June 21, 2013

First day of summer!

Yesterday at the boys' baseball game, I saw Renee and chatted with her for a few minutes (her son was playing against my boys' team). She's training for a half-marathon in Chicago in August, so I suggested doing our long runs together this weekend. Normally, I do my long run on Friday, but it worked out with Jerry's work schedule that I could get away on Saturday morning. I'm going to head to her house at around 6:15 tomorrow morning to run 11 miles.

I know I shouldn't be nervous, but Renee is a lot faster than me, so I feel a little bit of pressure to hold pace. We agreed on a 9:00/mi pace, but lately, I've been doing my long runs a little slower than that (9:15-9:30) because of the heat. I will do my best to stick with 9:00's, but I may not be very talkative! I haven't run with a partner in a long time, so in that sense, I'm looking forward to it. Definitely more fun than running 11 miles by myself.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail about upcoming races, and I saw that there is a local 5K on Noah's birthday next month. I asked if he would want to do it with me, and surprisingly, he said yes! I told him we'd have to train for it, so we planned to go for a run today. Eli wants to do the race, too, so I'll sign all four of us up.

Today, I wanted to try out a two-miler, and see how far they could go without walking. The furthest they've run is a mile, so I figured if we go really slow, we might make it two. We got dressed and as soon as we stepped outside, the Mayflies were all over us. Gross! We've gotten pretty used to them over the years, though, so it didn't stop us from running (although, if I was doing a run alone, I would have chosen the treadmill over the bugs!).

We went very slowly, and Noah really wanted a walk break about a half-mile in. We walked a bit. Then ran to my parents' house for another break, where the boys wanted water. They drank a few sips and then dumped the rest of the bottle on their heads (they're just a wee bit dramatic). We couldn't believe how bad the Mayflies are this year; I haven't seen this many in at least five years!

We walked a few more times on the way home, but I was proud of how well they were doing. When we got to our house, we'd gone 1.89 miles, and Noah went inside. Eli said he was disappointed, because he wanted to do an even two miles (he takes after me, haha), so we ran to the end of the street and back. Overall, I'd say they did pretty good! They ran a lot more than they walked.

I told them we'd have to practice a few times a week to be able to run the 5K next month. Noah was really discouraged with his running today, and said he "can't" do the 5K. He just doesn't understand that people don't just go out and run a 5K on a whim--they have to train for it!

Later this morning, I took the kids to the batting cages. They've always been really good at hitting the ball, and when Jerry or my dad pitches to them, they always crush the ball. But at their games this summer, they've been striking out at least once or twice each game, and it's making them really frustrated. Noah left the game crying yesterday, so I told him we'd go to the batting cages to practice.

They practiced hitting for about an hour, and then I stopped at Weight Watchers for my June weigh-in. I'd been dreading it, because the last time I went to weigh in at the center, I was 132 (at home), and since I was 136 (at home) on Wednesday, I knew my weight was going to be up. But I have to weigh in to keep my Lifetime Membership current.

I got on the scale, and sure enough, it was up, but still far under my WW goal weight. So I'm good to go for another month. I think I'm going to start weighing in weekly again, though. I was doing much better when I weighed in every week. I may try going to the meetings again. Jeanie mentioned that I might want to try a meeting in the evening, where there will probably be younger people there; in the morning meetings on weekdays (what I went to before), it was mostly people over 50, and I just didn't have much in common with them.

I'd better get to bed early tonight, so I can keep up with Renee tomorrow! ;)  Oh, Renee posted a link on Facebook to this article, and I think it's a great article for new and experienced runners: The 25 Golden Rules of Running. It's worth checking out!


  1. Made me giggle a little bit when I read the line that said both your sons wanted to do the race....so you signed up all 4 of you. Guess hubby doesn't really get an option hey? ;) Way to go, being such an inspiration for your kids!

  2. It's so awesome that your boys want to get out and run with you! :)

  3. Tell your boys that the pros also strike out and when they do, thousands of people in the stadium see them and millions more watch them do it on TV!! And, TV can replay a strike out over and over!

  4. Can you send or attach the link the races that get emailed to you? I live in the Metro Detroit Area and would love to have the racing lists come to me than me go searching for them. I am not all that familiar with this stuff YET.

  5. Nothing in common with us 50+ year olds??!! I am shocked. We all share an addiction to over-eating don't we? I hope you consider me (at 62), to be your friend--cause I think of you that way. Even though my kids are all grown up,I enjoy your stories about your boys. Makes me remember those years when my boys were young with fondness. Sometimes when your kids are young--it's hard to appreciate how special those years are. Enjoy them Katie, they're so special!'

  6. You are leading by example and that is awesome!

  7. That's so awesome that your kids want to run the race! Great job on their run. I am "training" a 10 year old for a race in a few weeks... I think it's going to be ugly! :P


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