November 15, 2016

RIP Peanut Butter

I can't get over this amazing weather we have right now! Today, it was 65 and sunny... in November... in MICHIGAN. All summer long, we heard about how cold and snowy this winter will be, and I was expecting the worst. Of course, it's not even winter yet, so we could still be in for really harsh weather. But this November weather is amazing. I hope it holds out for the weekend when my friends are here.

Speaking of which, I have been non-stop busy getting ready for the weekend. Having a houseguest is one thing, but having three from three different states is a bit more complicated (although, it's three times the fun!). Also, I'm hosting my Wine Club meeting at my house on Friday, so I have that to prepare for as well. Lots of work, but the weekend will be totally worth it. I'm super excited!

Yesterday started week two of MAF heart rate training. I was scheduled to run for 35 minutes, so I just did a lollipop route that I knew to be about 3.3 miles. I felt good! Nothing notable about the run.

Average pace was 11:13, and average heart rate was 144 bpm.

Today's run was a bit different. I felt SO lethargic! My legs felt heavy, and I just wasn't feeling my best. My pace wasn't too far off from yesterday's, though.

I started taking my resting pulse when I wake up in the mornings, and it hasn't been very interesting. Sunday was 53 bpm, Monday was 51 bpm, and today was 49 bpm. I have an app on my phone that measures pulse, so that's what I've been using. I tested it out several times, and it's actually very accurate! You place your fingertip on the camera lens (I have an iPhone 6, not sure if that matters), and it uses the flash and lens to detect your pulse. The app is called Instant Heart Rate: Heart Rate & Pulse Monitor. It has a million ads, but since I only use it once a day in the mornings, it's not bad.

This heart rate experiment is kind of fun! It's nice not feeling any pressure at all to hit a particular pace or anything during training. I just keep my heart rate under 146 and whatever pace that happens to be, that's what I run. A lot of people have expressed interest in seeing how it works out, which makes me even more interested in sticking it out for the full 12 weeks. On Sunday, I'm running a 10K race; but, true to my word, I'm going to keep my heart rate below 146 during the race.

The weirdest thing has happened to me recently--I have an aversion to peanut butter! I promise I'm not pregnant (someone always asks when I mention something like this)--but the thought of peanut butter actually turns my stomach. Isn't that crazy? I used to be obsessed with peanut butter! I would literally eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon more often than I'll admit to.

Well, recently, I had a Reese's Pumpkin in my freezer, and it wasn't even calling to me at all. I finally ate it yesterday (even though I didn't want to... I shouldn't have eaten it!) and I actually had to gag down the last few bites. I immediately thought that I must be dying. It's SO weird! The only thing that comes to mind is that I started taking fish oil and vitamin D supplements a few weeks ago, and maybe that did something to my appetite? I don't know. I'm not complaining, though. Peanut butter has always been one of my biggest vices!

Speaking of vices, ice cream is my top vice; so, I was really excited yesterday when Jerry found the new Halo Top flavors at a store near his work. I won't pretend that Halo Top is the same as eating Haagen Dazs, but it's definitely good for an ice cream craving. I love the Mint Chip one! I told Jerry to pick up a pint of Mint Chip and surprise me with another. He chose Cookies & Cream.

I haven't tried it yet, but I'll write my thoughts when I do. (If you've tried Arctic Zero and didn't like it, I promise that Halo Top is better! It has more calories than Arctic Zero, but still a very low amount.)

Whelp, I'd better go cook dinner and get started cleaning the boys' bedrooms. I saved their rooms for last, because I am dreading them the most! I'm not sure how much I'll be writing over the next week or so, but I'll try and squeeze in a couple of posts. (I know it's only Tuesday, but my friends arrive on Thursday morning!)

By the way, I haven't seen Boomer, my sweet little bird, again--but I look for him every day. Hopefully he'll come back!



  1. This PB thing is funny.....We use to go through so much pb that is started to bug me....I started to Google the best peanut butters (although not almond butters....) I found SMUCKER'S Natural P.B. came out as one on top without being all organic and more expensive.

    Anyway, it took the kiddos a while to get use to it since it has less sugar but they like it now. I however, tend to get an upset belly whenever I eat it and when I have tried other p.b. they don't taste the same to me. ????

  2. I can't imagine suddenly not wanting PB! That's going to be a sad day for me if it ever happens. I just finished a MAF training period and saw some improvements in my speed! I was skeptical almost the entire time, but it seemed to pay off in the long run. I'll be excited to hear what you think of it!

  3. Boomer! I love that name!!

  4. I love Halo! SO much better than artic zero. It actually tastes like icecream!

  5. One of the stores in my town finally started selling Halo Top. I had tried a mocha flavor a few months ago and didn't like it, but the mint chocolate chip that I got yesterday is pretty good.

  6. I noticed the other day that my local grocery store has a LOT more Halo Top flavors than they used to. I'll have to try it ou!

  7. We were staying at my mom's house while she was out of town this weekend. I had to ask my boyfriend to hide the peanut butter! Lucky girl - maybe I should start taking vitamins.

    Halo Top is delicious - I have a hard time taking out a 1/2 cup portion or even a cup. With WW, if you eat the whole pint - it's basically a meal (9-12sp). Not sure if I will continue to buy.

    Delicious flavors: lemon cake (first bite weird), s'mores, birthday cake
    Okay flavor: strawberry
    Gross: chocolate

    Still need to try the rest of the flavors...Also, have you tried No Cow Bars? Delicious! Insanely high fiber and low points.

  8. I am going to start using my heat rate monitor again. Do you have a way that you find best to find your max heart rate?
    I am going to try halo top. Right now I eat the cream made with coconut mil and not added sugar. I hear good things about halo top.

  9. I have been looking for the new flavors at all the stores around here that carry Halo Top, but no luck. It's been a couple weeks, however, so I better check again!

  10. HaloTop is my vice. I am addicted to it. I have been through more pints in the last month than should ever be allowed. The new flavors are wonderful. If you see the Oatmeal Cookie or Choc. Chip Cookie Dough flavors, GET THEM! The Cookie Dough one taste like Butter Pecan to me and the Oatmeal one is just cozy tasting. It has oatmeal in it and a nice cinnamon-ish flavor. So good!!!

  11. I started reading your blog after watching From Fat To Finish Line on netflix and I'm so in love with it! It's helping me so much! Your writing is sooooo good! You have such an interesting and clear way of explaning things. I'm hooked. :-)

  12. I've had this happen to me with previous favorite foods. It usually happens that I find a favorite food, like Pringles, and eat them regularly until suddenly I'm totally nauseated by the idea of a pringle. It'll take me years before I'll want them again...

  13. I'm not really fond of eating peanut butter, especially when using it as my condiment. I always prefer mayonnaise then peanut butter. But I think your taste bud just got tired of it and wanted to taste something new? I have my fair share of occasion like that as well.


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