May 15, 2013

Consistent weigh-ins

I really didn't want to do my Wednesday Weigh-in today. I was even thinking about a post I could write, saying that I'm going to switch to once-per-month weigh-ins, because it's natural for weight to fluctuate, and all those excuses that jazz.

It's true--weight does fluctuate. But when I'm eating consistently, my weight is very consistent on a week-to-week basis. When I first started maintenance, I was very consistent in eating my daily PointsPlus target (along with my weekly PP, and my activity PP), without going OVER. The past 4-6 weeks or so, I've been finishing my week "in the negative", meaning I ate more than I was supposed to.

Generally, I've been following a pattern of going WAY over my PP once or twice a week, and spending the rest of the week making up for it... very inconsistent. And therefore, my weight has been very inconsistent for weeks now.

For the first couple of months of maintenance, I was playing with a range of ONE pound--130.5-131.5. It was very predictable, and actually easy to maintain that weight when my eating was consistent.

But now that I've gotten so inconsistent with my eating patterns, my weight has been bouncing between 131-136. That's too big of a range for me to feel comfortable, mainly because I know it's from overeating. This week, I actually did pretty well, with the exception of Monday--I went way over my PP on Monday, putting me into the negative for the week. Which is why I didn't want to weigh in today.

Posting my weight every Wednesday actually really helps me to be accountable. I think if I were to go to once-per-month weigh-ins, I would probably eat way too much for three weeks and then try to lose it on the fourth week. So, even though I'm doing my best NOT to gain weight, if I do happen to gain more than a few pounds, I'm still going to continue my weekly weigh-ins (as much as I won't want to).

Today's weigh-in:

I was 134, up 2.5 from last week. Since the pattern has been up, down, up, down, hopefully it will be back down next week. My main focus this week is going to be staying consistent with my eating, and not eating over my PointsPlus for the week. I don't have anything major going on this week, so it shouldn't be too difficult. I do have a family reunion on Sunday (at my parents' house), but if I plan well for it, I'm not worried about it. I may end up doing my long run on Sunday morning before the party, instead of Friday, so I'll have lots of activity PP to spend.

Today was a rest day, so I didn't run; but I still wanted to try and reach 100% of my ActiveLink goal today, so I went for a (very) long walk this morning. In fact, I think today's was the longest walk I've done since the Indy Mini-Marathon in 2010...

For a run, 6.1 miles is more of a mid-length run. But I was reminded today that it's a LONG walk--it took nearly an hour and a half. I walked out about three miles, then took a short detour to walk home through what used to be the woods across from my house. This week, a machine was out there crushing all of the dead phragmites. It looks SO different.

I brought my phone with me, and listened to Lori's interview on the Half Size Me podcast. Lori's was one of the first blogs I started reading several years ago. She's maintaining a 100+ pound weight loss, so she shared some tips on the podcast.

It was getting pretty hot for the second half of the walk, and by the time I was done, it was over 80 degrees outside. I'm glad I headed out when I did, otherwise the full sun would have probably made me stay home. But it was really nice to walk without thinking about pace, or calories burned, or anything other than enjoying the weather!


  1. I agree Katie! Once a week is best b/c it'd be pretty easy to go overboard for the first three weeks and be in panic mode the last week. Sounds like too much pressure!

  2. Oh Katie I understand about not wanting to share the weigh-in when it is not as great as you would hope. I do not even want to let myself see that number!! However if I hide from the scale then I start sliding down that slippery slope--good for you for pushing yourself. Looking forward to next weeks weigh-in. Good Luck to you--and I!

  3. My weight is up from a couple weeks ago, by about 2 pounds. It's all over the place lately. I was doing great until a couple weeks ago where I binged 2 days in a row. By the time I weighed myself the next week I was only up 1 pound from it, but now, even though I am back on track, I am up almost another pound. I don't know if it's because of my period or what, but it's annoying. It's very hard when eating out (which I don't do often) to stay under 1600 calories. I think the weekly weigh ins are a good idea. I'd probably do the same thing where I'd eat too much for weeks and then try to lose it. It's so aggravating how quickly the weight comes back on, even when working out a ton.

