June 04, 2012

Weekend recap

I rarely have enough stuff going on in a weekend to have a "recap", so it's kind of exciting that I do! ;) Actually, the weekend wasn't very exciting; but it was kind of busy...

Since I didn't do my long run on Friday, I had to do it Saturday. And I'm glad I waited, because the weather was gorgeous for a run! My plan was to run 10 miles--my first post-marathon long run. I drove out to the Metropark to run, because my kids went to some garage sales with my dad. I decided to run the whole 10, rather than doing the 9:1 run/walk method.

I headed out and it was so peaceful and nice outside, with great weather. But just a couple of miles into the run, my knee started bugging me. By mile 4, I had tears in my eyes because it was hurting so badly. I was running an out-and-back route, so I was 4 miles from my car. I was actually only a mile or so from where my dad was garage saleing with my kids. I took my phone out of my hydration belt to call my dad for a pick-up. I have NEVER called for a pick-up from a run before!! That's how much pain I was in. Before I called, however, I decided to try a walk break.

At mile 4.5, I walked for 1/4 mile, and that helped my knee enough to where I could run again. After that, I just did a 9:1 run/walk method, and while my knee still hurt, I was able to finish the 10 miles. I was so frustrated with my goddamned knee that I got my my car and screamed--like the people that totally lose it in the movies. My splits:
The 11:16 mile was where I walked 1/4 mile of it. After that mile, I ran the first 9/10ths of a mile and then walked the last tenth. About a mile from the car, I stopped to take a picture because it was so pretty:
My knee was pretty much killing me the rest of the day. I decided to call a sports medicine doctor first thing on Monday.

On Sunday morning, I woke up bright and early. A couple of my friends (Alicia and Andrea) were going to do their first triathlon, and I wanted to go cheer them on. It was at the state park (not far from my house), so I quickly dressed and headed out. I stopped and bought a 24 oz. coffee (a regular one--not decaf)! It makes me laugh how easy it was to get hooked on regular coffee after the one little slip-up on Friday. I walked down by the beach to the start of the race, and found Alicia and Andrea.

Andrea and Alicia--don't they look cute in their swim caps? ;)
They were doing the sprint triathlon, which is a 0.47 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run. Once the race started and they headed out for the swim, I walked over to where they would come up out of the water and watched them run over to the transition. Then Stephanie and Tammy (both spectators as well) and I all ran over to watch them head out on their bikes. Tammy and I found a good spot to cheer them on about a mile into the run. We cheered for a while and then after they both passed by us, we ran to the finish line to see them finish.

I wasn't expecting all the running around, but it was a lot of fun! After Andrea and Alicia finished, I stayed at the finish line cheering for all the people finishing. I felt bad, because pretty soon, Tammy and I were the ONLY ones standing at the finish chute cheering for the final yards. I'm glad that we stayed, because everyone deserves to have people there at the end!

After the triathlon, I had to go get the kids from the church picnic. Jerry and I stayed for a little while, and we brought a kite for the kids to fly. It had been sitting in our hall closet for about three years!
It's a robot kite--they got it pretty high up there!

This morning, I got up and went for a run as soon as Jerry got home at 6:30. My plan was to do the first day's workout of marathon training (just to test it out--marathon training doesn't actually start until June 18th). It was a 50-minute run with 6 pick-ups (30 seconds of fast running). So I set my Garmin for intervals--8 minutes of easy running at a 10:30-ish pace, followed by 30-seconds of a 8:00-8:30-ish pace. Then repeat for a total of 6 times.

By mile three, my knee was killing me. I took a walk break, and then decided to head directly home for a total of only 4 miles rather than the 50-minutes I was "supposed" to do. Again, so frustrated I wanted to cry.
These splits are done by time--8 minutes followed by 30 seconds. It ended up being 4 miles in 40:34 (a 10:08 pace overall), which is actually a little faster than I was going for.

After running, I had to shower and head out for an OB/GYN appointment. It was a follow-up appointment after my colposcopy. The doctor explained the results and what everything meant, and said I didn't need the D&C after all (yay!!). The colp was totally normal. He wants me to repeat my pap smear in 3 months, but he's sure that it will be normal, so he said not to worry about anything at all.

