July 23, 2014

Twilight run

It was a rough night with Eli last night. He was in a lot of pain, and we woke him up every three hours to give him pain meds. I hated to wake him, but it would have been so much worse to have him wake up on his own, miserable with pain. I didn't really sleep at all, because I was worried about Eli. I kept checking to make sure he was breathing (haven't done that since Noah was a newborn!).

He slept in until about 8:30, but he was in so much pain when he woke up. I hated seeing him like that! I felt so guilty and horrible for having gone through with the surgery. He couldn't even talk, and he cried when trying to swallow his meds. I propped him up in my bed to watch a movie, and sometime during the movie, he walked into the kitchen and grabbed a note card and a pencil:

As his mother, I could decipher what he wrote: "Can you get peanut butter M&M's?" Hahaha! Even though I doubted he'd be able to eat them, I told him of course I would. I just went to the corner store and bought some, along with a slushy. He ate an M&M by letting it melt on his tongue, but it was right after that when I noticed he really perked up.

He ate the M&M's, about a cup of ice cream, and half his slushy. Not exactly a nutritious breakfast, but I was happy that he ate something. For lunch, he ate some Ramen noodles, and then about an hour later, he said he felt sick. Sure enough, he threw up everything he'd eaten. After he threw up, he said he wanted shrimp from Red Lobster (so random!).

I told him that we couldn't go to Red Lobster, because he was sick--and he couldn't throw up at the restaurant. He got really mad at me, and basically gave me the silent treatment all afternoon. I actually felt good about that, because he was back to his normal self ;) My mom brought him shrimp scampi and popcorn shrimp from Red Lobster for dinner, and he ate the scampi without problems.

Even though today was supposed to be a relaxing day, I was exhausted by the time Jerry got home. I was waiting on Eli hand and foot, and that was anything-but relaxing. I didn't have a chance to shower, so I felt greasy and I felt lazy for not running. Anyway, at around 7:30, I decided that I wanted to go for an evening run. I never run in the evenings; the last time I did was during Ragnar SoCal, and I can't remember the time before that.

The weather felt really nice outside, and with the sun going down, it just looked like a great time to run. I did an out-and-back route that stays out of the neighborhoods, so I could have some quiet time to myself.

A couple of miles in, I saw a baby bird on the side of the road, and as I passed by, it opened its beak really wide and looked at me. I kept going, but I felt bad for not stopping and shooing it away from the road. I decided to look for it after I turned around.

On the way back, the poor bird was in the very center of the road. Cars drive really fast down that road, so I stopped to move the bird. I tried to nudge him with my toe, but again, he opened his beak wide and looked up at me. I put my hand down next to him, thinking that would probably scare him, but he just jumped right into my hand and sat there. I carried him to someone's yard and set him down in their landscaping, hoping that he'd stay put and not get run over in the street.

Next summer, he'll be all grown up and dive-bomb me as I run by ;)

About a mile from home, there was a guy running with his dog not very far ahead of me. Since I was running slow as molasses, I figured he'd be long gone; but he must have been running the same pace as me, because we stayed the same distance apart for a long time. He turned and saw me a couple of times, but I figured I'd lose him when I turned onto my road.

He ended up turning onto my street, and unless I wanted to run farther than five miles, I had no choice but to follow him. I was only about 300 feet or so behind him, and I was gaining on him a little. He saw that I was still behind him, and started doing some goofy dance moves. I said, "I swear I'm not following you!"

We ran down the rest of my street together, and he said he was doing his long run (9.5 miles). He said I'm the first person he's ever seen out running around here, and I told him that I usually run in the mornings. His dog was all over the place, and nearly clotheslined me a couple of times, which is why my pace got all wacky at the end of my run.

I kept my heart rate in my MAF zone (138-148). My splits were very slow, but not as slow as yesterday, when it was super hot and humid.

Yesterday, I did five miles at 11:27 pace and 145 average heart rate. Today's was five miles at 11:09 pace and 144 average heart rate. It's hard to compare runs when the weather is so different, though. I'm just hoping that the general trend over four weeks is in the right direction. We'll see. Anyway, I loved running just before the sun went down, and I may do that more often. It was nice!

I'm hoping that tomorrow goes a little better for Eli, but so far, I'm glad that he's improving so quickly.


  1. Granted, our son was 2.5 when he has his tonsils removed, but it was honestly the most miserable 10 days of his life. We ended up taking turns sleeping on his floor with him every night because he was so miserable, he would only sleep with one of us by him (we didn't bring him into our bed so at least one of us would get a good night's sleep). It was a week and a half before we were able to send him back to daycare. For your sake, I hope your son recovers much faster!!

  2. AnonymousJuly 24, 2014

    The first night was the worse for our 6 year old and slowly it got a little better each day after that. I printed out pictures of things he most likely would want...drink, toy, remote control, ice cream, etc...and made a flip book with the pictures. I also gave him a bell to ring when he needed something...I think that alone helped him "feel better: ;) But he was able to point to what he wanted with the picture book and, with the bell, I could hear it and know when he needed me.

    I had all the same thoughts you're having but hang in there. It was awful while we were going through it but the surgery was a complete success for our son. He gets less sick, is much less stuffy and he doesn't snore anymore. He used to snow so loud we could hear him on any floor of our house, with his bedroom door closed!

  3. Hope Eli feels better soon!

  4. So glad Eli has improved....let him know it'll get a little better everyday and one day.... this will all just be a memory !

    So proud of you Katie ... a run !? I would of been running for my bed : )

    Take good care of each other....

  5. AnonymousJuly 24, 2014

    Poor guy! I hope he feels better soon (for both your sakes!) :)

  6. I'm definitely trying to decrease my time on my miles. I really dislike how bipolar the weather is here in Missouri. Everyday I go running, I never know what the next day is going to be like running.

  7. Poor Eli. As my Grandma used to say, "Bless his little heart." I hope he gets better rapidly, that is a tough operation. I was only 6 when I had my tonsils out, but I still remember it and certainly remember the pain my two sons (out of three) endured,,,,, who had their tonsils out. Just awful. I loved it when you told how the baby bird hopped into your hand. You have a good heart Katie!


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