February 14, 2012

Real Foods Challenge: Day 14

I know I said I wasn't going to mention my weight until the end of this challenge, but I really must do something to avoid gaining any more. My weight is climbing almost daily, and I'm past my "panic weight" of 137. This morning, I was 139.5. Fucking pistachios. And dates.

I used to snack on a piece of Ezekiel bread with nut butter; now I've been snacking on dates (way more than a serving) and nuts (again, more than one serving). They're just so small and not-filling that it's easy to get carried away. But I'm afraid to take them away, because then what will I eat?!

I know that common sense would tell me to just limit my portions of those foods. I've tried that, and I just seem to be incapable of stopping. I was actually thinking of counting my calories for the next two weeks of this challenge. I was browsing around SparkPeople today, and it made me miss logging my food in the nutrition tracker.

On the other hand, I've been doing really well maintaining my weight range without counting calories that I'm afraid to screw that up. I think I'll try counting tomorrow and see how that goes.

So today is Valentine's Day. Jerry and I have never really celebrated it, simply because I'm too cheap ;)  I get mad when he wastes money on flowers or cards (on ANY day, not just V-day). When we were watching Grey's Anatomy on Thursday, though, all the characters kept eating chocolates--and I said to Jerry, "I want Valentine's Day chocolates! I'm always on a stupid diet for Valentine's Day, and I've never in my life gotten chocolates like that."

Then this morning, when Jerry got home from work, I said, "Thanks for the chocolates" (teasingly, because I knew he didn't have any).  He said, "What chocolates?" And I replied, "You know, the ones that husbands are supposed to buy their wives for Valentine's Day." So he went into the bedroom and brought out a huge, tacky, heart-shaped box of chocolates and a card. Hahaha, I was surprised--and so disappointed that I couldn't eat any of them!

They are going to sit unopened on my dresser until March 1st, when I'll probably eat all 14 oz. of them for breakfast ;)

Tomorrow, Jessica isn't able to do our usual interval run, so I think I'll do it alone. It's hard to run fast outside when the ground is covered in snow, so I'm going to use the indoor track at our high school rec center. It's great for sprints, because you have to go around the track 12 times for one mile. So I'll sprint for a lap, then jog for a lap--18 times.

I'm going to bring my Garmin foot pod with me and see how accurate it is. I might even be able to calibrate it--not sure if I need a 1/4 mile track or if any measured track will do.

The last time I used that track was the only time I used it--on the first day of softball tryouts in the tenth grade. I decided to try out for softball, and never would have done that if I realized that we would have to run laps. I was horribly embarrassed, because I was extremely out of shape and couldn't run. After one lap, I made an excuse to the coach that I had a dentist appointment and had to leave. I never went back.

My food log was all out of whack today, because I was basically snacking all day without real meals. But it's safe to say that the majority of it was dates and nuts. I think I'll go on SparkPeople right now to plan out tomorrow's meals!

I did make a yummy breakfast worth sharing--whole-grain blueberry pancakes. They were so good that I posted the recipe on my recipes blog.


  1. Hey Katie! I am still pretty new to your blog, so I don't really know what kind of food that you like. I found this recipe on Pinterest and thought that the blog its from has some really great recipes, using real food. I just thought you might be interested in checking it out. Also, sorry you're having a hard time with snacking so much. It is hard to find the right balance, especially when the food that you are eating doesn't really satisfy like the food that you are craving. Keep it up, you will be glad you did in the end.

    Here is the recipe link...

    Hope you find some meal inspirations to help you keep going!

  2. Wow, those pancakes look delightful!! I got my Garmin in the mail today and the 6-year-old kept asking me why I was calling it "a new toy." Ha ha! I haven't taken the footpod out of the package yet, but I did walk a half-mile down the road and back when I got home to see what my time REALLY is, lol! Looking forward to hearing how your calibration goes! I learn lots from you!

  3. I told my husband to not buy me anything, no flowers, candy (ESPECIALLY no candy), gifts, etc. So he says "Why? What did you do?" because usually I buy myself something! He didn't believe me when I tell him I didn't buy anything, (just renewed my gym membership which was supposed to be my only Christmas present), but I don't want him spending any money since I know I'm doing the relay. THEN he asked me when it was, again. And I told him the beginning of the year, and he says "Oh, right after Christmas..." I need another job!

