April 2, 2023

Photo Week, Day 6 of 7: Ewen, Michigan

Jerry and I are going on vacation for a week (well, I say "vacation", but we're really just taking care of my sister's dogs at her house in Rockford, Illinois. This will be the longest we've been away since 2014 when we took a family vacation to Punta Cana!

To truly take a break from reality, I'm going to do something a little different this week. I've had a daily post streak going since January 1, 2020, and I really don't want to break that! So, I thought it might be fun to do a travel theme for each day and share some pictures from different trips I've been on. Each day will have a theme based on the location of the trip.

I'm preparing these posts ahead of time so I won't have to even open my computer while I'm gone. (I can still approve comments from my phone, though.) And hopefully when I get home, I'll have some good stuff to share :)

These pictures are from Jeanie and Shawn's property in Ewen, Michigan (the upper peninsula). We've been there a couple of times, so here are a handful of pictures from each. Shawn just retired, so they are actually moving up there soon!

It's no secret I'm not an outdoorsy person, but it's fun to hang out with my family. And Jeanie and Shawn's cabin is gorgeous! (Also, there are a couple of acres that are fenced in for the dogs--Joey loves playing with Jeanie's bassets.) Again, in no particular order...

The 10-hour car ride was a long one

My hammock is my favorite way to spend time there

Looking for Petoskey stones on Lake Superior

Eli catching frogs, like boys do (he always let them go right afterward)


Luke clearly loved being in the lake! ;)

My parents wanted family photos for their 50th anniversary

Jerry and Riley trying out Snapchat filters

We played LOTS of cornhole

Jerry and I actually slept in these--voluntarily--one night.

I may have been a little cold, if you can't tell

Shooting Nathan's gun--I learned that I really like shooting!  This was my favorite thing I did on the trip. (Obviously no hunting--just pop cans across the pond.)

I have a full page of travel adventures--way too many to list this week--and they can be found here.


  1. Love the little one with the bow and arrow. Adorable! What is in those buckets in the apron photo with your son? Is it vanilla ice cream and caramel?

  2. I've never seen the anniversary pics for your parents! Wow they turned out so beautiful! Great memories to cherish <3

  3. Now that shootings have become a horrible thing in our world, I'm always hesitant to say how much time I spent shooting when I was growing up. I never killed any animals, but many the pop can died a horrible death under my aim. Hope you're having a great time in Illinois.


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