August 07, 2016

National Sister Day

Well, yesterday I woke up feeling pretty good about myself, so I decided to step on the scale for the first time in about a couple of weeks... and it wasn't good. When my depression was really bad last month, control over my eating just went on the back burner. Since I had already broken my binge-free streak, I didn't care that much about staying on track. Then, when Caitlin was here, we did a lot of eating out--lots of my favorite foods that I usually reserve for a high calorie day.

My clothes have gotten tight, and based on the fit, I guessed that my weight was probably approaching the high 130's--but I didn't want to get on the scale to confirm it. I've had a really good week, however, so I hoped that when I got on the scale yesterday, I would be back at my goal weight. Unfortunately, we all know that weight loss doesn't work that way! ;) We spend weeks or even months losing a few pounds, and then when we so much as smell junk food, we gain it all right back in just a couple of days.

I'm going to give myself until the 19th (the anniversary of when I started losing weight) to continue eating well, and then I'm going to post a weigh-in. Good or bad. Now that I'm doing better as far as the depression goes, I really want to get focused on weight maintenance again.

Anyway, today is National Sister Day, and I thought I'd share a little about my favorite (only) sister, Jeanie.

Jeanie actually played a big role in my weight loss, and when I first started losing weight, she was THE most supportive person in that part of my life.

We didn't have a very close relationship back then, actually. Jeanie would call a few times a week to talk to my kids (she truly is the world's greatest aunt); but as far as the two of us, we just didn't have anything in common. Jeanie is super outgoing and extroverted, while I am as shy and introverted as can be.

Showing the kids the correct way of baking ;)

In August 2009, she asked me if I wanted to do Weight Watchers with her (on our own--no meetings), and we could keep each other accountable. Always having looked up to her, and even being somewhat intimidated by her, I agreed. I assumed it would be like any other time I'd tried losing weight--I'd do it for a couple of days, and then quit. Jeanie called once a day for that first week or so, and I would have been super embarrassed to tell her that I quit, so I actually stuck to it. And once I had a week under my belt, it was easier to keep going.

As I dropped the weight, Jeanie got more and more excited for me. She loved calling me on Wednesdays to hear how much weight I'd lost that week. The next time she saw me was in May 2010, when we were planning to do the Indy Mini-Marathon together for the third year in a row. She couldn't believe how different I looked--she said she never would have even recognized me if I hadn't called to her across the lobby of the hotel.

That year, we walked the entire race together. It felt amazing to be able to keep up with her! I took over 30 minutes off of the previous year's time.

When I hit 100 pounds lost, she took me for a mini-makeover. We got pedicures, and then went to a different salon for our hair. She treated me to a hair cut, color, and blow out. I was STUNNED at the difference in my hair! Then, we went to Macy's, where we got our make-up done and she bought me the make-up that the artist had used on me.

I don't think she knew (or even knows to this day) just how much that day meant to me. I had always wanted to feel girly, and I never did when I was obese. That day, I felt so pretty! I also always wanted to be "cool" like my big sister--but considering she's eight years older than me, I looked silly playing dress up with her clothes when I was a kid. That day we got our nails, hair, and make-up done, I felt like I fit in. It was amazing.

A couple of years later, I felt like I got to repay the favor when I inspired Jeanie to start running. It was awesome to see her progress from a non-runner to running a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and then full marathon. I love that in May of 2013, I got to show up at her house and surprise her by running her first half-marathon with her. And then, as she ran her first full marathon in April 2014, I ran the last five miles with her (she totally kicked that marathon's ass, too!).

Jeanie's first half-marathon

Jeanie's first marathon

Jeanie has always been very level-headed and practical. If there is ever an emergency, she is definitely the one you'd want to be there with you--she can stay very calm and collected in those situations. I, on the other hand, am the last person you'd want to be there! I tend to panic and get overly emotional ;)

She also gives great advice! Because she is able to think practically, she's usually the one I turn to if I need advice about something important. She's very compassionate and empathetic, but she's able to switch over to practical mode when needed--such a great quality to have!