  4. Those pancakes look awesome.

    My hubby got me flowers (I'm internally annoyed because I hate wasting money on flowers too but didn't have the heart to be mean - he meant well… tho he should know better we've been married for 17 fricken years!)

    Good luck on your run tomorrow!

  5. Those pancakes look so AWESOME! I've got to try them! How sweet of him to get you chocolates haha!

  6. Hey...that's no tacky box of chocolates--that's RUSSELL STOVER's! YUM! My dad used to buy me a Russell Stover's candy heart every year for Val's day, even though he KNEW I didn't need them. I told hubby NOT to buy me any candy, but I bought a bunch of crap (candy) for the grandkids and am just back from their house where I delivered it. FUN! And now it's OUT OF MY HOUSE and not tempting me anymore!

    Isn't it funny that you are in better shape now than you were in high school? Girls didn't have many sports back when I was in HS, (graduated in 69), but my senior year they started girls' track. Of course I went out, even though I KNEW I couldn't run. I never could run, even when I wasn't all that fat. I was never skinny in high school, but nothing like I got to eventually. I probably weighed in around 150, which of course for high school girls was HUGE! So I lasted in track for about two days--I couldn't do the running either. I probably still couldn't, but if it was walking...I COULD!!

    Isn't it ironic that the natural foods are packing on the pounds? It is hard to stop at ONE helping of nuts, I can't do it either! That's why when Dr. Oz touts the greatness of walnuts, I think to myself, "they're not so great in the quantity I eat them!"

  7. P.S. I would kill to see 139 again! LOL!!

    1. Me too! Haha. I also TOTALLY agree on the nuts. They're only healthy if you eat a portion, not a canister, and I have a hard time sticking to one portion. The fat and protein are supposed to satisfy you, but I've never found that to be true (unless, of course, I eat the whole container). Portions are so hard for me, anyway, so I try to stay away from nuts as much as possible if I'm trying to watch what I eat (which I should be doing all the time, but that's another story...)

  8. Katie- do you eat fruit? That is so filling! And so real! Also- Greek yogurt with some grapenuts? Are grapenuts real?

    I LOVE your blog. I read it all the time, but this is my first comment. Keep it real girl!


  9. I like hummus now. Lots of recipes on line. It's great with carrots or celery or crackers (if you can do crackers). It's more filling and not too awful on calories. You can make it yourself, or after your whole foods thing, you can get prepackaged servings at Sam's Club (in the refrigerated section near the cheese).

    Another good snack is cucumbers dipped in vinegar, esp. that japanese plum type. High in sodium, though, so that may be an issue. Apples and string cheese are a good combo. I like that after I run.


  10. I struggle so badly with portion control when it comes to things like nuts and dried dates and figs. I find that if I don't literally count them out and put the packet away, that I keep eating them. That's why I don't buy ready-made trail mix anymore - I would eat 1kg bag over a day or two :-S These days I go for an apple as a snack - relatively filling (once you get over that weird apple-burping problem), and you're never going to reach out for a second one.

    I got a Mexican cookbook for V-Day. As it turns out, boys give better gifts if girls tell them exactly what they want ;)

  11. Ezekiel bread and nut butter are not whole foods? I have a real issue with dried fruit and nuts too. I know some people are satisfied (as in relieved from hunger) by them, but to me they just scream more. Soon I have consumed 500 calories in snacks!

  12. I don't even mess with dried fruit or nuts b/c a portion seems way to small, so I totally know where you are coming from and I bet that is why your weight in increasing. Also, make sure to track your water as well. Instead of dried fruit or nuts, I go with the fresh fruit/veg, I know, not as fun. I've become a huge fan of FF Greek yogurt, with fruit and some kashi go lean mixed in. There is a huge protein punch and some carbs from the fruit. I'm guessing you could make some type of granola for the crunch to satisfy the whole foods challenge. This also serves as a dessert for me as well. Oh, I also add chia seed gel to make it more filling and a bunch of cinnamon.


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