November 17, 2020

Living on the 'Edge'

That's a terrible pun for a title, but I couldn't help it.

This afternoon/evening went by so quickly! I hate to use the word "impulsive", but it kind of fits in today's situation...

As I mentioned yesterday, I was upset about Noah telling me yet another thing was wrong with his car. His reaction doesn't help--he acts the same whether it may be a blown transmission (thankfully that hasn't happened) or simply running out of gas. My anxiety feeds off of his cues, and that's not a good thing when his cues are very over the top.

I had suggested to Jerry several times lately that we just get a truck (Jerry's been wanting one for pretty much ever) and give Noah the Patriot. The Patriot, while 10 years old, is super reliable and we've never had a single problem with it.

(Now that I said that, watch--we'll have a blown transmission next week!)

The problem is that trucks are insanely expensive and we want to pay off my Renegade first. I happened to notice a post on Facebook from my brother, Brian, listing his and Becky's 2014 Ford Edge for sale. Immediately, the wheels started turning in my head--what if we bought their car? Jerry could drive the Edge and we could give the Patriot to Noah.

Jerry is sitting behind me and massaging my shoulders right now, and he just asked me if the above photo is an ad. "Is that an AD ALREADY?" Haha, no--it's a photo of the car. (But watch, once I post this, there will be an ad above this paragraph, confusing the actual photo of the car. I promise I don't choose where the ads show up or what they will be for.)

I half-jokingly asked Brian what the "family and friends" discount would be (which he mentioned in his post) if we bought it. Becky called me a little while later, and said she and Brian talked about it. They offered us an amazing deal. I feel EXTREMELY grateful that all of this happened when it did! (I don't want to go into the details of it all, but this was truly a circumstance of it being the right timing and having an amazingly generous family.)

It's a huge weight lifted off my shoulders (regarding Noah's car). I'm thrilled that the Edge has all-wheel drive because I've always worried about Jerry driving to or from work insanely early in the morning before the roads are plowed in the winter. Now, we have two vehicles with all-wheel drive, which makes me feel a sense of relief for when Noah and Jerry have to drive in the winter.

Jerry called the insurance company right away and then he and I drove over to Brian and Becky's to pick up the car. When we got home, Jerry couldn't stop raving about how much he loved driving it. I'm so glad for him! He's most excited about having a remote start for the cold mornings, hahaha. 

In other news...

Yesterday, my mom gave Noah a Hello Fresh kit because he wanted to cook dinner for us tonight. He didn't want any help doing it, so before we left Brian and Becky's we sent him a text to let him know we were on our way home and he could start prepping the food.

He did a great job! I really didn't think I'd like the food--horseradish, beets, beef. Things I'm not crazy about. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. The only thing I didn't care for was the beets (they were diced and cooked with the potatoes). The goat cheese was mixed into the beets/potatoes, and there wasn't much of the cheese, so I actually didn't mind the it. The potatoes were delicious.

The steak was cooked perfectly! I don't love steak, but when I do eat it, I like it medium-rare (or medium at the most). Noah used a meat thermometer to make it perfect. He topped it with a horseradish garlic butter.

Unfortunately, Noah hated the whole meal. He said that now that he's handled raw steak, he can't eat it--even after it's cooked, the smell reminds him of raw meat, which reminds him of dissecting things in biology/anatomy class, haha. He felt like the meal was ruined (gee, I wonder where he got the catastrophic mentality?) and he didn't want to eat it. Jerry, Eli, and I loved it! I ate everything but the beets.

I don't know whether I should feel guilty or accepting of the fact that Noah's mood/mentality takes after me in SO many ways. He reminds me so much of ME when I was his age (or even during my 20's). I'm glad that I understand him so well and because of that, I can figure out a plan of what to say and how to act in order to do what's best for his interest.

After dinner, we watched a movie that Noah had written a paper about for his Psych 101 class. I have a lot of thoughts about it, so I'll prep that for another day! 

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  1. I totally get Noah's reluctance! I took and then taught several cadaver-based anatomy classes in undergrad and grad school. My meat consumption took a nose dive. Meat had to be in an unidentifiable form -- if I could ID the muscle, it was over. I still have the occasional issue with beef jerky and wintergreen lifesavers.

    Congrats on the car. So glad it's all working out. I'm thinking of letting go of my '98 in the next few months. I was hoping to get it to 25 years, but I'm not sure if it'll be worth it. Of course, these days I'm not going anywhere, so maybe I don't need a new car.


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