July 01, 2019

Victorious! (This is a long post)

This is the first real chance I've had to write all weekend. It's been busy!

On Wednesday, the boys had a baseball game for their summer recreation league. We were on a bad losing streak, having won only one out of seven(?) games... and even that one was cut short due to weather after the fourth inning.

I had wanted to coach the boys' team this year, and I volunteered; but I told the director of the program that I would need an assistant coach. I could handle the games and writing line-ups easily, but hitting balls to the kids at practice and doing drills with them were something that I needed help with. None of the other parents were volunteering, which was frustrating!

Finally, another mom said she would volunteer as coach. This was fine with me--I told her I'd keep score for her, and that way I could enjoy the game and still feel involved, only not have the responsibility of coaching.

Well, I got a call from the director on Wednesday saying that the coach had pink eye and he asked if I could fill in. I was actually really excited about the prospect of implementing the ideas I had for the team! I am always telling Jerry that, "If I was coach, I would put so-and-so at such-and-such position because they can do this-or-that really well. And I would do my batting order like this, because I want the faster kids in front of our best hitter, yada yada yada."

I was super nervous I was going to screw things up, but since our track record was pretty bad, I figured I couldn't do much more damage. I wrote the line up (very differently from what has been done previously) and changed up the positions a bit. Then I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

The team we played had coaches that were certainly not friendly toward our team, and they had the umpires in their pockets from the get-go. When we got there, since we were the away team, we were supposed to have the dugout on the first baseline (the home team sits along the third baseline.

Well, the other team was in our dugout. Normally, I wouldn't care, but it was 80-something degrees outside and the sun was full force in our dugout (literally ZERO shade). I explained the situation to the coach, but he wouldn't relent, so I just said to hell with it and we took the crappy sauna dugout.

And you know what? The first inning went SO WELL. I didn't want to get my hopes up so early in the game, but I was thrilled that we were playing good baseball. The boys (they are 13-15 year olds) were pretty excited and one of them said, "Hey Coach, if we win this game, will you take us out for ice cream?" He totally expected me to say no.

I said, "Yes! If you guys win this game, ice cream is on me tonight--and you can order anything you want!" So all the boys started talking about order their triple scoops of cookie dough ice cream and Oreo flurries and all that. They were fired up, which is totally what we needed. Each time one of them would go bat, the boys would yell out, "Think of that triple scoop!" or something as a reminder. It made the kids smile and and I think the fact that they felt relaxed helped the game.

The coaches on the other team argued with all sorts of plays, which was annoying. The umpire called a balk at our pitcher, which I didn't see, so maybe it was legit. But after that, the umpire yelled to the other coach (across the field for my whole team to hear), "Don't worry, I took care of that for you, Chris!"

I was fuming when he said that. But I just let it be, and told our team to use that as fuel to the fire to beat this team!

From that moment on, that field umpire's eyes were GLUED to our pitcher's feet. He called balks several more times, and nobody on our team could see why. At one point, our pitcher was literally as still as a statue when the umpire threw up his arms and yelled, "Balk!"

This has never happened in a game before, and from what our side could see, our pitcher was NOT balking. But if there is one thing I've learned from watching my kids play baseball for 14 years it's this: Never, ever get in an argument with the umpire. You will lose. And they will have a bad attitude toward you for the rest of the game.

Anyway, I'll stop dragging this out... WE FUCKING WON!!!

I put Eli in to pitch for the final three innings. In the last inning, he struck out the batters 1-2-3 and we won the game 10-7! I don't think I ever cheered so loudly. Seeing the look on the other coach's face was totally worth it. And the boys' spirits were up, which was great.

And as promised, I took the team out for ice cream :)  I couldn't help but feeling pretty proud that I'd successfully coached the game--with help from Jerry (he can't get to the games until 30 minutes in because of work) and Shawn (another dad) who base coached when we were batting.

I had invited the whole team to my house on Friday for nachos, a game of wiffle ball, kick ball, and a slip 'n' slide to "practice sliding", since it's been a running joke among our team that we need to learn to slide. They had a water balloon fight, too. My goal was to get them to have fun outside of baseball and feel more like a group of friends playing ball when they are on the field.

And of course, several balks were called during wiffle ball, hahaha.

I don't know if I wrote about him, but last year there was a boy on the team that I nicknamed "Wheels" because he was SO fast. I asked him if he ran cross country or track or anything, and he said he doesn't run. I was shocked! I told him he NEEDS to join a running team. He's very shy and quiet, and didn't end up joining last year. This year, I brought it up again.

On Friday, at my house, Renee's son Isaac (who is also on the baseball team) was here. He's SUPER fast at cross country (their whole family was born to be runners). Isaac and Wheels were apprehensive of going on the slip 'n' slide, so I challenged them to a foot race, and the loser had to slide. (Honestly, my money was on Isaac to win). But Wheels beat Isaac! I was shocked. And so excited. (To be fair, Isaac beat Wheels during a rematch; but still, that first race was great. And think how fast Wheels will be with some training!)

Renee told me yesterday that Wheels showed up at cross country conditioning. I really hope that he sticks with it and enjoys it. He's a great kid and has some serious running talent.

Jerry was off all weekend, and it was so nice to have him home because he's been working so much lately. We had a very lazy but fun day--Jerry, the kids, Ashley (Noah's girlfriend), and I had a movie marathon of Toy Story. We want to see Toy Story 4 and decided to watch the first three movies beforehand. We were supposed to go see the fourth yesterday, but we ended up doing something else instead...

