October 09, 2017

Introducing Jerry to the Pacific Northwest: Seattle

I know today is supposed to be Mental Health Monday, but since I'm in Portland right now, I thought I'd write a post about Jerry's and my trip to the Pacific Northwest--particularly Seattle and Portland.

As you probably know from my blog, I am in love with Portland. It is my very favorite city I've ever visited, and I have been visiting pretty frequently ever since my first time a few years ago. Thomas, my best friend, lives in Portland, so I love that I get to hang out with him; and Laurel, another friend who I met via my blog, lives in Seattle. Seattle and Portland are only a three hour drive apart, so I get to see Laurel and her husband, Dan, when I'm out this way, too!

I've been telling Jerry for a few years now just how much I love this area (Portland in particular) and I've been wanting him to see what I am so infatuated with. It sounds odd, but my favorite part about Portland (and surrounding areas) is the trees. They are amazing! They're super tall, and I love that they grow moss on them, making the entire tree an emerald green. Here is a photo from a hike we took today, to show what I'm talking about:

Anyway, we planned a trip to Portland with a side-trip to Seattle. My friend Caitlin was supposed to go, but she canceled at the last minute, so it was just Jerry and me (which was fine, obviously). First, we flew into Portland on Thursday morning.

See how comfortable I look? I was totally sober, I swear.
I'm getting more comfortable with flying.

Once we arrived, we went straight to a car rental lot to pick up a car to drive up to Seattle. The car rental was an odd experience (for us, at least). After signing the agreement, we were told to go to the lot where the full size cars were, and choose which car we wanted. The keys were in it, so we were to just get in the car we liked and drive to the exit. So much different than any other time I've rented a car! (They usually choose for us and give us the keys).

The drive went quickly, and we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls (where I went with Laurel on my last trip). It's such a pretty waterfall! At one point, I asked Jerry to take my picture in front of the falls. Later, I saw that he took me very literally. Hahaha! (The falls are behind me, so you'll just have to use your imagination.)

We finished the drive to Seattle, going directly to Laurel and Dan's house. Laurel actually had cupcakes from my favorite bakery waiting for us!! (She knows me so well).

Jerry and I were tired from a travel day, so we ordered pizza and just hung out at their house for the evening. I got to catch up with Laurel, while Jerry got to know them both (he had never met either of them).

On Friday, we had cupcakes for breakfast--mine was the cookie dough cupcake (the top right corner of the photo above--SO good). Then, we headed to the Space Needle. I think the Space Needle is a must for anyone who is visiting Seattle, because it's such an amazing view of the city!

Afterward, we went to Pike Place Market, which is an amazing indoor/outdoor market with all sorts of fun shops. I bought an apple as soon as we got there, because it looked delicious (and it was!). We spent the afternoon walking around the market, enjoying the little shops. I wanted to go to this cheese place called Beecher's.

Laurel, me, and Jerry at Pike Place

The last time I was there with Laurel, she bought what she calls "Squeaky Cheese" (which are actually cheese curds made on site). She calls it squeaky cheese because it makes a sort of squeaky noise on your teeth when you bite into it. I never eat cheese unless it is part of a dish, but when I tried one of the curds she had, I was sold. It was SO good. This time, I definitely wanted to buy some. Jerry ended up buying some aged white cheddar as well, and we picked at both while we walked around.

We took a break at Rachel's Ginger Beer, and then got cookies from Cow Chip Cookies. Jerry and I shared one, and it was literally the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever eaten in my life! I can't even describe how good it was.

That evening, we went to a brewery called Reuben's to meet up with my friend Allison and her husband. I don't drink beer, but I had a cider, and it was really good. It was super fun getting to catch up with Allison (we went to high school together).

Dan, Laurel, me, and Jerry

Allison and me
Jerry was thrilled with his flight of beer at Reuben's

We went back to Laurel and Dan's, where we each ate another cupcake (so many sweets, which is my favorite kind of vacation!). We chatted for a couple of hours before heading to bed. Jerry and I had to leave for Portland in the morning. The trip to Seattle went by so fast! But I loved that Jerry got to meet Laurel and Dan, and to see some of the Pacific Northwest.

I put together a short video of our Seattle trip. Next up: Portland!


  1. I love that you got to share your favorites with your hubby! There's nothing like traveling and though I've never been to the Pacific Northwest, I've longed to go for years!

  2. Squeaky cheese is awesome! I live in Iowa, very close to Wisconsin, and we know that cheese is fresh from the farm if it squeaks when you eat it.

  3. Love love love Laurel and Dan!! So glad you had a great time...can't wait to be back in Seattle at the end of November. I missed Laurel last time I went, but hopefully this time we'll get to link up. Next time, you've gotta try Biscuit Bitch! BEST biscuits and gravy I've ever had.

    1. I love Biscuit Bitch! We walked by and would have gone but we weren't in the mood for breakfasty food. I'm so happy you're coming to visit next month, let's start chatting about it! :D

    2. Yes, let's! Flying in Wed Nov 29th at night, and leaving Friday Dec 1st at around 8 pm.

  4. The moss on the trees means the air is really clean. As most won’t grow on trees in areas where there’s lots of air pollution.

  5. Some of my family lived in Seattle in the 90s, and I got to visit them. It was so beautiful!! Your trip sounds like great fun and brings back memories for me. :)

  6. What a fun trip and I love your little video, you and Jerry are adorbs!


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