February 13, 2013

Dessert tea

First thing this morning, I got on the scale for my Wednesday Weigh-in. After Monday's brush with bringing my weekly PointsPlus into the negative, I had a great day yesterday and finished the week right on target. The scale didn't really reflect my great day, though:
I was 132 today, which is up a pound from last week. But in all honesty, I'm not worried about it. I know that I did well with eating and exercise this week, so it's probably just a normal fluctuation. When I logged my weight into Weight Watchers, I looked over the last couple of months on maintenance (yesterday marked 2 months since I reached my goal weight of 133), and I'm really happy with how well I've been doing!

The bottom (12/12) is when I reached goal, and I've not once gone over my goal weight in two months. That's pretty damn good!

For the past 36 hours or so, I've been drinking tons of new tea, thanks to Ellen. She and I talk about tea quite a bit, and we have the same taste preferences for the most part (we like black dessert teas). She wrote a post about David's Tea, and how great it was--after reading that, I just had to try it out.

I certainly didn't need any tea at the moment (I have a lifetime's worth in my cupboard right now), but after reading how great it was, I went on the website and bought a little five different flavors. It arrived yesterday, and I've been trying out all of them. Check out these unique flavors:

 The bottom picture is of three samples they sent. So I had eight new tea flavors to try! The first one I tried was the sample of Banana Dream Pie. It was FANTASTIC. The banana flavor wasn't "fake" tasting at all, and it tasted like a subtle banana cream pie. I tried the Red Velvet Cake next, since that was Ellen's favorite--and it was just as good!

Jerry and I had a cup of the Toasted Marshmallow last night, and I think that was my favorite so far. Today, I had Ceylon Star and Buttered Rum. I've really enjoyed all of them. The Movie Night one looks very interesting, and I'll probably try that tonight.

Anyway, if you're a tea person, you've got to check out this site. I want to try them ALL.

Today was technically a rest day, but since I didn't run yesterday, and the weather was good today, I decided to run four miles this morning (instead of doing it tomorrow). First, I sat around for a little bit because the cats were being lap-hogs:
It's not uncommon for two of the cats to sit with me, but three is unheard of! Finally I got dressed and headed out to run.

My legs felt really tired today, and I was struggling to keep what has become a "normal" pace for my shorter runs (8:30/mi). I ran out two miles and then turned around, and the way back was a little better (tail wind versus the head wind I had going out). I still finished in good time, but it was a tough run today.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... the winner of the Special K giveaway! Congratulations to:

Please e-mail me ASAP with your full name and mailing address at SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com so I can pass it along and you can get your prize. Enjoy!!


  1. That tea sounds awesome! I was a big fan of the Trader Joe's Cinnamon vanilla tea, but it was seasonal and it's all gone now.

  2. I've really been getting into tea lately too - will have to check this out.

    GREAT job with managing your weight - that's really impressive!

  3. Oh wow - I hope you'll share what you think of some of those - that red velvet tea really peaked my interest! Red Velvet is my FAVORITE cake and it's one of my weaknesses - if I could find an innocent replacement, that would rock!

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  5. I love this post..because I love tea :), new flavors...after this comment I'm heading to DacidsTea :)

  6. I am a recent newcomer to Davids tea as well. I just got my red velvet cake tea in on Monday. I splurged and got one of their "perfect" tea mugs that comes with the infuser... and I love it. Stormy night is really good as well!

  7. I love David's tea! I just ordered some for my birthday last month. My favorite so far is the buttered rum!

  8. I can't believe I actually won something! I will be emailing you shortly. That tea looks amazing as well. I have been drinking tea every evening as my snack and I am seeing some David's tea in my future.

  9. I am a tea addict. When I went to London in January, my entire carryon was full of boxes of tea and tea biscuits. I'm not even lying. :-D

  10. Melissa (@mrsridley)February 14, 2013

    Estelle looks like she is floating in the picture like she was photoshopped in there! haha

  11. Oh. My. Gosh. this tea sounds amazing. I've been ogling their site all morning and have a cart full! Thanks so much for this post!!

  12. I love David's Teas so much so that at Christmas I got 3 gift cards totalling around $100. It was awesome and I am running out of cupboard space for tea.

  13. Ever tried Tay Tea? Better than sex (chocolate mint) is amazing!

  14. That tea looks amazing! I have to try some!!

  15. I was wondering how you drink your tea. Do you put anything in it, like milk, sugar, honey? I am trying to find a way to drink my tea that doesn't use up my calories, and I just hate most of the 0 calorie sweeteners.

    1. I make 16 oz of tea at a time, and I add 2 Tbsp. fat-free half and half (20 cals) and 1 tsp. sugar (15 cals) OR I'll use half a packet of stevia instead of sugar. I enjoy tea so much more with the cream and sugar, so it's worth the calories to me!

  16. Just starting to catch up on my blog reading and was JUST thinking about you and whether or not you were enjoying your teas. I'm so glad you like them!! I have David's Tea coming out of my ears right now, but in my next order I'm getting some of that buttered rum. The Banana Nut Bread isn't there anymore :( If I'd known that it was a seasonal bread I would have mentioned that in my post but I'm glad to see they still have another banana flavored tea. I'm starting to call David's Tea the 'Jelly Belly' of teas. I don't know how they do it, but their flavors are really spot-on.

  17. We have a David's Tea store here, and today I was downtown so I stopped in to pick up a few treats for myself. I bought Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Oolong, and Stormy Night. In the store you can smell all of the teas and sample some too. I tried the Chili Chocolate Chai- really good!
    Others I have tried and LOVED are Salted Caramel and Buttered Rum.

    David's Tea is incredible!!


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