November 05, 2018

Intermittent Fasting, Day 5 -- Our Golden Years

Today has been much better as far as the intermittent fasting goes!

I wasn't hungry at all today. I took the kids to school, and then had to pick up a couple of things while I was out. I needed another gallon of paint from Sherwin Williams (I am so tired of painting!!) because I ran out of the Aviary Blue while I was working on the cupboard doors yesterday. And then I stopped at two stores looking for regular old stainless steel bowls for Joey's food and water (I wanted new bowls to go with the new "feeding station" I am making).

Both stores had empty spots on the shelves for the size I needed--I can't imagine it's a popular item, but I finally just went to PetSmart. One reason I hate going to PetSmart is that they have adoptable cats in the store. I feel heartbroken when I see them in cages and I desperately want to take them all home, but I know I can't do that.

So, I go into PetSmart, and of course the food bowls are directly across from the cat cages. As I was trying to guesstimate the diameter of the bowls (I forgot my tape measure) there was a gray cat that was meowing at me and rubbing against the side of the cage. Like a moth to a flame, I went over and started scratching his head through the cage. (He's two years old and neutered. Sadly, he's also declawed--even more heartbreaking. I don't like to "preach" on my blog, I am SO SO SO against declawing cats that I am begging anyone reading this not to do it.) 

Anyway, an employee was walking by just then, and I asked if he happened to have access to a tape measure. While he went to look, I kept the kitty company. When he came back he measured the bowls for me. And then he opened the cage to clean out the litter box. (Goddamnit, it's like they KNEW I was coming!)

I asked if I could hold the kitty while he cleaned the box, so I had a few minutes to fall in love give the poor cat some attention. The employee told me that they do same-day adoptions, and I could take him home with me right then.

I was SO tempted, but Estelle and Phoebe would seriously kill me if I brought home a cat. I asked the cashier if the cats are generally adopted quickly, and she assured me that they definitely are. That made me feel a little better, but I wanted that cat! 😭

Anyway, when I got home, I actually put together a funny gift for Jerry. At one of the stores I went to, I saw a pair of men's pajama pants that had The Golden Girls on them--hahaha! So, I put them in a gift bag and then I wrote a sappy love poem about our "golden years" together. Jerry likes the mushy stuff, and I don't; so I knew he'd like the poem, but then he'd laugh when he saw the pajama pants.

Mens' Golden Girls pajama pants

He reacted just as I thought, but it wasn't until a few hours later when I mentioned writing the poem that he said, "Wait--you wrote that?! I thought you found it online!" 😂

Sigh. I referenced holding hands on a bench because of one of our first dates... we were at a park and we saw an elderly couple holding hands and then sitting down on a bench. They looked so content and happy, and Jerry said something like, "I wonder if that will be us someday".

Golden Years poem

We've referenced it several times over the years, but apparently, it went right over his head. Still, he thought the gift was fun.

The poem took a couple of hours to write, so when I was done with it, I went right to painting and didn't stop until dinner at 5:00. I made a recipe for Hawaiian Pork Chops in the crock pot and I really didn't care for it.

It's crazy how fast the day went by! I painted the pet feeding station that I made yesterday, and I LOVE the colors! I used the Aviary Blue on the outside, and then orange on the inside. I'll probably put contact paper on the back wall of the inside once it's dry. But I think the orange is very fun, and that's what I plan to use as an accent color throughout the main parts of the house.

pet feeding station

Second coat tomorrow, and then it has to cure for 7-10 days.

Story of my life!


  1. Poor kitty. You have a lot of will power! It breaks my heart. When we went to our local shelter to get my daughter a kitten, we came home with him and a very elderly "Batman" kitty too, lol. I'm right there with you about declawing, I don't understand how anyone can do that to a poor cat. Loving the feeding station!!

  2. What a beautiful poem! And agree with you 100% about declawing cats - I wonder why anybody who loves and works with animals would even do that knowing how cruel it is.

  3. Do you have a link to purchase the pj bottoms online...can you post it?

    1. Unfortunately, I don't have a link... but I just bought them at my local Walmart, in the men's underwear department. I'm guessing you can find them there! (They had a lot of cool ones!)

  4. Didn't you used to have more cats? Or am I wrong

    1. I used to have four! Chandler died in 2016, and then Monica died in 2017. Almost a year apart to the day. :( Now we just have Phoebe and Estelle.

  5. Do you only not like the kitties in PetSmart because you’re tempted? Personally I LOVE them and think it’s GREAT! They only work in conjunction with rescues, and they aren’t sold or bred- they’re all adoptions. They get adopted so much faster and they aren’t in a shelter. It’s amazing PetSmart does that abs doesn’t charge or get anything out of it (that I know.) the stores that don’t have kitties that hang out do adoption weekends which are pretty stressful because they are kind of frantic. I got my last kitty off petfinder but his rescue was also working with PetSmart to find homes so when I went to meet him I had to go to PetSmart for our meet and greet. With rescues being run largely out of people’s homes, this is such a great melding of services to do right by these homeless pets!


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