June 20, 2013

Pizza Thursday

This morning, while I was drinking my tea and browsing Facebook, I saw this post from Michigan Weather Watcher:
Since not everyone can read print so tiny, it says: "Check this out guys, what looks like precipitation on the radar is actually bugs! Yep, that's right, BUGS! These are Mayflies, but not to be confused with fishflies; mayflies are a lot smaller, but very similar. How wild is this?"

I happen to live in the yellow part. The Mayflies had hatched overnight, which means for the next week or two, the streets will be covered in them. They are already all over the outside of our house. I had been planning to run outside today while the boys were at basketball camp, but changed my mind and chose the treadmill instead. I'll probably be confined to the treadmill for a couple of weeks. This is a picture of the I took a couple of years ago while out for a run:

Gross, right? They make a popping noise when you step on them.

I had four miles on the schedule, so I turned on Pretty Little Liars, set the treadmill at 7.0, and just ran. Thankfully, I felt much better during today's run than I have lately. I think it's probably because I've been eating better the past few days. When I eat too much or eat really crappy food, my running suffers a lot.

After I showered, I took the boys to basketball camp, and then went to a local consignment shop to drop off a bunch of clothes. I haven't brought clothes there in a while, but when I recently cleaned out the boys' dressers and closets, there was a ton of stuff that was too small on them, and in really good condition. I figured I'd at least make a few bucks by consigning them instead of just donating them. While I was there, I browsed around a bit, but I really don't need any clothes right now.

Speaking of clothes, this afternoon I was putting a load of clothes in the laundry, when I felt something tickle my arm. I threw the clothes into the washer (thinking it was probably just a string or something on the clothes) but still felt the tickling, and when I looked down, there was a HUGE spider crawling up my arm!

I completely lost it, and started screaming and flinging my arms all over the place. I couldn't get the image out of my head of that spider on my arm. When I went back to try to finish loading the clothes, I very carefully picked up one piece of clothing at a time (touching as little of it as possible), and shaking it out before putting into the washer. I never did come across the spider again, which means it's somewhere in my house :(

The boys have another baseball game tonight, but it doesn't start until 8:00. We decided that since Jerry is off today, we'll do "Pizza Thursday" this week instead of "Pizza Friday", and go out for pizza before their game.There aren't very many places around here where you can dine in for pizza. We went to a place about 30 minutes away, near my brother Nathan's house.

If I hadn't made a bet with my sister yesterday, I totally would have blown my PointsPlus today. Eli and I both love fried pickles, so we got an order for an appetizer. I only ate four of them (I estimated 4 PP), even though I wanted to eat the entire plate. Then Jerry and I got a small pizza with ham, pineapple, and banana peppers. I had two slices of that (again, I would have plowed through it all if I could!).

I just tried to eat really slowly, so that by the time I was done, everyone else was already done with seconds. While we were eating, Jerry said, "Man, if I was Nathan, I'd eat this pizza every day." Right after he said that, Nathan walked in the door! He said he was meeting a friend for dinner. We chatted with him for a few minutes, and he said he's going to try to come to the kids' game tonight. I hope he does.

On the way home, I was thinking how glad I was that I only had two pieces of pizza. I even saved 5 PointsPlus for a McD's vanilla cone after the boys' baseball game tonight!


  1. merthebearJune 20, 2013

    Those bugs are icky LoL Here in the south we have the cicadas that hatch every 17 years. They cover the ground and they crunch when the step on them. They are also very very very very loud. Enough to make you lose your mind!

  2. Gross! A few years back we had a problem with crickets here in Texas (well the part I was in at least). They were everywhere. We went through a drive through and couldn't even open the window to get our food, because they were on the wall and the window and just all over we were afraid they would fly in. It was horrible. Every morning I had to leap about 4 feet from the base of the stairs of the apartment to the side walk to avoid stepping all over them. The city was infested.

    That pizza looks amazing! I would eat it ever day too. Good thing I can't lol

  3. AnonymousJune 20, 2013

    I love your guys' bet! I need someone like that in my life! Great job staying on track while still indulging.

  4. Oh gross! I am so glad that I live north of the yellow zone! And as if that doesn't give me enough of the wiggins, finding a spider crawling on me would do the job. Anytime I see a spider after like 6 I find myself thinking about it when I try to sleep :( then I have to do a bug check on my sheets and pillows.

  5. Saving points for pizza AND ice cream is fantastic! Way to go! And that pizza looks amazing! That is one food that I have a hard time stopping with.

  6. Oh god those bugs would FREAK me out if I lived in a place with them! That pizza looks delicious, great job on keeping it to two slices :)

  7. I live in Wisconsin and in May/June we get hatchings of Lakeflies. They cover everything. They are disgusting and messy....much like the picture you posted. The only good part is that they don't bite but for a few weeks they are yuck! Your pizza looks fantastic. We went for pizza today and I think it is amazing you stopped at two slices. I need more of that determination! Good job!

  8. I could not imagine all of those bugs!

  9. THis is kind of random but your pineapple on your pizza reminded me of this.....Last year I found a good recipe on pinterest that I've been dying to make again now that it's "grilling" season (I live in Iowa, so I get it) Marinate chicken in teriyaki sauce, grill the chicken, then grill some fresh pineapple slices. We made ours into sandwiches with swiss cheese. The hubby added jalapeno to his also. So good! I need to make those again! Also, I've been reading your blog for almost 2 years but I can never seem to figure out how I can comment so it shows my name, etc. What am I doing wrong???

    --Katie N.

  10. Those Mayflies are just disgusting. And the spider on your arm freaked me out. I HATE HATE HATE bugs. Especially inside. When I encounter bugs outside, I'm not crazy about it, but I figure that's their domain and try to leave them alone. Good call on running inside until the Mayfly infestation is over. I wonder if they're even worse this year because of all the rain? At least we had a lot of rain here--although it's dried up now.

    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE fried pickles. You did good refraining from over-eating on the pickles and pizza. It sure did look good, and self-discipline is so hard. Sometimes I just feel like my only reward for the deprivation is to do it all again tomorrow. I know there's lots of rewards for losing weight, but sometimes I just like to feel sorry for myself!!

  11. The Mayflies are nasty. It must just be something that happens near the water because (thankfully) we don't get them up here in Waterford. I can't blame you for not wanting to run outside.

    Funny you had Pizza Thursday, we did as well. I had a pretty stressful day yesterday and was planning all day to allow myself an extra piece. This would have meant going over my PP for the day and using all my AP and some of my WP. Instead, I ate my normal portion and felt so full, I didn't want any more!

    Yay to us for stayin on track!

  12. I grew up in Toledo. I remember... there is an area called Point Place (you may or may not be familiar) that would just be COATED with the bugs. I shudder thinking about them crunching as you walk down the street.

  13. Yeah I remember those mayflies when I visited a family member who lives on Drummond Island... HATE those things!!! They were literally everywhere!


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