August 24, 2015

Motivational Monday #119

Happy Motivational Monday! Despite my decision about the marathon, I had a really great week. I've been staying active by walking a lot, occasionally riding my bike, and I even did a deep water run once. I've been counting my calories, and staying within my allowance. I'm still really enjoying the switch from Weight Watchers--I was counting Points for so long that it became very mundane. I feel a renewed motivation from changing it up!

I'm not sure what my proudest moment was this week. I think it would probably be that I celebrated six years since I started this weight loss journey, and while I've had a lot of ups and downs, I'm so much healthier and happier than I was six years ago. Six years is a long time to work on something without giving up! I've changed up lots of things along the way, but the one thing I've always stayed true to is this: I never changed anything that I wasn't willing to do for the rest of my life. And it's worked out really well :)

Anyway, today will be a short and sweet Motivational Monday. Enjoy!

Amy ran her longest run to date yesterday... 8 miles! She is training for her first half-marathon, which is in November, and she felt 8 miles was a significant threshold to reach. She said she remembered how I struggled to finish an 8-miler (it took me three tries!) and it helped give her the confidence to finish. She finished with an 11:33 pace, and was "a sweaty mess" when she was done ;)

June and her husband were invited to visit her daughter in Africa and hike Mt. Kilimanjaro with her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. At 160 pounds, June didn't feel ready to take on the challenge; so she started a strict program given to her by her sister, a trainer. She also started walking, interval jogging, and signed up for a Cardio Barre class. She hit 137 pounds before the trip, and she felt fantastic! She was able to stay very active--they hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro (a six-day, 44-mile hike up to 19,341 feet in altitude), and even did a 30-mile safari bike ride on dirt roads. She arrived home weighing two pounds less than than she did when she left! (June, you've totally inspired me to add Mt. Kilimanjaro to my bucket list!)

June is in the red

Allie has lost over 75 pounds in the past year! She started with light exercise on the elliptical and can now run and do boot camp-style workouts at the gym. She uses SparkPeople for to track her progress and to blog (her username is AJ0708). She just recently hit a couple of huge milestones--reaching Onederland (less than 200 pounds), and ditching the plus-size clothing!

Way to go, ladies!! I'm super inspired by the accomplishments this week. I hope everyone has a great week going forward!


  1. Congratulations on your six year journey :)

  2. Way to kick butt, ladies!

  3. You are so right Katie! After a lifetime of no exercise and bad eating, six years of change is something to be so proud of. I'm not where I want to be either, but I'm so much healthier than I was before, and for that I am grateful. Here's a toast to six years of healthy living! (I celebrate my "change" anniversary in December!)

  4. Such great inspirational stories this week, thank you for sharing!!! I love Motivational Mondays. <3 Congratulations Katie, Amy, June, and Allie!

  5. Great work everyone! So inspirational to read your stories :)


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