February 05, 2016

Ladies Night at Running Lab

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of meeting several local women who are "influencers" in the running/fitness population. A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a running store called Running Lab in Brighton, Michigan. They invited me to "Ladies Night", a private event at their store for the influencers. Brighton isn't very close (a little over an hour away), but apparently, some of my readers told Running Lab about my blog, which is why I was invited. I was so flattered that people spoke highly of my blog to the store, so I decided to make the drive up there (besides, I love running stores!). So, I want to thank those of you that told Running Lab about me!

I was getting nervous about driving up to Brighton by myself--an unfamiliar area, rush hour, and driving in the dark is a combination that made me uncomfortable. Jerry wanted to take the kids to see Star Wars again, so he looked to see if there was a theater near the running store, and there was. The timing worked out perfectly for us to drive up there after the kids got out of school, and the boys would see the movie while I attended Ladies Night.

I always feel socially awkward when attending events where I don't know a single soul, but I've gotten more comfortable over the past couple of years from attending a number of blogger events, so I was excited to go. When I got there, they had a nice food spread and even beer and wine!

I introduced myself to Renee, the woman from Running Lab who had invited me, and she was super nice. I took a little piece of dessert and a glass of wine, and sat next to a couple of women. They didn't know anyone either, so we started chatting about how it is that we were invited and what we do. I had assumed it would be all bloggers, but I actually ended up being the only blogger there. There were running coaches, fitness instructors, and people just very passionate about helping others get into running.

Once everyone was there (probably about 20 women), we went around the room to introduce ourselves. This was my favorite part of the evening, because it was really fun to hear from everyone about how they came to be runners or how exactly they help others with running. After the introductions, we heard from a Brooks representative for the Moving Comfort sports bras.

That was actually the first I'd heard of Moving Comfort--I have very small boobs, so I've always just used cheap sports bras. The Brooks rep said that our sports bras should come second only to running shoes when it comes to quality of sports apparel, and that they should never see a birthday (meaning that they need to be replaced before they are even a year old). She suggested replacing them when we replace our shoes. I was embarrassed to admit that I have sports bras that are about five years old, haha.

She said that she'd be measuring each of us and giving us a nice sports bra! I was glad to be measured, because after dropping these last 10 pounds or so, I swear my boobs have gotten even smaller. When I was measured at Victoria's Secret not too long ago, I was a 36 B. At the Running Lab store last night, I measured a 36 A! I know a lot of women might not like losing their boobs, but I happen to prefer small boobs. Being an A cup is totally fine with me ;)

I tried on a couple of bras and ended up choosing a cute black one with pink straps. One of the benefits to having small boobs is that I don't need the "straightjacket" type bras (the Brooks rep called their most supportive bra a straightjacket, haha).

There was a Saucony representative there as well, and she spoke about the importance of finding the right running shoes. Running Lab offers gait analyses at their store, which is really great (I wish the store was closer to me!). They have a treadmill at the store, and during a gait analysis, they will film you running on the treadmill, and then watch it in slow motion to see if there are any issues with your stride. I had a gait analysis done by my physical therapist last year, which showed that I have a weak left hip.

Last night, the Saucony rep told us that we'd be getting fitted for shoes, and given a pair of Sauconys! How awesome is that? Saucony is a brand that I've never actually worn before, so I'm interested to try them. Over the last year or so, I've gotten less attached to any particular brand/model. (For five years, I was wearing Brooks Adrenaline; but once I tried Altras, I really liked those. Then I tried the Brooks Ghost, and those have become my favorite. I rotate several different shoes now.)

Renee measured my feet, watched me walk, asked me to do a few things with my feet, and then brought out a few options to try on. My feet were measuring an 8.5, but I ended up getting a 10 (all my running shoes are 9.5-10). I ultimately chose the Saucony Triumph, which feel lighter and more flexible than what I'm used to, but very comfortable. I'm excited to go for a run in them!

In all, the evening was very fun and I met some great ladies. I left with some seriously awesome swag (a nice Running Lab jacket, t-shirt, Feetures! socks, a few samples of gels, and the shoes and bra).

I also got some gift cards for Running Lab, which I'd like to give to those readers who mentioned my blog to Running Lab (as a thank you--if you hadn't done that, I never would have been invited!). So, if that's you, please send me an email and I'll send you a gift card for the store :)

Tomorrow, I'm running a 5K race. I wasn't sure if I was going to do it until a couple of days ago (I wanted to watch the weather). I'm going to run my hardest and see what my current 5K race pace is--hopefully I'll have seen some improvement from the Turkey Trot. My time was 27:00 for the Turkey Trot, which is a pace of 8:41/mile. That was on a hilly course, and tomorrow's race is super flat.

If I have a perfect race tomorrow (feel really good, no issues at all), I'm hoping to finish under 25:00 (an 8:03/mile pace, the same that I'll need to run the 10K in April). But I think that more likely, I'll finish around 25:30-25:45 (8:12-8:17/mi pace).

