September 24, 2012

Lava lamp

There is something magical about a lava lamp. It has this way of lifting my mood, and making me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

My sister bought one for me for Christmas years ago--I think I was about 12. It has a black base and yellow lava. When I was a teenager, and always taking on the phone, I used to lie in the dark on my bed with just the glow of the lava lamp while I chatted with my friends.

When I got upset for some reason or another, I used to lie on my bed and just stare at the lava until I fell asleep. When my boys were just babies, I used the glow of the lava lamp in order to see while I fed them in the middle of the night.

There is something so hypnotizing about watching the lava move around in the lamp. A few years ago, I had put the lava lamp away and somehow forgotten about it. Yesterday, I spotted the lamp and immediately plugged it in. I asked Jerry if he wanted to lie on the bed and watch with me, and we ended up having the best afternoon together!

We just sat and talked for a couple of hours about all kinds of stuff, mostly about when we were dating. I have to say, I am loving his tattoo. I've never been a big tattoo-person, but I think he looks hot with it ;)

Unfortunately, my lava lamp does not like to be photographed--you can't see the lava at all in the picture! Just imagine it as the color of an egg yolk.

This morning, when I was cleaning up the kitchen, I looked at Jerry's food log from yesterday. It's such a joke! I thought it was hilarious and anyone looking at it would totally think he's a bachelor:
Brats, beans, beer, pretzels, beer, and a protein bar. Really?!

What's worse is that he's lost 10 pounds over the last 2 weeks!! (For the record, his food log doesn't always look like that--I just found yesterday's log to be very humorous). Here's my log, from the same day:
And I will tell you right now, I did not lose 10 pounds over the last two weeks ;)

I was scheduled for a six-mile run today, but after Friday's long run, I decided to take an extra day off this week because of my knee. It hasn't been hurting very badly, but I'm hoping to avoid it getting to that point; so I don't mind skipping a shorter run here and there if it means my knee will be better. I have a six-mile run on Wednesday, and then a 20-miler on Friday.

It will be my last 20-miler (hopefully in my life). After that, I will start the three-week taper until my marathon! Renee has a 20-miler scheduled as well. I think we're going to go to lunch at La Pita afterward. I am going to plan out my points before I go, so I don't go too crazy with the garlic sauce (which is known to happen at La Pita!)  ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing your WW logs! I joined about a month ago and am struggling to stay within my 33 PP! :) I definitely am realizing why I wasn't losing weight before, I think I was cheating counting calories quite a bit. WW really makes me think about how I can get the most out of my points, and eat the best foods, I love reading about your point of view.

  2. Snow (especially big fluffy Charlie Brown flakes) have the same effect on me that the lava lamp has on you.

    His log had me cracking up. Doesn't it just figure? You've got pretty handwriting! You should go to Kevin and Amanda and have her turn it into a font!

  3. I've never had a lava lamp but could totally see how it would be mesmerizing - maybe we'll have to get one! :)

    OK, I am DYING at Jerry's log! I'm trying to figure out which item was breakfast. Protein bar or beer? Ha! That is so funny. I can totally relate on the frustration of the hubs losing weight faster. We did Body for Life together years ago and after the 12 weeks he had lost like 30 POUNDS or something crazy and I had only lost 10! Now I weigh MORE THAN HIM so I am hell-bent on getting in shape and losing some of this weight. ugh!

  4. I love lava lamps and used to have one in my office at work. This inspired me to get it back out.

    I have lost 36 pounds with WW. My struggle now is to consistently track my food, but I know it works so I need to quit being lazy and lose another 15-20 pounds!

  5. I love lava lamps... and Jodi Picoult :) I also love the differences in your logs. Too funny. What's not funny is how fast men can lose weight. Ugh! Same thing happens when hubs & I try to lose together- he's down so fast and I'm just barely getting it done.

  6. Awww - I used to LOVE my lava lamp. Mine was blue! I had mine through middle school and high school. Wow, wishing I still had it now :)

    omg - too funny with his food log! That's hilarious. It's no fair how fast guys (usually) lose weight so much faster ;)

    Have you tried the WW app for your iPhone (I think I remember you getting an iPhone...)? Anyway, I love it - easy to track points, activity points, and the weeklies. If your doing eTools, it should be including in the fee.

    1. ...*how guys (usually) lose weight so much faster, I mean ;)

  7. I have (or had) a lava lamp with a gold base, blue liquid and yellow lava. You have made me want to find it :)

  8. Jerry's WW log is HILARIOUS!

    Yum... La Pita.

  9. Jerry's log is too funny! My boyfriends would look the exact same except there would be ice cream and more cheese ha. And of course he lost 10lbs! Men :P

  10. Now I wish I still had MY lava lamp! (not that these two precious children of mine would allow me any time to ogle at it!) Isn't it sickening how men lose weight so easily? My hubs will go on a diet of such once a year or so and I just want to kick him when he weighs in! Ha!

  11. I love lava lamps & agree that they are so relaxing and just awesome for the imaginative mind:-) His tattoo is pretty awesome also, I love how he worked in you & the kids:-)

  12. First...the log is too funny!!! My husband is the same way! Course he's 6'3" so he doesn't have to worry as much about weight as my 5'3" (on a good day).
    I didn't have a lava lamp, but I had a tornado lamp that had little beads and would swirl around like a tornado...I loved it!

  13. I love that when you suggested to Jerry that he lie on the bed with you and watch the lava lamp--he did it--with no ulterior motive--at least none that you wrote about! And I wouldn't blame you if you skipped that part--some things don't have to be written about in blogs!

    No fair--that he drinks beer and still loses 10 lbs. in 2 weeks. Must be nice. I quit snacking and gain weight! NO FAIR! That's life.

  14. That looks like what would be my husband's food log! I actually asked him if he's a wanna-be bachelor! Too funny. And he, too, has lost 20 lbs without even really "trying". So tough, isn't it?

  15. The difference in those food logs just kills me - love it! :)

  16. Ithe other day you asked for breakfast ideas, and I was thinking maybe you ,ould do green smoothies or something. Since fruit and veggies are no points it should be relativly low!

  17. I love the food logs - hilarious! And that's pretty much how my hubby's would look too.

    OOOOH LA PITA!! YUM -- if i could join you for that lunch I might just run 20 miles for that! :-)

  18. Jerry cracks me up!!

    Hope your 20 miler is great!

  19. I love hearing that you are trying out WW again after all this time. I have been on WW for quite a while, although I have been horrible about tracking. The crazy thing is, if you track and follow the plan, it actually works! Isn't that crazy? :) I have tried to re-dedicate myself to WW & tracking, and running, etc before I have surgery in a little over a month. I will need the dedicationg with little to no exercise for 6 weeks afterwards as well as the holidays in full swing. Thanks for sharing your tracker!


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