November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

Last night, my kids stayed the night at my parents' house. Jerry was at work, and I had the house to myself. I was in bed by 9:30 on a Saturday night--completely lame!

This morning, I had a four mile easy run on my schedule, so I headed outside for that. It was gorgeous in Michigan today! Even early in the morning, it was 54 degrees. I got to leave my gloves at home. Usually, I don't listen to music while run (I prefer podcasts or talk radio), but I made a new playlist yesterday and listened to that. I felt really good throughout the run, and did it rather quickly:
On Sundays, I like to get a lot of cleaning done, so I spent a lot of the afternoon doing laundry. I did go to Wal-Mart for a couple of things, and I went to Kroger to stock up on the Peppermint Stick CLIF bars. They had 10 bars left, so I bought all of them. I also got an Iced Gingerbread flavor and a Pumpkin Spice flavor.

They were on sale for $1 each, but they all rang up at $1.59. After I paid, I went to check the sign again, and I knew I was correct about the sale. So I went to the manager's desk and ended up getting a refund of 59 cents on each bar. Good thing I was paying attention!

When I got home, I tried the Iced Gingerbread flavor, and was immediately hooked. That one was just as good as the Peppermint Stick! So it looks like I'll be going back for more of those, too. The expiration date isn't until May 2013.

I'm going to keep this kind of short, because I am very sleepy right now--I took a Xanax because my anxiety has been really bad for the past few days, and Xanax always makes me tired.

Q. Do you follow any of those commonly advised weight loss rules: No eating after 8pm, drink a glass of water before each meal, eat of smaller plates, turn off the TV/computer while you eat, etc. If so, which ones work for you?

A. I actually find that the less rules I have to follow, the better I stick with my plan. I have found certain habits that work for me, but I don't necessarily have "rules" that I stick with. I always eat a bedtime snack (lately it's been wine and chocolate). I eat breakfast in front of the computer while I check e-mail, and I eat lunch in front of the TV. I do eat dinner at the table with my family, but that's the only time I sit at the dining table.

I think those rules are all ways of tricking yourself into eating less food; but since I measure out my food and count the PointsPlus (or calories, in the past), I'm not risking overeating. Some habits that I've gotten into have certainly helped, however: I always drink a lot of water throughout the day, so that I never confuse thirst with hunger. I never skip meals. And I measure out my portions.

I think the reason I dislike the diet "rules" that you mention are because they are always changing and conflicting. I love Dr. Oz dearly, but watch his show for a week and you learn all kinds of different tips that totally conflict with each other! So I just do what works for me, after trial and error :)

I want to end this with a huge THANK YOU to all of our veterans today (and every day)! I wanted to write this post all about my little brother Nathan, who joined the Army at 18, just after the September 11th attacks, and spent a few years in Iraq. However, he would not be very happy with me if I did that.
My brother surprised my mom at work when he was home on leave

I have a very special place in my heart for the young soldiers spending time in Iraq, because I have seen first-hand how much it changes a person. These 18-year old kids are sent to war without the slightest idea of just how it will alter their lives forever, and their jobs are to do things that most of us can't even imagine doing.

I was trying to think of a way to express my gratitude and care for these soldiers, and I decided that I'd like to send some care packages for the holidays. I know that there are websites to "adopt" a solder, but I was hoping that some of my readers know a soldier who is going to be spending the holidays in Iraq--maybe a spouse or a son or daughter.

If you know a soldier in Iraq right now who you think might like a care package from my family, please send me an e-mail with their shipping address, as well as tell me a little about them--whatever you'd like to share. Eli is very excited to draw some pictures to send as well :)  My e-mail address is SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com.
My boys, waiting for Uncle Nate to come home for GOOD :)


  1. alright..... well you talked me into it: tomorrow i'm going out and buying the holiday clif bars.... !

    1. Once you try them you'll be hooked! I'm going to stock up tomorrow...down to 2! Lol!

  2. I am currently active duty air force and have several members of my unit deployed. Ill email you details tomorrow!

    1. Thank you for your service, Gypsie.

    2. I second that. Gypsie, thank you for your dedication to keeping all of us safe. There are few words to express the appreciation for all you do so "thank you" will have to suffice.


  3. Just found out my brother is going to deployed in March, right after his wife has their 2nd child. What a sacrifice they are both making! I think it's awesome that you thought to do a care package for someone. Hope we can all give our military friends and families the love and support they deserve.

  4. My husband's entire unit is deployed for 6 months (started in Sept) and will miss all the holidays with family. We are stationed in England, so most of their families are away from home already and now have their spouses/parent gone too. I can send you the address and some names if you'd like-- you are so sweet to do this. My friend had her youth group write letters to my husband when he was deployed last time and it was a real perk for the whole unit!!

  5. I had the same type of weekend - husband had to work Friday night and Saturday night for a special conference that was happening, which is always tough (he keeps me sane and away from the kitchen!) But the combination of the clock change this past week, getting dark earlier, and just a busy week in general had me exhausted. I was also asleep by 9:30 :)

  6. What's got you worrying? I hope everything is ok and maybe just related to the dang changes in daylight. It feels like 9pm to me when we're sitting down to eat dinner at 5:30pm. I hate it!

    Thank you to your brother Nathan for his service to our country.

  7. I have panic disorder and get anxiety frequently. Recently came off Zoloft and started running as a way to manage everything - working on getting off all meds 100%. I read your post about chewing ice and playing solitare and getting your xanie on; I do the same thing so I knew there was a God given reason I was lead to your blog :) Hope you're feeling better today.

    1. Amanda - I happened to read your comment and can relate. I currently am coming off of my Zoloft and Abilify due to trying to get pregnant via an upcoming IVF cycle. I also take Xanax, and am stopping that too. I'm trying to exercise more and have been eating much better. I've lost 50 pounds this year. However, I've been doing a lot of reading about vitamins that can help with depression, moods, etc. Vitamins C, B, and D can be helpful from what I've read. I just added a B-complex to my daily regimen. Also, myo-inositol is a naturally occuring substance in the body that can be supplemented. I have several friends going through infertility who use it to help with anxiety. One friend, after taking it a couple times, said it has changed her life. I'm going out to buy some today to try. I'm not a doctor, but when I hear from others about something that helps them, I like to share! Good luck to you with everything!

  8. What a wonderful idea, to do a lovely care package for a special person who will be away from his/her family this holiday season. Good thinking Katie!

    I was thinking the other day how blessed I am. I have been given so much and there are so many who have so little. This year, I'm going to try and give back somehow, somewhere, to show my appreciation.

    Like you, I flaunt the rules of conventional dieting. Funny you mention how the things that are said on Dr. Oz very often contradict each other. We all have to do what works for us.

  9. What a wonderful idea to send a care package. I think I will do the same. I will even recruit my students at school to bring in stuff/make cards/etc.

    Do you happen to know how many points plus the clif bars are? I want to try them!

  10. My hubby is in Michigan this week on business, glad it isn't too cold! I have to try those Clif bars! They sound delish :). We just donated some items for care packages that our church is sending out. I take half a xanax on occasion to calm myself down and sleep, a whole one puts me right out and makes me groggy the next day.


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