January 13, 2012

A very wintery run

So I looked outside this morning and saw that the weather was perfect for a run:
It's actually snowing here, but you can't see it in the pic
BWAHAHA, I just wanted to curl up under my electric blanket (set to "high" of course) and read my book. But I got dressed in my running clothes, checked the weather (no idea why I torture myself) and headed out.
Feels like 12 degrees? Sure, I'll go for a run!
I was supposed to run with Julia today, but Noah threw up last night and I figured I'd have to keep him home from school today, so I canceled with Julia. Noah felt fine when he woke up, so he went to school and by that time, Julia had gone for a run with her husband.

I had to run carefully and slowly so that I didn't slip, but other than that, it was great! When running into the wind, I wished I'd had a mask for my face, but that was only for about half a mile. It started snowing pretty hard and the flakes were going right in my eyes, which was annoying, but I'm not sure how to get around that problem.

I did 5.2 miles (the farthest I've run since after surgery) and felt great when I was done!

After yesterday's post, some of you asked what I like to wear when I run outside in the winter... I wear my Under Armour Cold Gear compression fitted pants, an Under Armour Cold Gear long sleeve top, and a fleece jacket over it. Then I wear a headband/earwarmer thing, and gloves. And of course the given: socks, shoes, Garmin, sports bra. I always feel a little chilled when I step outside, but I'm totally comfortable once I start running.

I like the Cold Gear line by Under Armour, because it's very light weight and moisture wicking, but it keeps you very warm! It's meant for temps below 55 degrees. They also have a Heat Gear line, which I love to use in the summer. It's meant to keep you cool in hot temperatures. I don't normally like to spend a lot of money on clothes (you know I buy EVERYTHING from thrift stores!) but the Under Armour stuff is definitely worth the money.

Anyway, after my run, I took a shower and ate breakfast, and then Jerry and I went to get Eli's party decorations. We went to a store called Party City, and it was awesome!! It made me want to plan a party (for adults). I was glad Eli wasn't with us when I saw their huge candy area:
Yes, that is ALL candy. Crazy, right? I'm sure that is what Eli thinks Heaven is like :)

We got his decorations and then headed home. I had a piece of toast with my lunch, and when I was deciding which nut butter to spread on it, I decided to take a picture to show you how crazy I am about my nut butters:
All of those jars are currently in use--I like a variety! ;) 

Peanut Butter & Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, White Chocolate Wonderful, and Dark Chocolate Dreams
Smucker's Natural creamy
JIF creamy
Krema natural creamy
Barney Butter creamy almond butter
Kettle creamy almond butter
Sunbutter sunflower seed butter
And homemade coconut butter and chocolate coconut butter
Oh, and not pictured is the cashew butter in the fridge ;)

Yep, I'm obsessed with my nut butters!  I like them all for different things. They can turn just about anything into something decadent.

Well, I'm off to the kids' Family Night at school!


  1. Wow...you should be a paid reviewer for nut butters!

  2. I love Under Armor too but you're right about it being expensive. So every time I go thrifting I check the workout stuff and almost always find a UA item for under $10. It almost always has the name of some marathon on it, but I don't care. I even check out the men's section and snap up all the UA stuff.

  3. Now that's dedication! I can NOT imagine running in the snow! I guess you need to get yourself a pair of goggles? I'm set to do my long run tomorrow and it's supposed to be a high of 37* here. I am definitely not prepared for cold weather running. My fingers get numb just being in the house! (Oh, did I mention I keep the house cold to save on fuel oil?)

    Love Party City. It's where I found a holster (in the 1920's aisle) for my son's Nathan Drake (from the video game Unchartered) costume for Halloween.

    You have to get to PB & Co. in NYC sometime. You would love it! They have 'The Pregnant Lady,' which is pb and pickles (!) and the Elvis, which is grilled pb with banana and honey, you can even add bacon!

  4. I love Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butters!

  5. I am super glad to see you went for a run in that temperature and with that wind chill. Its pretty similar here in Cincinnati right now, and I have 7 planned for tomorrow morning.

  6. I love UA stuff. I agree its worth every penny.

  7. I love the UA Cold Gear mock tops! Once I found them at the outlet for $14 each. I stocked up.

    I had a run like that today too - careful not to sleep! Yay for the longest run since your surgery!

