August 08, 2012

A Day at the Beach (and a treadmill workout)

I reeeeally didn't want to run today.

But strangely, the treadmill was calling to me more-so than running outside. I chugged some water and then grudgingly got on the treadmill. On the schedule today was a tempo run--20 minutes easy, then 20 minutes at tempo pace, then 10 minutes easy, for a total of 50 minutes.

About a minute in, I started thinking about going outside instead. I was debating in my head which would go by faster; I decided to give the treadmill 10 minutes and then decide. I got caught up in an episode of The Biggest Loser, so then I decided to stay on the treadmill. I always have to do little mind games to make myself get a workout in!

I was planning on my tempo speed being 7.0, but after about 5 minutes, I thought, "I really don't know if I can maintain this for 20 minutes today!" and I decided to take it down to 6.6. Then at the end, I went back up to 7.0 for the last 5 minutes.

The chart doesn't look nearly as fun as it does when I do sprints.

After my run, I still had to do my Wii Active workout (#15 of 20). It was mostly shoulders and arms today, which was good because my legs were pretty sore from yesterday's squats.

My older brother Brian came in for the day from Minnesota. We ended up going to the beach at the state park. I don't like to swim, but I love to sit in the shade and feel the breeze off the lake. It felt great! The boys had a blast playing in the sand.

Noah got up after that photo, but Eli just laid there for the longest time. I thought he might actually fall asleep.

Check out this awesome Manager's Special that I spotted at Kroger:

Yes, that reads $0.09 per bar. I don't know if that was a typo when they made the stickers, but I was pretty impressed with that! Usually the "manager's special" items mean that it's going to expire soon, but these don't expire for about six months. So I have no idea why they were so cheap. But I bought all they had (7 bars).

I wasn't completely WOW'ed by the taste of the bars, and I probably wouldn't buy them if they weren't so cheap, but I couldn't resist when I saw that price.

I was going over my 30-in-30 list, and I got a little overwhelmed with all the goals I haven't crossed off yet. I think when I wrote the list, I underestimated the amount of time training for a marathon would take up... let alone TWO marathons in the same year! I think tomorrow I may narrow it down to a list of monthly goals, so I don't feel so overwhelmed. And some of the goals I had included on the list don't really seem that important anymore, so I may change them up. Or get rid of them altogether.

I think what I'm saying is that I'm done working on that 30-in-30 list because I probably won't be able to get it all done, and I'm going to make another goal list ;) I think sticking to monthly goals will be much easier for me to keep track of.

I can't believe it's the second week of August already!


  1. Isn't it the best when you aren't in the mood to run and you just do it and end up having a good run? Love it.

  2. I can't believe it is even August period lol. The month of when school begins once again.

  3. Love looking through your blog! So inspirational… I just started my own diet blog. If you have the time check it out and I’m open to advice! Heres the link to mine! I also need followers to help keep me motivated! Thanks!

  4. I can't wait to be talking about tempo runs again! I just registered for a running clinic. I'm excited!! And you're making me want to blow the dust off my Wii Active(s), Yes I have both, I haven't used either. I actually got them for free from a friend last year. She was sent them to review but she doesn't have a Wii. She went to her brother's place and she and her sister in law did them together and she reviewed them and then gave them to me. That challenge looks amazing.

  5. Hi Katie. You've inspired me to buy the EA Sports Active game for my Wii. (I have the second version though). I just finished and I'd like to say those mountain climbers are killer! On the easy setting the made me do 40!

  6. Hi Katie! I can't get over those manager specials!! I would have bought them all too. :) Love the pic of your boys in the sand. My daughter buried me in the sand in Hawaii last year and I wanted to stay there forever. It felt like a spa treatment! Also, thanks for sharing your feelings on your 30-by30 list. I have been thinking lately that I may not be able to complete my 50-by-age-50 marathon goal due to persistent hip problems and procrastination problems. :) I feel embarrassed that I already told my readers!!! Ah, to be human...

  7. great job on the tempo run!! haha...i have the mental games of "run inside or run outside" too...but usually once i get started on the treadmill i just get going and stick it out. i'm glad u were able to bump up the pace there at the's always best/smart to pick it up at the end and finish up at ur fastest! great job and keep it up! :)

  8. Glad things are going so well with your training! :) I also had to let a few things go from my own 30 x 30 list, due to time restraints.

  9. Sometimes getting up and making it through the drudgery of the day is an accomplishment. We need to give ourselves more credit for those days!

  10. When I read about your mind tricks to get yourself to do and complete a work-out I think, "I could do that." I mean I couldn't do what you do, but I could get out there every day and walk and I don't. I use the heat as an excuse but I got a whole bunch of free DVD's and stuff from the Leslie Sansone WATP Empire, and I haven't even opened them yet. That's how lazy I am. Your boys in the sand is so cute. They are adorable!

    I cannot believe it's August already--our local schools start next Tuesday and since I'm a substitute teacher, I'm sure the calls will start coming shortly. Why does summer have to go so fast?

  11. a pic of what your tt scar looks like now? I was just thinking about it yesterday and was wondering how it is looking..??

  12. Wow. It's August?????????

    Love your treadmill run. You got mad discipline. I HATE the treadmill!!!!!


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