On the way home, I stopped at the running store for some new shoes. My Brooks Adrenalines are getting up there in mileage, and I decided to try out a different shoe this time, to see if it might help with my knee pain. I explained all the issues I've had with the woman working there, and she brought out a bunch of different shoes. I was really surprised that my favorite fit were actually the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8's. I've only ever worn Brooks, so it's kind of scary to switch brands. But we'll see what happens!

I had to get a size 10 wide!! In everyday shoes, I wear an 8.5 regular; in my Brooks Adrenaline's, I wear 9.5 wide. The saleswoman told me that these Mizuno's run a half-size short, so I should get a 10. And she was right. They're really comfy and not as heavy as the Adrenaline's. But I haven't run in them yet, so the true test will be on Wednesday.

As soon as I got home, I scheduled an appointment with a sports medicine doc about my knee. I really hope that he doesn't tell me I can't run. But my knee hasn't gotten any better and it's been months since I injured it, so who knows. And the last thing I want to do is go through months of marathon training with my knee feeling like it is. So I'm praying he just tells me to strength train, stretch, and maybe foam-roll or something.

So that is my weekend (and Monday) in a nutshell.


  1. Glad the GYN visit went well!

    I'm sorry your knee hurts so bad. I do transcription for ortho and sports medicine. Whatever the doc tells you - do it. A lot of people come in initially and then come back having ignored the doctor's advice and now need surgery. If that means no running for 4 weeks, make sure you follow that.

  2. Those are the exact shoes I have, and the exact size lol. I LOVE them. I actually wear them everywhere now, so I'm going to grab another pair lol.

    Glad the OB/GYN had good news & hope your knee feels better!

  3. thanks for coming to cheer us on! it was great to have you there cheering!!!
    And I love my mizunos and have to always buy them a half size up. I hope that you have good luck with yours!

  4. Wow, that was a busy weekend! I have to laugh at the shoe size because I know that we are the same height (just a smidge under 5'4") and I ALWAYS get comments on how big my feet are (size 8 - 8.5) for someone so short. Lol. I guess we were cut from the same cloth or something.

  5. I love Mizuno wave inspires! the best shoe!

  6. That's too bad about your knee. Injuries are so frustrating!
    When I decided that I was going to take running seriously, soon after I injured my groin and it took a few weeks to heal...so annoying because I really wanted to run!

  7. I am SO sorry about your knee Katie - I really hope you get good news at your appointment!

    As for the new running shoes - I have a friend who SWEARS by Mizunos!! I hope they work for you!

    I just wanted to tell you - it's silly really, but cute! My 4 year old was in my lap as I was reading your blog. He pointed to your before and after picture and asked me who that was (pointing to the recent shot) I told him that was Katie. He asked me if you were running in a race and I told him that you are a runner and do lots of races! Then he pointed to the before picture and asked me who that was. I told him that was ALSO Katie. I told him that you started running so you could get fit and that is why you look different in the pictures. I then told him that Mommy working on doing the same thing. He smiled and said "you're doing it good Mommy"! I just thought you might get a smile out of that! I love how honest little kids are sometimes!

  8. I hope you get some good advice and news from the doctor! I bet they won't tell you to STOP running unless there is something really wrong! I hope that isn't the case! Good luck with the appointment!

  9. When is your appmt? It seems like a lot of those specialists are hard to get into.
    That was VERY kind of you to stay and cheer for people. I was a regular runner a few years ago and much slower than most. It always broke my heart a little that at my longer races (10K was the longest I did), all the spectators besides my friends were gone :(
    I'm so happy for you that the OBGYN stuff came back normal!

  10. Yay we are sole sisters - these shoes fit.my flat feet well and help with my overpronation. Im worried about losing a toenail with the new pair so I might go to an 8.5 next. Hope you like them :)

  11. I'm sorry about your knee and I totally feel your pain. While training for my first 5k (which you and your blog inspired me to do :)) 1 week before the race I got serious knee pain after a run. I rested totally that week hoping for a miracle. I ran the 5k and about .2 in my knee started hurting, I knew there was no stopping so I kept going and finished 33:37 not was I was hoping for but way better than I thought I could do with my knee. I went to my ortho specialist the following Wednesday and I have IT band syndrome. It sounds very similar to what you're feeling. I hope you find out what exactly is going on and how to fix it. The doctor and PT want me out for 4-6 weeks. I'm 2 weeks in and it has been so hard! I've lost 65 pounds in the last year or so and it has been a killer to my motivation. But I'm hoping if I do everything they say i'll be back to normal by the end of that 6 weeks! Sorry this turned long!