Interestingly, my current 5K PR is 25:44. I've run 5K faster than that in training (24:04 was my best); but in a race, the fastest I've finished is 25:44 in December 2012. So it will be nice if I can get an official PR tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE Moving Comfort bras! I have the straight jackets, LOL! My double Ds look as flat as pancakes in those things ;)

  2. Good luck tomorrow - I hope you get your PR!!!

  3. Moving Comfort are the *only* sports bras that work for me. Guess I need to start writing the date I buy them in Sharpie - I've definitely had a few birthdays with them. They aren't cheap, but they're worth it!

  4. I love Saucony shoes. I go between them and New Balance. I have super flat feet, pronate pretty badly and wear orthotic inserts. Saucony and New Balance are two of the brands that can reliably fit my orthotics, still be comfortable and last longer than 6 months. I wear them to work for comfort as I am on my feet all day.

  5. Good luck and have fun at the 5k! :)

  6. Does it not hurt to go from zero drop Altras to 12mm Brooks and now to 8mm Sauconys? Seems like a recipe for another injury for you and that would be awful!

  7. I love Saucony's! Well, I used to. Lately I've been having a lot of issues with my feet and the shoes rubbing in all the wrong places. I may have to switch brands. But so cool that you got all that free swag!

  8. Thanks for the info on Running Lab--too bad we live so far away, lol!

    Good luck today!! I hope it's awesome!

  9. I just ordered my first pair of Sauconys last night. This year's Asics Cumulus have rubbed a blister on my foot. Every other year the model has been great. So frustrating....and expensive!

  10. You got some serious swag!! Way to go!! Enjoy all the new gear!

  11. I LOVE a good running store. There's one in my neighborhood in West Seattle—West Seattle Runner—that is ALL ABOUT building a running community. They've got regular group runs and twice a year do a FREE Couch to Half Marathon program. I'm doing that right now and we just started our sixth week. I ran regularly for a bit in my 20s but the next two decades spent a lot of time on my butt. I think I'm finally starting to get a good base of fitness developed. And I wouldn't have been able to get even this far without the group.

  12. Sounds like Ladies Night was fun!

    I really don't believe Moving Comfort (or Victoria's Secret) are taking the proper measurements when they are fitting you for a bra. The support for a bra is supposed to come from the band and not the straps. So a woman's band size should be the same measurement as where the band actually goes - directly BELOW the breast.

    Since you have such a tiny waist - there is no way you wear a size 36 band! For example - I'm 5'3" and currently 163 (working on losing the weight I put on in the last couple years) - anyhow - I wear a size 32GG (yeah, I'm quite busty). The point I'm trying to emphasize is - you're much smaller than I am - so I would venture to guess your band size is closer to 28. THEN you would measure around your breasts at the fullest point... you subtract your fullest measurement from the band size and that will tell you your cup size.

    Example: Say your band measurement is 28 and your breast measurement is 31... 31-28=3 the 3 inch difference would mean a cup size C (every inch is a cup size, A, B, C, D, DD, DDD/E, F, FF, etc...)

    Your bra should cover all of your breast tissue - which extends to the sides of your body. Here's a link which provides pictures to demonstrate what a ill fitting bra looks like... http://www.breakoutbras.com/sizing

    I had so many friends wearing the wrong size bras for years - they were amazed at the difference when they started buying bras that fit!

    1. I'm pretty sure the band size 36 is correct. I have tried a 34, but it's too small. I have a lot of excess skin on my upper body, unfortunately. My skin removal was just for my lower body. I just measured myself at home, and I'm getting the same measurements that she did at the store. She told me you take the measurement just under the breasts (mine was 32") and add 5 (37) to give you the band size. Since mine was odd, you go back one number, making it 36. I don't know why you add 5. It's so confusing!

  13. Hi Katie!
    What a fun event! Looks like you had a great time!

    I have worked in the apparel industry as a technical designer for 9 years, many of those years working on bras. I can tell you Moving Comfort bras are fantastic! As a runner who needs a "straight jacket" sports bra, I really love their high support bras. Also adding 5 to a band measurement usually gets a little too large. There is a 3 measurement to take which can help determine band size- I will take some photos on a dressform at work and email to you. As I have also learned from fitting bras for so long, measurements only get you so far. A woman's shape has a lot to do with it! I have a friend that "measured" a 34B using traditional formulas, but due to her narrow ribcage and full cup, she gets the best fit from certain brands in a 32D!
    Enjoy the Saucony shoes! I love my Saucony Rides :)

  14. Very cool report, Katie! Glad you got some great stuff; looking forward to hearing how the shoes, socks and sports bra work for you. Feetures! are my favorite socks. :)

    Hope "the boys" enjoyed seeing SW again -- such a great movie!


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