February 18, 2021

10 Fun Facts About Jerry (a guest post)

This is a totally random post, but I am having such a hard time coming up with things to write about lately! I asked Jerry (my husband, for those that may not know) if he would want to write a post for me today (only half-joking) and he said sure. He wasn't sure what to write about, so I told him just to write some random facts about himself.

I always love learning new things about people, even if it's completely useless information. I'm not sure what Jerry is going to write, but hopefully it'll be interesting ;)  I'm turning over the computer to him now! (He types with two fingers, so this is going to be painful for me sitting next to him, hahaha)

For those who don't know me I'm Jerry, Katie's lesser half. I have an opportunity to tell you some random, silly facts about me that you may or may not know. Some will be shocking, maybe even controversial. So, here we go.

I love Star Wars
This goes without saying. You can probably look through all the pictures on this blog of me and I'm either wearing a Star Wars shirt or thinking of Star Wars. I've been to Star Wars Celebration in Chicago; sat through a 17-hour movie marathon showing Episodes 1 through 7 (after having a spinal tap); sat through another marathon which was 27 hours long (showing all the movies) while in Chicago with Noah and Eli; and read over 70 books throughout the Star Wars expanded universe... I think that all of this proves my dedication.

Now for the controversy... as much as I love Star Wars, I'm not a big fan of the original trilogy from when I was a kid. As a matter of fact, they're terrible. The acting is bad, the story sucks, and there are so many plot holes created by the expanded universe (books and comics) that it's hard not to see that. But, I still love them nonetheless; they're just the worst of the movies. 

I love pro wrestling
I've been a wresting fan my entire life. I spent my Monday nights and Saturday mornings glued to my TV, watching these athletes throw each other in and out of the ring, take chair shots, and overdramatize falls--and I loved every second of it. I currently hold a subscription to the WWE Network where I can relive classic moments On Demand and invite friends over to watch the Pay Per Views. PS: I know it's not real so you don't have to remind me. 

I listen to a wide range of music
Just like everyone else, anything except country. It's cliché, but that's just how it is. I'm hip to the hop of the up and comers of rock and pop and will try anything. You should hear what the kids are listening to these days. 

Back to the music for a minute...
I love ska. For those who don't know ska music, it's essentially punk rock or reggae music with a horn section. Think of Reel Big Fish or The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. I'm a sucker for anything with horns and a good guitar riff. If you have a band you think I should listen to leave a comment and I'll be sure to check them out. 

I like beer... a lot
I was never a beer person until I turned 21. Let me explain... in Michigan we would travel to Windsor, Canada to go to the bars or just have a good time. The drinking age in Canada is 19 and this was our work around to the States' age restriction of 21. Even with all the good beer in Canada, I just was not into it. Beer wasn't my thing. Throw me a Mike's, Smirnoff Ice, or Skye Blue and I was good to go. 

Now that I'm older, I drink almost any type of beer, though. I'm big into IPAs and lagers. Stouts are great, too. I traveled to Wisconsin to a beer festival and stayed with Rik and was able to taste the flavors of the Americas. I've even had Sam Adams Utopias which was not an easy beer to get. It is bottled every two years and in limited quantities. This was generously gifted to me by Caitlin (Katie's good friend from Boston) and I am forever in her debt because it was just flat out delicious. 

I like to chill
Katie talks about me being an extrovert all the time but I generally like staying at home. While I go out from time to time I like being home catching up on shows and playing games with the fam, especially during this pandemic. 

I'm a XBOX guy
I used to have Playstation when I was a teen but after Katie bought me an XBOX for my birthday in 2001 I was hooked. I did have a PS2 but after going through two of those in rather quick succession I picked my side. Plus, can't play Halo on a Playstation. 

Baseball is my favorite sport
I've been into baseball for as long as I can remember. I played every day that I could when I was a kid and well into my teens. Sandlot ball was the best and every time I talk about it the kids would say 'I wish I grew up when you were a kid'. Baseball is lost on this generation and it's sad to see all these overgrown fields when you drive through a city or town.

