August 01, 2020

A Few Days at Camp Fireside

I haven't had a chance to write since I've been up at my sister's place in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It's been busy! And I don't have wi-fi, so I'm just using a hotspot on my phone to post this (crossing my fingers it posts).

I've been sticking with the 75 Hard challenge... and it's been challenging! The mental side of this is the hard part right now. Willing myself to go out for a second walk when I'd rather do other things, forgetting to read my book until just before bed, eating dinner much later than I normally would, etc.

I've been walking for 45 minutes twice a day for my workouts. Joey loves it! ;)

The first night we were here, I had the best sleep of my life! I went to bed just after midnight, and I had my alarm set for 5:45 to take Eli fishing. I fell asleep immediately and didn't wake up AT ALL until my alarm went off. I was so sound asleep that I was disoriented when I woke up. I almost cried when I told Jerry that I felt such relief at getting the best sleep ever.

I have always had issues with sleeping and I never feel rested when I wake up. Jerry wanted me to go back to sleep, so he ended up taking Eli fishing and I said I'd take Noah to the Secretary of State at 8:30 (Noah wasn't able to get his driver's license after his birthday because the first available appointment was in October! So we checked the SoS offices around here, and they were able to get him an appointment yesterday morning.)

When I woke up, I saw that Jerry had turned off the alarm I'd set on my phone and had taken Noah himself. He was so happy that I'd been able to sleep, and because he'd gotten back early enough to be able to take Noah, he didn't want to wake me.

I woke up at 10:00! The last time I slept that long was probably in college. I needed that so badly. I wish I could say that last night was the same as far as sleep goes, but it was back to the usual.

(And Noah now officially has his driver's license!)

Yesterday was a fun day for me--I worked with Shawn in his pole barn prepping boards for shiplap. I've never used a planer or jointer before for wood working, but they are on my Amazon Wish List (a far off dream... they're expensive!). Shawn had a bunch of 14-inch boards that needed to be ripped down to 12", planed, and jointed.

It sounds nerdy, but I loved being able to use the new tools and see how they work. And now I really want a planer! Maybe I'll buy one for myself if I make it through the 75 Hard challenge. It would be a great reward (even though Andy Frisella, who created 75 Hard, specifically says that you shouldn't do this for a "reward"! haha).

Or it could just be a reward for all the hard work I did on our garage. It's pretty much done--I just have to move everything back into place an organize it. Eventually, I'll build shelves, but right now, I'm just going to make do with what I have.

I actually saw a black bear yesterday. I've never seen a bear in the wild before, so it was pretty cool. It was too far away to get a good picture of it, though! Jeanie said that she sees them pretty frequently up here.

Joey's been having a blast. Jeanie has two dogs (basset hounds)  and she has a couple of acres that are fenced in for the them. It's also secluded enough here that I can walk Joey off-leash, which is really nice. Last night, he was SO tired. After his second long walk of the day and playing around in the yard, he laid on his bed next to the fire and didn't budge for the rest of the evening.

It's been great getting to spend time with Jeanie and Shawn--I don't think we've ever been able to do that without the rest of the family being around.

I don't want to spend too much time working on this, so I'll try to write more when we get home. I just wanted to make sure I don't break my streak of posting every day!


  1. Joey looks so relaxed!! Love him! Can't believe they make a 16-year old kid wait that long to get his driver's license. Don't they remember being 16??? Glad he could get it up there, but surprised you're still in the same state. Didn't you say it took nine hours to get there? Michigan must be very big!! Can you tell geography is not my strong suit?

  2. Loved this. All of it: seeing the photos, Joey!, Noah getting his license, and you getting some rest. Also, you should keep your eye on the Facebook marketplace and craigslist for the planer and jointer. People buy things and never use them and then sell them just to get rid of them. Good luck!

  3. So glad you got that rest. And you now have a son with a license, crazy. Heard you’re coming to be there car today. I won’t be there but I’m excited for him. The second workout is always the toughest for me but once the jakes are on and I’m out the door, walking works just fine.


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