November 24, 2014

Motivational Monday #88

Happy Motivational Monday, Friends! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in three days? I just feel like this year has gone by crazy fast. So far, 2015 is looking like it's going to be a good year, so I'm not complaining ;)

This week, I think my proudest moment was yesterday, when I ran my four-miler. I had a goal of sub-9:00 miles, but I honestly really didn't think I could do it. I gave it my best, and I nailed it! Completing that run made me feel SO good, and just excited to work on being a faster runner again. I'm looking forward to working hard to get my speed back.

I have quite a few stories to share today for Motivational Monday, so I'll get right to it!

Mara just celebrated the three-month anniversary of when she started losing weight! A few days ago, she reached "ONEderland" (anyone who has been over 200 pounds knows that "ONEderland" is being back in the 100's, haha) for the first time in years. Yesterday, just for fun, she decided to run an unofficial 10K to see if she could finish under 60 minutes. She did it! She ran 6.26 miles in 58:45, and even ran her two fastest miles to date: 8:04 and 8:15. She's also lost 41 pounds since she started her journey!

Emily just completed her first half-marathon! This was actually the third half-marathon that she signed up for over the years, but she didn't train or make it to the starting line of the first two. This time, she trained for the Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis Half--and she finished in a great time of 2:11:15! Her only goal was to finish, but she secretly hoped to finish under 2:30. She crushed that goal!

Kasey (on left in photo) just completed her first half-marathon! When she signed up, she decided to do it regardless of whether she walked or ran. She had two goals: 1) Don't get picked up by the SAG wagon and 2) Finish under 2:30. And she completed both of those--she jog/walked the race, and crossing the finish line in 2:28! She's now working on her ultimate goal of running an entire half.

Erin and her husband live in South Korea, where the winters are very icy. Two winters ago, Erin slipped on the ice while walking her dog, and broke her leg. It was broken so badly that her doctor told her to quit running. Two years later, she was pining for it--10 pounds heavier, and not as healthy as she was when she was running. So she decided to work up to it again, and four months later, she and her husband ran the Son Kee Chung Peace Half-Marathon. She PR'ed her time, finishing in 2:11, and best of all, she was pain-free! She now has her sights on the Seoul Marathon (her first full) in March.

Cheri injured her wrist early this year, which really set back the progress she had made in weight loss and running. She stopped working out, and gained back all the weight she had lost. Two months ago, she was talked into participating in a strength and nutrition program. Her goal wasn't weight loss this time, but rather building strength and eating well to be fast and strong. She focused on improving her lifts, and halfway through, they tested her to learn that all of them had improved! Her back squat was the best, at 165 pounds. On Friday, she tested her lifts again, and blew the previous numbers out of the water. Everything is back to where she was before the injury or better, and her back lift is a new PR of 185 pounds!

Renee just started her third half-marathon training three weeks ago, and she has already more than doubled her mileage from the summer! Her race is in April, and her goal is to be able to run the entire race. This weekend, she ran five miles straight without walking--something she hasn't done since last spring! (Renee's blog)

You can check out more stories on the Motivational Monday Facebook post!


  1. Katie I love reading these stories! So inspiring! Good job everyone!

  2. Congratulations everyone!

  3. Such inspiration. I'm so happy for everyone, especially YOU Katie! You continue to do it every single day, and after five years, that's saying a LOT!!!

  4. I love these posts.

    I did my half last May and got picked up by the SAG wagon. It was awful and I cried and was so disappointed in myself, but they dropped me off at mile 11 and I finished the race. Getting picked up in the SAG wagon is better than not even attempting. That was my reasoning, anyway. I'm doing a 10K this coming May and will for sure submit my story for Motivation Monday.


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