun!

  10. I got attacked by a bird on a run when I had my Garmin on....same spike. Too funny!


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