  12. I'm so glad you scheduled an appointment--hopefully you'll get some positive answers! Keep the faith! You can get through it!

    The shoes look awesome. :)

  13. Hang in there Katie!! Maybe your knee just needs some rest :) I did my very first half marathon yesterday. My hotel room had no microwave eventhough their website said they did. I rememebered your tip on heating up water in the coffee pot for oatmeal. That was me yesterday morning at 430am!

  14. I feel you on the knee pain...I've already had one knee surgery and my other one is starting to act up. I hope all is okay with yours. Mizunos tend to run smaller..I'm a size 10 and I had to get a size 12! I love mine and hope that you love yours, too.

  15. good luck at the doctors! Its funny how all brands of shoes fit different and how the sizes run.

  16. What specific part of your knee is hurting?? If. It is the outside it sounds like you may be having some IT band issues. I suggest getting a foam roller if you don't have one already and roll as much and as often as you can to work the hurt out. Also, be sure to take some Advil, ice for about 15-20 minutes @ a time about 3 times a day, & of course REST! By pushing yourself you could end up hurting yourself even more! I hope you get to feeling better! I know list how frustrating injuries can be!

    1. I know just*** how frustrating injuries can be

  17. I have Mizuno's too and I absolutely love them (of course I don't run anywhere near as much as you). I had to go up to a size 9 or 9.5 (can't remember which) but I normally wear a 7.5 or 8. It was odd buying such a large size for me, but they work perfectly!

    I hope your appointment with the knee doctor goes well and that your knee heals up quickly!

  18. I have Mizunos...the wave creations. I love them but I do wear my Brooks Glycerine 9 times out of 10. I got the Mizunos before I discovered my love of Brooks LOL

    Good Luck at the doctor, when I first started running I had foot issues so I got orthopedics which for lack of a better term fucked my knee. Apparently if you have ever had knee or hip issues orthopedics are the worst thing to run in because it takes the shock absorption out of the foot and shoots it up the leg...YAY

  19. Busy weekend with lots of good news! You will have to do a report on how the new shoes go. I just bought my first new pair of running shoes since I've started taking running seriously and it feels so weird! I'm strangely attached to my current shoes! Haha. And I feel you on wanting to cry from a run. The other day I stopped for no reason, my body just didn't want to run anymore. Gah!!

  20. I hope your knee appointment goes well. I love your blog, even though I am not a runner. I never have been, because since I was a kid, my knees hurt, so I stick to low impact exercises. Anyway, I was walking the dog a lot this winter, and one of my knees started hurting SO bad. I saw a doctor, and actually saw the PA. Truly, he was not very helpful. He said I have arthritis and I just have to put up with it until I decide to get knee replacement?? Really?? Anyway, I had my family doctor refer me to Physical Therapy and it has made a *huge* difference. I know I will never be able to run, but thankfully I can walk without pain most of the time, hike, swim and use the elliptical. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you my story so that you aren't too worried...I hope they can get you some exercises that really help, and if not, be sure to ask someone else!!

  21. Knee pain sucks! I hope it's nothing serious and goes away soon so you can continue with your training! :)

  22. I love Mizunos! I hope you will have less pain with them!

  23. I developed knee pain while training for my first HM. Two weeks before the race, the pain was unbearable, just as I started running 10+ miles. What I thought was a knee issue was really an ITBand problem. A couple weeks of PT and I was able to run my half. It has been a little over a month, and the ITB still gives me issues, but I know how to stretch. Hopefully your knee problem isn't too serious. Good luck!

  24. "By mile 4, I had tears in my eyes because it was hurting so badly."

    I can't imagine being in that much pain and running through it. You are a champ Katie! I don't think I have the athlete mentality. I like exercise, but in moderation. :)

  25. It's so much more fun to run on a beautiful day!


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