February 23, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #15

Yay--it's Transformation Tuesday! I wish you could see how excited it get to go through the Transformation Tuesday emails. I have a few more DIY projects to post this week--organizing spaces and bathroom makeovers. Fun stuff :)

This first one is from Deb, who shared a before and after of a valance in her bathroom last week...

Well, changing up the valence created a bit of a snowball effect in the bathroom!

A bit of back story: When we bought this house 5 years ago, this bathroom had wallpaper and a sort of 1970s "French regency" vibe going on. The vinyl floor and the cabinet doors had mauve accents. Rather than fight that, I tried to embrace it while encouraging it to read pinker than mauve by swapping the wallpaper for pink paint. I added my 1950s poodle stuff & called it a day (for a few years.) I never liked the floor and didn't care for the doors either, but couldn't afford to change them out. Ditto with the heavy feeling mirror.

Changing the valence prompted me to think about what I could​ change now. So, I took the plunge and decided to paint what I didn't like! Painting the mirror white and painting the cabinet a bit darker made it feel less "top heavy" as well as making the room feel brighter. Painting the cabinet doors a single color minimized the ornate accent molding, and swapping the pulls out for something less fussy helped it feel "cleaner". I still need to do some touch up and these pulls are a temporary solution (they were left over from another project), but I'm pleased with the result.

I would call this project "before" and "for now" rather than "after". I still would like plainer doors and new flooring (besides the mauve dots, the floor itself is not in good shape), but for now this low money relatively small effort refresh has made the whole thing feel a lot better!

- Deb

I don’t have a great before pic but you can see the wreck in the background. 

I added two horizontal shelves at the top.  I cut down a long piece of wood that was part of my grandma's china cabinet.  It’s so much more functional now!


I moved in with my boyfriend a year ago and he already had the one car garage full, as a shop. Well, I do A LOT of woodworking (and have more tools than he does!) and other things so I started organizing the area.

Sadly I did not think to take a before picture of the full garage. I really wish I had. The first pic sort of shows the chaos... I bought "stank the tank" my awesome tool box to use as my workspace and when he first came home he kind of just sat in the middle of the mess. Now he finally has his own space with even more organization and a workbench for other things. As well as my new 3D printer, laser engraver and CNC machine on top of him! It makes working on my projects sooooooo nice!

- Katie

My transformation was actually inspired by you and a few other bloggers! We bought our house two years ago and all of the bathrooms were remodeled except the guest bathroom. I decided to see what I could do myself so I pulled the trigger and ordered a laminate counter top, a toilet, new sinks and faucets, a jigsaw and a table saw, and I went to work!

Removing the tile on the original vanity was a lot of work, there was so much concrete and staples under there. I wasn’t ready to take on a tiling project so I decided to paint them instead! It’s been a fun project. You can definitely tell that it was a DIY and not professional but I feel pretty proud of it!

I also used MirrorMate to get a custom frame for the current mirror and it turned out great!

- Lindsey, from So Cal

(Before I forget to say this, if there is ONE thing I can't stress enough, it's to make sure you ALWAYS take "before" photos! I am super bummed that I didn't go through my house and take clear photos of the rooms from different angles before I started working on them. I had no idea that I was going to do so much with the house so it didn't occur to me to do that. Like Katie wrote about her garage/workshop, she really wishes she'd taken photos before she started.)

Anyway, thank you all for sharing these transformations! Deb, painting the mirror in the bathroom made SUCH a huge difference--and you did a great job on the cabinets, too. Rebecca, isn't it crazy just how much extra space you get by adding a couple of shelves? I added extra shelves in our closets, and I was stunned at how much room that made. Katie, I can't even tell you how jealous I am of your workshop--and I can't WAIT to see the she-shed you mentioned in your email. And Lindsey, holy smokes! Your DIY bathroom makeover is nothing short of stunning. The tiles are unbelievable.

Please please please keep the transformations coming! I love this series I don't ever want to run out of transformations to post ;)  You can submit them by sending a before photo and after photo (the highest resolution you can) and a description of the transformation to me at: Katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Make sure you include your name, location, and what you like to do!

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  1. I hear you about taking the "before" photos. I cannot believe we didn't. Ed transformed our house from a dingy 1950s bomb into a lovely, airy home. What was I thinking? (Or not thinking.)


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