  4. Thank you for posting. I didn't want to weigh in today either but like my meeting and meeting buddies too much to miss it. It's hard to get back on track after those up and down weeks/months.

    1. Just wanted to also say I have started listening to the Half Size Me podcasts because of you and it really helps when the weeks seem extra long. It's like another meeting and are great to listen to on walks.

  5. Hang in there, Katie. It's a constant struggle. I'm convinced that it's harder to maintain a loss than it was to lose it.
    I'm constantly telling myself that I have to follow my plan, I remind myself how much I like being this size, how I like the new jeans I bought, how great it's going to be to wear my running skirt that I haven't been able to wear in over two years at the Race for the Cure on Saturday, etc. etc.
    I believe having an official weigh in day every week is important even though I have to weigh in for Weight Watchers once per month. I also monitor my weight several times per week. Weight does fluctuate some, of course, but that occasional scary moment can be the kick in the butt we sometimes need!!
    Have fun at your family reunion and enjoy the compliments that you are sure to receive!!
    It's almost time to begin training for Chicago which will result in more activity points!!!

  6. AnonymousMay 16, 2013

    I just want to say that I found your blog through the Half size me -podcast (your interview there). I had been reading daily your blog ever since and love it.

  7. Weighing in today, hopefully to become WW lifetime! Excited and scared at the same time and haven't shared with anyone. NEVER want to see these 54 lbs again!! I'm finding maintance challenging--never been here before, lost & gained back but never maintained. Gonna look into that podcast--thanks. Also, what program do you use to track your workouts? I mostly run but will sometimes walk & do strength training--any suggestions?

  8. For the first two years of maintenance I weighed in every week without fail and it definitely helped to keep me on track. For the last year or so, I've been going once a month. It was OK for a while but the last few months, I'm starting to feel the struggle. I might have to go back to once a week too for better accountability.

  9. I told Charlie I need to weigh-in in front of him. That's how I stay accountable. Struggling with sweets and stress right now.

  10. AnonymousMay 16, 2013

    Can I just tell you "thank you" for this post! I weigh myself every day. It helps me keep myself accountable each day, as I stray away from my good eating habits very quickly!! This morning my weight was up 2 freaking pounds from yesterday!! ugh. I, too, fluctuate between 2-3 lbs./week. I can't get past a particular weight & it is FRUSTRATING! I run, I do HIIT workouts, I lift weights, I speed train, I do core & strength exercises & I eat healthy (I have a nutritionist monitoring me)'d think that the weight would just be falling off! Yeah right. I usually don't beat myself up with my weigh ins, but for some reason today my weigh in did not sit well with me! I am happy to see someone else having the same issue.

  11. Keeping yourself accountable is important! If I eat badly and "forget" to weigh myself, I know what that means! You are doing great! We all have our ups and downs.
    P.S. You walk fast! Lol!

  12. No wonder I did not manage to maintain my weight when I had lost 25 pounds. Why is life so hard?? :( lol I guess we can't let out guards down with anything we want to maintain constant in our life.

  13. Jen MitchellMay 16, 2013

    I listened to Lori's interview on the podcast and immediately looked her up. Now I'm following her blog as well.

    I firmly believe in regular weigh-ins for maintenance bc I KNOW that was a major part of my downfall when I gained my weight back. The second time around, I look forward to maintaining and keeping a check on my weight every week.

  14. AnonymousMay 16, 2013

    Posting once a week is a reality check. I am thinking about starting weekly weigh ins. I think it'll be useful to keep myself accountable and honest with my readers and myself. Posting your weight weekly is brave! I like seeing that other people fluctuate as well. Thanks for posting!

  15. KimberlyMay 16, 2013


    Weigh in's ... ugh : ( I've been doing mine on Friday's for almost 30 years....and I've managed to keep the 60 pounds off this long. I lost mine the "old fashion way" too.... diet and exercise. I didn't lose as much as you, but trust me.... I know the downer of being on constant guard !

    I've lived by "the 5 pound rule" .... all this time. My doctor sold me on it years ago, he swears that we all go up and down a 5 pound scale..... as long as it doesn't go over 5 .... it'll solve itsef as long as you follow the same routine.

    It's worked for 30 years .... and countless binges :(

    You're my hero Katie.... be proud of yourself !


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