September 03, 2016

Family vacation in a tropical storm

Hello from Virginia Beach!

I will take the time to write a better post when I can, but I just wanted to share a couple of pics from the sunny beach ;)

Waves in the pool!

In case you missed it on the news, several parts on the east coast (including Virginia Beach) are under a tropical storm warning. Despite the weather, we've actually been having a lot of fun on this vacation so far! Yesterday, we walked on the boardwalk and along the ocean. It was cloudy, but that is my FAVORITE weather--I would choose overcast instead of sunny any day.

The calm before the storm (this was Friday afternoon)

This morning, we walked a small portion of the boardwalk, simply because we will likely never see something like this again. The waves are insane, and there was concern of the tide causing flooding, but that hasn't happened (yet). The worst of it just seems to be the wind. It wasn't windy yesterday, but today the winds are about 35 mph.

We're planning to go to the aquarium today, and the weather won't put a damper on that. Eli was really hoping to fish in the ocean, so unless the weather clears up, he won't be doing that--poor kid! I think the worst of the storm is supposed to be over with by this afternoon. I'm also hoping that they don't have to cancel the Rock 'n' Roll Half tomorrow. We're not running (Jerry's knee has really been bothering him, so he chose not to do it) but there will be a lot of disappointed people if it's canceled!

Anyway, I will write more later, but I just wanted to say hello from Virginia Beach :)


  1. How great that you were able to embrace the fun of your vacation despite the weather! It sounds like you all are having a lot of fun and making the most of it.

  2. I was thinking of you and your family and wondering how your trip was going. I live in the DC area, and public officials have been begging people not to go to the beaches this weekend because of the storm. Stay safe!

  3. I hope you all hunkered down during the worst of it!! Here in NC, our schools let out early Friday in preparation of bad weather. We got tons of rain (which we needed, since it's been 5 weeks without rain in some places) and some strong winds.

    Power flickered a bit -- but no big deal here.

    Stay safe ya'll!

  4. I love it! These pics look like a typical July beach day here in Northern California but probably 30 degrees warmer than here.

  5. I love that weather too! Glad you guys are enjoying your time there, no matter what! :)

  6. I hope you had a great vacation. My husband and I were headed to Virginia Beach for the week and would have been traveling home on Sunday, September 4th but while we were at Williamsburg on August 28th (the day before we were heading over to the beach) we got the call that his boss passed away very unexpected so we had to head home. Maybe one day I'll see Virginia Beach.


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