  8. LoveAnAnimalJanuary 13, 2012

    You made me LOL with "the weather was perfect for a run" and that snowy picture! I thought Katie has lost it, and then when I scrolled down and saw your "BWAHAHA", it made me LOL! Funny! But amazed that you still went out for a run. I'm always anxious about slipping, and with just walking to the car, I shuffle the tiniest of shuffles. You are spot on about Under Armor!I have the Cold Gear Compression pant and top, and love them. They keep me very warm as I shuffle to the car. : )

  9. I tagged you in a post about a tag game. Sorry! http://frickinfabulousat40.blogspot.com/2012/01/keeping-game-going.html

  10. Have you ever ran in the cold using YakTrax at all? This winter will be my first time trying to run outside in the WI winter (that's how much I hate the dreadmill) and I'm terrified of slipping. I've also seen cheaper version for ice fishers and other sports and wondering if those might work just as good? I have no clue! My awesome fiance surprised me with my first cold weather shirt and right now I'm saving up for some UA Cold Gear Compression pants. Yay on your longest post op surgery run :)

  11. way to go on the outside run...in those temperatures I am a wimp. Yes, I said it a wimp! I would have hunkered down with my blanket and ALL of those yummy nut butters and had myself a rip roaring binge.

    Only to be depressed about it later and wish I never had but that's me. I haven't gotten to your place and will power yet. ;-)

  12. I've always been an indoor runner in the winter, but you're really making me want to invest in some UA.

  13. OMG! I thought I was crazy! Have a 6 pack of peanut butter co white chocolate wonderful, almond butter, and pb butter. You have more choices than I do!!!

  14. Wow, you are one tough lady! I would have jumped right back under that electric blanket! I'm still working toward your level of determination. :)

    I'm glad to hear good things about the UA line of winter gear. I have some of the Heat Gear and I love it. I'll have to try out some of the cold gear, especially for snowboarding.

  15. Katie, everytime I see pictures of your Garmin, I wish I had the 305. Mine's the 405 and the numbers are so tiny! BTW, love the new look of your blog.

  16. I'm your newest follower and I myself considered running something you did only if you were being chased or the house was on fire. But I began doing P90X a couple years ago and loved it. But then we would travel and I couldn't really haul a dozen discs and all the equipment with me. I hated being on vacation and not having a way to exercise. So I decided that if I could run, all I would need to do is take shoes and I can do that anywhere. So I started running one week at the beach. I couldn't make it a block without stopping despite the fact that I was in shape. These were new muscles and a way of breathing. But I built up and have ran several races, nothing larger than a 5k but I love it. And the day I was running in the rain with a huge grin on my face, I realized I was one of "those" people. The ones that talk about a running high, someone who calls herself a runner. Wow! My husband, who ran track and cross country all through school still looks at me in amazement and says he would have bet the farm that I would never have become a runner. As for running in the cold, I ran yesterday in 20 degree weather in my under armour. And I live in Georgia so thats dang cold for us!

  17. I didn't know you had a blog! :) Love it! I'm going to bookmark it to help keep me motivated!

  18. Such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story! I too am on the beginning of my journey to lose weight check out my blog at. http://shrinkingtexasprincess.blogspot.com

  19. I am going to start Winter Running next week. I looked into the Cold Gear stuff and am going to have to invest in some. It is freezing!! Love the picture of the weather.

  20. I love running in the Winter! There's something beautiful and peaceful about running in the snow....plus I kinda like it that I'm doing something that other people think is a little crazy. Keep on running girl!

  21. I love your nut butter collection haha! I think I'm going to look into getting some compression pants like you have. I wonder if it would help with me huge badonk going all wild and jiggly. Plus loose skin sucks.

  22. Helpful tip: I have a book "The Complete Book of Running for Women" by Claire Kowalchik and in there she suggests that if you'r not going to wear a mask in cold weather that you could apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the exposed skin on your face to help protect it. I haven't tried it, because I'm not much of an outdoor runner ... yet, but thought I'd pass it to you! It's probably a good tip for Michigander's in general ... maybe even for the kids (but I'd research that first). ;)


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