I wish that she lived closer (she lives in Illinois, about a six hour drive from me) so that I could see her more often. My kids are always thrilled to get to hang out with Aunt Jeanie. She even accompanied us when Jerry and I took the kids to Punta Cana a couple of years ago! Jeanie did all the planning for that trip, and it was so nice not to have to worry about anything. It will remain one of my favorite trips of all time!

Anyway, I am so grateful to have a sister as great as Jeanie. Happy National Sister Day!


  1. I teared up reading this. What a sweet relationship you share with your sister. Love it. I don't have that kind of relationship with my sister but it is what I hope for for my daughters.

  2. I loved this post. What a tribute to true sisterhood. :)

  3. I have to agree, this was such a nice text about your sister :) weight loss wise, I want to recommend eating more vegan food, such as stirfry wok with tofu and rice and a lot of fruit. Now after 1,5 years of only vegan food I can finally eat whatever I want and staying slim is easy even though I only workout a couple of days a week (like running 2km...) it also relieved some anxiety for me as it feels good not to harm innocent animals :)

    1. I'm vegan too and struggle with my weight as much as Katie does! I think your perspective is useful, but please remember that it's not easy for everyone.

  4. You are so blessed to have a sister like Jeannie. And she is equally blessed to have a sister like you.

  5. Good for you for getting back on that scale! Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to weight loss, at least in my experience. One day at a time!

    Loved your write up about you and Jeannie. I am lucky to have a great and close relationship with my sister also, so I understand what a blessing it is. :)

  6. First - right? They say "the weight didn't come on overnight" - they lie! It did too! :)

    Second - thank you for writing about your sister. I have seven sisters (!), and I adore them all for different reasons. Sisters are a blessing.

  7. Another great, encouraging post. It is so awesome that you have developed a relationship with your sister-the age difference is less important as we grow older.
    Hang in there on the eating/weight. You are super inspiring-so much so-I am starting fresh today. I downloaded couch to 5k last night, and today I begin. Thank you for encouraging so many with your words.

  8. What a sweet post!! I love how you actively encourage and support each others healthy lifestyle changes, good for you!!

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  10. Unfortunately this is life.....for EVER you will have these hiccups. And yeah sometimes they will be 10 pound hiccups......maybe they might even be 20 pound hiccups (or more) Don't despair that they happened rather celebrate that you can recover from them. Because THAT is the key to success. It might take a few weeks or even months to do so but so what? Anyone that has embarked on this weight loss/maintenance journey knows that this is a life time struggle. Its ok... this is our cross to bear in life. This is the hand we have been dealt. I've seen some other peoples hands in life....cancer, abuse, chronically ill children....Ill gladly take the hand I've got and do the best I can with it. We have all heard it before but its so very true we can all hear it again....It doesn't matter how many times we get knocked down it just matters how many times we get back up. Pick yourself up dust yourself off and do what you already know how to do! And who knows maybe next time there is a Caitlyn situation you will look back and think "Girl I love you but last time was a bitch to get myself back under control" and then again you might say F it and do it anyway! Welcome to life :)

  11. Thank you for sharing, your honesty in posting is always so refreshing. Loved the sister story.

  12. This makes me miss my sister terribly. We were not super close growing up, in fact we fought like cats and dogs, but she was always someone I could count on when I needed her. She joined the Military and has lived on the East Coast for 12 years now. Our relationship has definitely changed and we are much closer now, even with the distance between us. I just wish I got to see her more often.

  13. Katie, you are such an inspiration. I know this was about your sister, but I wanted to let you know that I love reading your posts, love your honesty and vulnerability. Your journey helps me to walk through my times of depression, discouragement, scale ups and downs knowing that "these too shall pass" I look forward to your blogs.

  14. sniff sniff. That's so sweet! I always wished I had a sister and then I started hanging out with my friend who has 3 that are all mean lol.


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