April 02, 2015

Run Woodstock

Yesterday, after my run, I calves were sore enough that I decided to try foam rolling (something that I know people swear by, but I just can't get into it). After doing that for a minute, I remembered that I had gotten "The Stick" when I was at the Heartbreak Hill Half, which would be much easier to use, so I decided to try that instead.

The muscles on the sides of my shins and my entire calves were sore, so I pushed as hard as I could stand with The Stick to roll it out. It was really painful, and actually brought tears to my eyes, but I was willing to try anything. And surprisingly, it worked! When I woke up this morning, my shins and calves felt pretty much back to normal.

A few people suggested it was probably from running with Joey, and they may be correct. That was actually when the soreness started. I'd been wearing the same three pairs of shoes for several months, so I knew it couldn't be my shoes (and I track my mileage in each pair, so I'm not wearing shoes that are overused).

I've noticed that my right shoulder has been sore almost constantly, too, and that's probably from holding the leash when I run with Joey. So, anyways, I hope that my body gets used to it and I don't feel sore from it anymore. But I'm going to continue to use The Stick, because I was really impressed with how well it worked on my legs!

Nathan, my younger brother, made a huge decision a couple of days ago... he just registered for an ULTRAmarathon! If you're not aware of the crazy that is an ultramarathon, that would be a race distance over 26.2 miles. He ran his first marathon in October, and this September, he'll be running a 50K race! (A 50K is about 31.07 miles). And it's a trail run, which is much more difficult than a road race.

He registered for the Freak 50K at Run Woodstock in Hell, Michigan. I love that it's in Hell--so fitting for his first ultra! I told him I'd do the Hippie Half. I just can't imagine training for an ultra in August--he's nuts! But I'd be happy to cheer him on. The Hippie Half is also a trail run, which is totally new to me, so it should be interesting to say the least ;)

The Run Woodstock weekend of races looks really fun. They have something for everyone--a 5K, 5-Mile, 10K, Half-marathon, full marathon, 50K, 50-Mile, 100K, and 100-Mile. The 5-miler even has a "natural" option, which means to run it nude! Hahaha, you couldn't pay me enough money to do that. The races take place over the whole weekend, so a lot of people bring tents and camp out. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Speaking of Nathan, we're working on a little project that I'm excited to share. I met him for lunch today to talk about it, and hopefully I'll get a post up by Monday about it. I've mentioned before that he has PTSD after serving the Army in Iraq; and now he's ready to share about that in the hopes of helping others who may be going through it, or have a loved one who is.

Just the fact that we got together for lunch today makes me so happy! A couple of years ago, that would have NEVER happened. He was very closed off, and we weren't close (despite the fact that I would have loved to be); but running has changed him so much, and we have a great relationship now.

Eli just gave me his report card, and I thought it was hilarious when I looked at it. I guess he thought I wouldn't notice his Reading grade wasn't as uniform as the others? ;)

I texted the photo to his teacher, who thought it was hilarious as well. The actual grade was a B-, but he apparently thought he deserved an A. When I asked him about it, he was honest... he said that it was a B-, but his teacher made a mistake and it should have been an A. (My mom said he handwriting should have been an A, because that A he wrote looks pretty darn good! haha)

The kids are off school tomorrow and ALL of next week for spring break!


  1. That is awesome that he is going after the ultra. I have been toying with the same idea as well. We have one the same weekend here in Toledo at the local metro park.

  2. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00EQ3423I/ref=pd_aw_sim_petsupplies_5?refRID=1SZ0MA0AQ36V8SVW5HKZ

    This is similar to head halter we used with our labs. I could walk both as long as they were wearing it. Does not restrict drinking.

  3. My brother did an ultra (50k trial run, up and down a mountain). The training for the run and the run itself turned him off of running for almost a year. He's just recently started running again. He said he's glad he did it, to say he did it, but he's going to stick with half and marathon distances from now on. It's so great that you and your brother have a good relationship now. Running really has a way of bringing people together. I have two siblings I'm so much closer with now because of running. There's something about whining about being sore, or talking about where the best priced shoes are or what a good running route is that brings people together. :-)

  4. Yay! That's awesome about your brother! I LOVE running ultras. I actually have my first 50 miler in August too! I've already run a couple of others, and run my age each birthday :) (30 this year!) I'm glad the stick worked for you, i find i usually need something more like that than just the foam roller.

    and I DEFINITELY used to rewrite my grades, "drop" my grades in the ocean, get the mail before my parents...... spent so much time keeping my grades from my parents, that i could have just done the homework/classwork and gotten A's and B's AND would've had more free time!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. arrrghhh im just trying to link my blog and I am SO technologically slow right now! I need to eat something hahaha. it's www.slowandsteadykandm.com. Geeeez that took too long!!!! dang.

  5. You should get a running belt for when you take Joey running with you. And a bungee leash to use with it. That way, your hands and arms are free for you to run like normal (because the leash is clipped around your waist) and the bungee in the leash keeps there from being sharp shocks if Joey suddenly takes off, stops, or lunges. It will help a ton.

  6. I'm glad the stick helped! we have one but sometimes it hurts too much so the foam roller ends up being gentler. but it does hurt in that good way. I'm really glad Nathan has found a healthy outlet for his PTSD. My husband deployed in 2011 and I'm really lucky that it was not a combat situation, but even that experience changed him emotionally for quite some time. People who aren't directly connected to someone in the military often take for granted what happens when our service members come home. So glad you're getting closer.

  7. My first ever 10K was a trail run and I absolutely loved it!! However, I will caution, my hubby, who is a strict road runner, signed up for a beautiful Ultra 50 Mile trail run in Manistee, MI 2 summers ago. He put all his miles in prep, however he didnt do any trail practice. He was totally not prepared, trail running is soooo different, uses different muscles, and all kinds of stuff. He ended up with an injury and had to drop out. I was his "crew" with supplies, food, etc...and was driving back and fourth to each 13 mile location, and only 12 miles into the 50 mile race, people stirred up a wasp nest in the ground and got so many stings. They had to reroute the runners and come and spray the nest with spray. So just do your research (you and your brother) before embarking on a trail run. Side note: I read about those Hell, MI trail runs, and they do sound like a blast. I was actually interested in doing the 50 Mile relay, (you have a team of 5 people) and it sounded like so much fun, but apparantly its really hard to get into, they invite returning teams first and theres usually very little slots left.

    Tanya H


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