February 16, 2013

Anxiety run

I went for an unscheduled run today--very unusual! I was actually in the mood to run, even though it was freezing outside, so I just went for a quick 3-miler. I was feeling really anxious this morning. When I started running, I could feel my heart rate jump up, like it does for about the first mile of a race, because of the anxiety.

I tried to just calm myself down while I was running, and after a couple of miles, it was better. But I hate that feeling while it lasts! I pushed myself pretty hard the last mile, and finished it under eight minutes--a great run. And thankfully, it cured my anxiety.

I'm glad I got that done when I did, because it started snowing really hard after that...

We had absolutely zero snow when I ran, and this happened in minutes! It was crazy.

This afternoon, I got a package in the mail from a woman named Sara, a reader of my blog. She had written me and asked if I would like her Active Link (a Weight Watchers product similar to a FitBit), because she didn't want it. That was super generous of her, and I said sure! I'd love to try it out.
Does that box not look like a pregnancy test box?!

My sister has one and loves it, and I've heard good things about them. I've also heard that they give you less activity PointsPlus than the calculator would give, so I'm really curious about that. On today's run, for example, I earned 4 PointsPlus. However, once I am able to use the Active Link, that run may not earn so many PP.

First, I have to wear it for eight days so that it can come up with my "baseline" activity. I'm supposed to wear it at all times, and just go about my normal activities. After the eight days are up, then it will give me a goal to aim toward each day for activity.

The way it works is that you have to get in a certain amount of activity before your exercise will earn you PP. So if I run first thing in the morning, it might not show that I've earned anything--but then each step I take during the day will "count" toward my goal. This should be very interesting, because other than my running, I'm not a very active person. I (obviously) spend quite a bit of time on the computer. I'm hoping that using this Active Link will push me to get moving some more! I'll continue to write about it as I use it.


  1. That a pop is REALLY cool!

  2. That photo app is super cool!

  3. I had an active link, but was really disappointed in it. It may have been something I was doing wrong. My leader recommended writing in sharpie "if found call xxx-xxxx" she had lost hers before. I am currently anxiously waiting on the Fit bit flex writsband to come out! Hubs is leaning towards the Nike fuel band but I like how fit bits work with MFP.

  4. My favorite was the sketch book shot!

  5. I have the Fitbit One. I LOOOOOVE it! It makes me work toward activity all day long. I hope you will share more abou thte WW Active link so I can learn more about it, too.

    Fun photo app!

  6. My boyfriend gave me a fitbit for Christmas (I love it!), and it has changed my daily habits. I thought I moved around quite a bit because I have to stand all day at work, but apparently I just stood. Now I'll pace or walk in place because I want to see that "You reached your goal" alert at the end of the day. I'm sure you'll be the same. It's funny how these little competitions with ourselves work!

  7. LOVE the PhotoFunia App. I especially loved the picture of you burning your fat picture. Of course those fat pictures are too valuable as a motivational device to ever actually burn, but the symbolism is GREAT! I'm a huge fan of pictures. When I download my pictures, I almost feel like I'm opening gifts as I get to see each image that I (or one of my granddaughters--they're always stealing my camera) took. It's such fun!

    Hope you like your WW Active Link. Sounds like it got mixed reviews. I blogged some about your bad experience at WW, and have been thinking about it too. I'm thinking it's a case where this ONE lady thinks she is in a position of power and judgment over all others, since she works at WW and has hit her goal weight. So many people exist like that--they have very little going for them in their real lives and when they get in a position that they might think elevates their status in society, they abuse it. Her attitude does not belong at a WW meeting. She is there to serve you--not vice versa. I'm glad you're going to talk to your leader about her, because I'm sure WW would not be happy to hear that any of their employees give the appearance that you are bothering them when you ask them to do what they are being paid to do. And I'm sure they were trained to do those duties with a better attitude than she has.

  8. I JUST joined WW friday and was wondering about this. Looking forward to hearing how it works for you

  9. I have the Active Link and Thursday I got my real first example of how much my moving during the day adds to my Activity Pounts I earn. I normal earn about 9 APs on a day I go to work and do boot camp. I tend to take walking breaks at work and walk 3 miles at lunch, well this last Thursday I was home and did not move all day. I went to boot camp that night and when I plugged my AL in I only had 2 APs earned. Big difference. It also puts your APs right on your etools. The only downside is once you start using it your ability to manually add APs goes away so your first week in assessment mode there is no way for you to put what you earned onto your daily etools log. Also, the week of wearing it helps it set up your AP challenge they will give you but your baseline you have to reach on a daily basis before earning APs is solely figured out by your age, weight, height, and gender. Hope you like it.

  10. Hi Katie,

    I follow your blog but rarely comment. I know this is so random and not post related, but I tried one of your old recipes, the southwest chicken, and it was so good. I tweaked it a bit with spices and instead of rice used spinach and herb tortilla wraps, and it was delish. I just did not know where to comment that, so I put it here. Sorry it's so random, but I had to give you props for it!


  11. OMG it's funny you said that about the box looking like a pregnancy test, I thought the same exact thing. I have been thinking about buying one so I will wait it out to see what you think.

  12. That photo app looks fun! I have a fitbit and am LOVING it. But the Active Link sounds great for those doing WW.

    Thanks for the continuing inspiration!

  13. It will be interesting to read about your experience with the Active Link. I was debating between that and the Fitbit and decided on the FitBit. My WW leader makes the Active Link sound so great but I didn't want to pay the monthly fee, and I heard it wasn't super accurate.


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