Eli has been super into fishing for the past few months, and when he's not playing baseball, he is fishing. Sometimes he'll fish for 10 hours a day! He doesn't keep any fish, but he loves to catch and release them. He learned that Ben (my friend Renee's son) has been into it lately also, as well as another boy "B" on the baseball team.

So, I told Eli he could invite them to go to Elizabeth Park, which is on the Detroit River about 30 minutes away, and spend the afternoon fishing yesterday. Jerry, Noah, and Ashley went along as well. And Joey, of course! We found a shady spot and set up some blankets and chairs on the ground to chill out while the boys fished. I read some of my book (I'm reading World Without End).

I did not get in any of my Summer Challenge walks on Friday or Saturday, but I did do one yesterday and plan to do another later today. I'm doing really well with the checklist so far!

6/21 - Solstice Walk
6/22 - Bridge Walk
6/23 - Trail Walk
6/24 - Evening Walk
6/25 - Penny Pincher Walk (I found a penny while walking; I have no proof of this walk because I'd started it as a "Stone Age Walk"--no technology whatsoever)
6/26 - Night Owl Walk
6/27 - Silent Walk
6/30 - Generous Walk (I dropped four quarters in random places along the route)

I've been trying to get a picture representing each of the walks on the list, but it hasn't been easy.

I've also worked a bit more on my summer health goal bullet journal. (I took this pictures on Tuesday, so they are a little out of date)

Today, I have my annual gynecology appointment--fun! Kidding. But I'd like to ask about getting my vitamins and hormones checked out as part of my health goal this summer. I'm curious if everything is how it should be. I'm also wondering if I should start getting mammograms. Yikes! I don't remember getting this old. Both of my grandmothers had breast cancer, so it's always in the back of my mind.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend! Remember, tomorrow is Transformation Tuesday--if you have before and after pictures of anything at all, please send them in. I'd love to share them! I get so excited to see new ones :)

I just realized that today marks six months sober--halfway through the year!


  1. Omg I am SO glad your team won that game!! That is amazing!! Those umpires sound like such jerks. I would have definitely completely lost my cool lol. I still can't believe Noah has a girlfriend! Sometimes I feel like I just starting reading your blog and then I realize I've been reading since 2012 and yikes, I guess that was a long time ago now!

    1. I know! My boys have grown SO MUCH in the past couple of years. I miss when they were little! But it's super fun having teenagers, too ;)

  2. I love this!!! Do you hand draw all of your charts? Silly question, but how do you know how to do them month to month?

    1. Thank you! Yes, I hand draw them (which is why they are far from perfect). I'm not sure what you're asking... for this particular book, I'm writing only my summer health goals. So, I counted the number of days of summer and I use that as a baseline for the charts--a type of checklist :)

  3. As a sober alcoholic coming up on 13 years, you may want to say alcohol free instead of sober. I have never heard someone who isn't an alcoholic refer to themselves as sober. And it is kind of insulting to me personally considering what I went through to get sober. My husband kicked me out of the house, I couldn't see my kids because I drove drunk with them in the car all the time. It was only with the help of daily, and sometimes 2 meetings a day that I can say I'm sober. It was a LOT of fucking work, AA is not a passive program. Just the fact that you have to drink "non alcoholic beer" so you can fit in is against everything they teach in AA. Sober alcoholics don't have the luxury of doing that, because it would probably trigger a relapse. You can call yourself whatever you want, but you might want to stick with alcohol free, or just "I don't drink"

    1. Katie, regardless of the definition, which I think you have correct, you are working hard to do what is right for you. Be proud of the inspiration you are for those of us that are lucky enough to get your message, rather than focus on wording! You are killing it!!

    2. Sober is sober. Everybody has a different situation, and your situation, Chris, doesn't diminish the hard work Katie is doing. Well done to BOTH of you, you both should be very proud!

  4. Congratulations on the baseball win!!! I bet it was especially gratifying because the ump and coach were being so ugly. Way to stick it out. And congratulations on 6 months of sobriety! That is a long time. Well done.

  5. I wish I could have been there to watch your boys' team win! My oldest is in baseball, and my husband coaches a lot, and I love watching his strategies come to life (and succeed most of the time!). Maybe next season you should coach. ;)

  6. I'm so glad your team won!! I love how they rallied around the annoying ump AND the ice cream, ha ha! Great job to the boys AND the coaching staff!

    I love your journal pages--they're so creative and pretty!

  7. That's so great that your team won that game! Congratulations to all of you!
    I love your journal too!

  8. I love your bullet journaling. I want to start my own. Do you use markers or pencils? Thanks, Michelle

    1. Thank you! I use a regular old pencil to sketch things out and then a marker for outlining. Then I fill with colored pencil :) Here is a post I wrote a little about it: Bullet Journal Outline Tutorial

  9. Hi Katie - this is random but I wanted to tell you my tip about flossing, in case it helps you. I hated flossing until I started using those little plastic 'Plackers' things. I hated how the floss would cut off the circulation in my fingers and make them hurt. It really made me avoid flossing. The Plackers made it so much nicer and were a game-changer for me. Great job on the baseball win! That is awesome!
    -- Melissa in Maumee


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