I was a huge Twins fan growing up, even though I've spent most of my days in Michigan. Kirby Puckett was my man, I even had a jersey. I miss that jersey. It was stitched and everything... on the field authentic. I got it when I was 250 pounds and after losing the weight I felt like I was swimming in it so I had to part with it. I'll get another one, some day. 

I drink too much caffeine
I can go though coffee like crazy and drink the Bang energy drinks like there's no tomorrow. I can also go without them though and not even miss a beat. 

I'm a ridiculous typer
Katie just told me that I make these weird facial expressions when I type and she wishes she had her phone next to her so she could video me. She's said this before but maybe I don't look ridiculous, maybe I look cute like Meg Ryan when she's typing a response NY152, Tom Hank's AOL screen name in the movies. 

And I'm a sucker for rom-coms
As you can tell from above, I fancy a good rom-com. I love the Freddie Prinze Jr (also a Star Wars guy) movies. 

Katie tells me I've been typing for too long. With as long as I've been writing this post, a normal writer would've completed more but I type like a coked out parrot... so I'm off for now. You're welcome for sharing... give me some love below.



  1. You guys are the cutest 💗

  2. I am not a rasslin' fan (that's what I call WWE) but my best friend is and he talked me in to going to a show with him and that's how I wound up sitting in the front row at WWE Raw. It looks even faker in person. But it's entertaining, I'll say that.

  3. I always enjoy your guest posts, Jerry! Woot! Woot! Glad you're willing to share with us every so often. If we ever meet IRL, we may come to blows about the REAL Star Wars movies, but I'm sure we can reach some sort of agreement over a beer flight. Katie will have to referee. :)

    1. Them fightin' words lady! I accept your fight. lol

  4. Dude, you are hilarious. You and Katie have a beautiful, fun family. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.

  5. Loved this post. You and Katie are a great team. As a Canadian I'm glad you had fun in Windsor. Bring your kids and tour around when travel starts up again. Rumor has it there's lots of great craft beer here!!

    1. When we were up in London a couple years back we stopped at a local watering hole and I was able to try some local brews. My favorite was Red Racer IPA from Central City Brewers. I love Canada and need to get back.

  6. If you ever get a chance, try Mercenary IPA from Odell Brewing in Fort Collins Colorado. Best IPA hands down IMHO!

    1. I've never heard of it. Looking on their site I don't think they distribute in Michigan but I will look into it for sure! Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Watch out Katie, cause I just ❤️ Jerry!!!

  8. Love getting to know Jerry! Those of us who live with mental health challenges are so lucky to have supportive spouses. He sounds like a fabulous guy.

  9. Some provinces in Canada the drinking age is 18! Living in Montreal we always had so many folks from Vermont, Mass, and surrounding/states close by walking the streets because our drinking age was 18. I never understand the reasoning in the US...blah, blah blah, something about brain maturity - but yet you can vote for your country's leader, join the military and go to war...how does that make sense?

  10. Entertaining as usual Jerry! BTW... is that a "Katie" tattoo on your right arm (can see a little in your hospital gown)? I'm not personally into WWE, however I am totally smitten with DJ aka "The Rock" and actually paid for the WrestleMania match The Rock vs. John Cena and my boy naturally won! Hope you guys have a good weekend!

    1. Well... you're very observant. While you were checking out my totally ripped, Rock-sized bicep you noticed the "Katie" tattoo! I know the superstition that comes with the tattoo but we've made a marriage of defying the odds and this is no different.
      The Rock and Cena match was great and everything leading up to it. The Rock is great, one of my favorite people and that's out of the ring as well. His relationship and back-and-forth digs with Kevin Hart are something to watch. It's hilarious.

  11. Also, ultimate rom com moment: Freddie Prinze Jr is real-life married to Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar). They are the cutest couple. You should steal the laptop from Katie more often; enjoyed your post!

  12. Jerry....as an Australian....I beg of you, please don't drink Fosters. Or VB. Or even XXXX. They're awful, awful beers and made out to be the drink of Australia. Just don't.


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